11 Skin Care Trends 2023 To Power Up Your Skin Care Routine

Do you want to know how to glow up in 2023? Here is a guide for you!

When talking about skin care trends 2023, we are glad to know that this year's trends aren't about instant and temporary effects. Instead, this year’s new skin care trends are more focused on loving your skin and giving it the best it deserves for long-term positive effects.

We are also happy at the fact that it seems like we are past the matte complexion, and as you go through our article, you will notice the trending skin care tools and products plus the overall beauty trend help to promote healthier, glowing skin! 

#1 LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy, especially at-home LED light treatments are becoming more popular each day. These treatments focus on LED light therapy blue and red lights, which enhances the natural skin barrier. Compared to traditional skin treatments, such as chemical peel and dermabrasion, LED light therapy is much gentler to the skin. 

Also, LED light therapy appears to be safe and is not associated with any side effects.. It is one of the skin trends which doesn't require you to change your lifestyle, unlike other aggressive skin treatments whereby the recovery time lasts several days. After LED light therapy, whether you do it with a homecare beauty device or in a professional salon, you can continue with your habits without issues!

So which LED mask is the best in the market? We are proud to give a shout out to Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum without a doubt! 

Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum




Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum is a FDA-certified anti-aging beauty device that delivers real results with just 4 weeks of use. Carrying the patented LED module that consists of 1,026 LED lights, you can’t find any other LED light mask in the market that can provide such extensive and even light coverage of the face, neck and body during treatment.

This popular LED Korean mask comes in 4 working modes: Red Mode, Blue Mode, Pink Mode and Fast Mode. Each mode lasts for 20 minutes that assist with collagen synthesis, improving skin elasticity, and calming the skin from redness. This is also the perfect go-to device if you want hassle-free treatment for acne scars and to minimize pores and blemishes on the face.

With this red light therapy device, you can firm and brighten the skin at home safely and effectively. It also includes ocular shields to protect your eyes, which in our opinion is an extra mile taken by the company Cellreturn to enhance its user experience of the product, not commonly seen in other LED masks. 

If you are interested to learn more about this wonderful light-based therapy device, check out our detailed Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum review.

#2 Simpler Skin Care Routines

For a brief moment in the past, it seemed like everyone was doing a ten (or more)-step skin routine, partly popularized by many Korean celebrities as their fans learn about their secrets to glowing skin. The thing is, to do the multi-step skin care routine properly, you will need to wait for the products to be absorbed well into the skin before you apply the next product. 

Understandably, complex skin care takes time, and not all of us have an hour every night to clean and hydrate the skin.

For a nice change, if you have stumbled upon this year's many skin care articles, you will realize skin minimalism, or a simple skin care routine, is the way to go. Basically, it means only minimal but effective anti aging skin care products, and minimal make up. The idea is that we should let the skin breathe and not focus on piling up creams and cosmetics. 

So, instead of having tons of products with many active ingredients, the newest skin care trends suggest a healthy skin care routine should be simple. For some people, it means having good oil and moisturizing cleansers, a day cream with SPF, and a night cream.

Keeping simplicity in mind, the key is to listen to your skin needs. Some people don't need a ten-step routine - they only need a good moisturizer and clean sheets! 

When it comes to simple yet powerful skin care, consider getting the Miss Arrivo The Wraith to complete your skin care routine.


Miss Arrivo The Wraith




Miss Arrivo The Wraith deserves a mention here as we love how versatile this beauty device by the popular Japan brand, Artistic & Co. can be when you go about your daily skin care routine. 

We adore its Skin Scriber mode that provides for a thorough deep cleansing of dirt, dead skin cells and residual make up, in which regular face washing cannot remove. And when you have clean, unclogged pores, this makes your skin happy and free from blemishes and acne! 

Apart from the superb cleansing mode, this high-technology beauty device also has EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) and MFIP-UP (Mid-frequency Interval Pulse + Ultra Pulse) modes. They serve to efficiently contour and lift the skin as well as improving skin muscle elasticity from within through microcurrent waves that exercise facial muscles, and also assist with collagen regeneration. 

If you think that’s not enough, Miss Arrivo The Wraith also comes with LED lights such as red LED light, blue LED light and green LED light to enhance the skin tightening, skin brightening and acne healing effects. This is one of the most powerful beauty devices to have in your skin care range!

#3 At-Home Anti-Aging Treatments

One of the skincare trends for 2022 that we love (me, me, me!) is the shift towards investing money into face lifting machine for home use. Perhaps it is the coronavirus pandemic aftermath, but we think it is largely due to the long time growing desire to make the best anti aging skin care Malaysia beauty tools and treatments more available to everyone without having to step into a beauty clinic or salon every time to get a skin treatment. 

Given a choice between driving out to a professional treatment centre versus doing at-home anti aging treatments using anti aging beauty device at our own convenience, we’d choose the latter. We are all for embracing good skincare tools developed especially for home use and regenerating natural skin barrier, since they are getting more accessible plus cost-effective in the long run.

However, a word of caution - make sure you get yourself a genuinely safe, quality beauty device for your homecare beauty treatment. If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend the following skin tightening and lifting devices.

Tripollar Stop Vx Gold




Tripollar Stop Vx Gold is one of our favorite best at home device for sagging skin simply because it does its job well in firming the skin for a more youthful look. Harvesting the powers of radio frequency combined with DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation) tech, this helps to stimulate the production of underlying collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.

Tripollar Stop Vx Gold is the advanced model than its predecessor, the Tripollar Stop Vx. Both use the same working principles, but Tripollar Stop Vx Gold takes beauty care a level above by incorporating 24-carat gold plated electrodes for better electrical conductivity to enhance the skin lifting and rejuvenation effects.

The results? You will notice visible reduction in the amount of wrinkles and fine lines, and a more toned face, since this face lifting tool’s other main strength includes increasing the muscle volume and density. Those looking to achieve the beautiful v shape face should also consider this device. 

#4 Fermented Skincare 

Fermented drinks like kombucha is already a trend as one of the best anti-aging foods due to high antioxidants, but it also seems like fermented skincare is next. If you aren't a fan of fermented food and drinks, perhaps you might enjoy putting it and other fermented items on your face for the sake of healthy skin! 

Fermented skincare is another trend coming from K-beauty, which has some excellent scientific facts to convince us all to embrace it. The science behind fermented cosmetics makes sense, as it is based on fermented food which is known to be beneficial because of the increased number of good bacteria and antioxidants. And we all know that antioxidants are good for the skin, so fermented skin care with all the benefits of fermented ingredients in place is something to keep an eye on this year and onwards.

#5 Innovative, High Tech Devices

Innovation is a way to the future, and as technology progresses so fast, we get to experience great innovation in the form of HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatments on our faces! This is a nice step forward as HIFU treatments were only available in premium beauty salons in the past. 

Nowadays, skin tightening on face treatments and anti-aging non-invasive procedures are designed to be applied at home. We think this is one of the best skincare trends 2022 around - this means more personal facial treatment from home!

Because using high-tech beauty tools at home is becoming more popular, it is easy to find guidelines for using them at home. That way, you can increase your skin care knowledge and improve the entire experience of at-home treatments.

Another thing worth mentioning about this year’s skincare trends is a personalized approach offered by technology progress. Augmented reality and social media filters allow users to try various skin care trends before they apply them to their faces, which is no longer a foreign concept.

Interested to get a HIFU beauty device? Take a look at Dualsonic Professional.

Dualsonic Professional




Dualsonic Professional is a convenient beauty tool that supports HIFU technology and is the world’s first patented HIFU device. Using it helps to stimulate collagen production and show marvelous face lifting results on eyebrows, eyelids, and cheeks. 

It’s also the only face lifting device in the beauty device industry that uses dual cartridge without the need to change cartridge when targeting different layers of skin for treatment. You can operate it on three modes for treating the skin layer of 3.0mm depth, 4.5mm depth or both at once via Dual Depth mode.

It also comes with an eye cartridge for targeting skin depth of 1.5mm, which is great if you are looking for effective ways on how to remove wrinkles under eyes. The HIFU procedure by this portable beauty tool is non-invasive and safe, with an overlap shot prevention feature that helps to avoid duplicate shots. 

#6 Sunscreen 

Protecting skin from harmful sun rays remains one of the top skin care trends in 2022. Wearing sunscreen year-round is a must, according to the skin experts! 

Sunlight is the culprit of many negative changes on the skin and skin barrier, including premature wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, UV damage and sunburns, and skin cancer. 

Luckily, because sunscreen is an essential skin care requirement, the skin care market focused on sun protection is rapidly expanding. So, nowadays you can find numerous sunscreen products for different skin types, skin requirements, and budgets. There is no excuse for not wearing sunscreen every day, whatever your skin type and skin texture are year-round.

Some of the best sunscreen help minimize negative effects caused by ubiquitous blue light and prevent photoaging at the same time. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, check out for sunscreen with blue light protection.

#7 Skin Health For A Natural Glow

In 2022, it is all about the glow! But, the newest trend doesn't only focus on appearance. Rather, skin experts suggest the inside to outside approach for healthy skin. 

Drinking water, a balanced diet, an optimal sleep schedule, and all other healthy habits, contribute to healthy and good-looking skin. The newest trend doesn't promote instant perfection but it is all about healthy lifestyle, which shows on our skin.

In addition, skin experts are focusing on education, and helping people to understand the individual needs of their skin. Education helps people to choose the correct products targeted especially for their skin type and current issues. Therefore, the anticipated results will be better! 

#8 Anti-Inflammatory Skincare 

For a brief moment in the past, almost the entire skin care community was about strengthening the skin, using aggressive peals and over-exfoliation. Now, the trend is slowly giving way to gentler products and anti inflammatory skin care ingredients.

Most of the anti inflammatory skincare focus on vitamin E and have long-term positive effects on the skin. Regular use of rejuvenating skin care products with vitamin E reduces inflammation and makes the skin look younger, as nourishment promotes healing. 

The trend focuses on non-toxic face cleansers and nourishing hydration. Exfoliation is subtle with less-potent active ingredients and gentler ingredients combinations. 

#9 Microdosing

Microdosing is another skincare trend focused on healthy and glowing skin. At the same time, it promotes skin minimalism and less is more concept! 

People who are into microdosing understand that nothing is good in excess amounts. In addition, targeted skin care has proven to be better and more effective than combining too many different skin care active ingredients, including retinoids, BHA and AHAs exfoliating acids. Too many active ingredients can damage skin barrier and cause more harm than good.

Microdosing is very effective for people with sensitive skin since they can enjoy the benefits of lower-dose active ingredients without fear that things will drastically deteriorate before they experience improvement. It also helps that the lower dosage will not be too harsh on the skin, they absorb better, they are easier to combine, and there are fewer side effects. 

#10 Retinaldehyde Over Retinol

Retinol is a potent skin ally, but it comes with a specific set of side effects. Not everyone is ready to go through the adaptation process and deal with side effects on their journey to regenerating skin. The latest trend for 2022 includes using retinaldehyde instead of retinol. 

In fact, the two compounds are vitamin A forms, but the difference is in the availability and side effects. Retinaldehyde is a rare and powerful compound with effects like retinoic acid. However, it doesn't have the side effects like retinol.

With this healthy skincare trend we are staying in the theme of gentle skin care! Retinaldehyde is soothing to the skin. It shows the results much faster, especially when it is the case of aged and mature skin. 

Retinaldehyde is often referred to as retinal, which isn't to mix with retinol. Another difference that pushed retinal in the focus of skincare trends for 2022 is the antibacterial features of retinal. Because of it, the retinal promotes clearer skin and is suitable for blemish-prone skin.

#11 Sustainable Skin Care

Sustainability is a huge trend in 2022, and all industries, including skin care, are embracing it. Sustainability in the beauty industry means plastic-free, recyclable, and refillable bottles. Some of the most successful luxury brands made a change in the past towards fully recyclable glass bottles, and in 2022, brands are expected to follow. 

The rise of so-called clean beauty will continue to expand in 2022. Some of the best skincare 2022 promotes itself as having fewer chemicals and toxins than ever. So, in 2022 expect more clean beauty make up and eco-friendly skin care launches with refillable lipsticks, creams, lotions, and more! 


That’s a wrap on the skin care trends for the year - how do you feel about current and upcoming beauty trends? 

We are all in for gentle approach to skin care and at-home beauty treatments, as we strongly believe beauty care doesn’t have to be complex and stressful, as long as you have the right routine and beauty devices to complement it. 

We also think that sunlight and blue light protection is extremely important, so one of the crucial tips for anti-aging apart from using at-home beauty devices - always remember to wear your sunscreen!

We hope you found the article useful and that the newest skin care trends will benefit your skin! Don't forget to check out BeautyFoo Mall constantly for the latest skin care trends, tips and best beauty device Malaysia, which will help you achieve your desired healthy yet beautiful skin. Get only the best, genuine quality beauty devices from Silk’n, Cellreturn, Belega, Dualsonic, DPC and Artistic & Co. - we are proud to be Malaysia exclusive authorized distributors for these top beauty brands!

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