Worried About Loose Vagina? Here's How To Tighten Vaginal Walls At Home

Did you know that the vaginal walls are elastic? This means they can stretch with time, as you give birth or after menopause. But the elasticity also ensures that vaginal muscles can come back to their shape in no time.

With age and after childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina tend to weaken. This is called vaginal laxity. In this article, we’ll help you understand the causes of vaginal laxity and how to tighten vagina using natural and at-home remedies. 

Keep on reading to find out the causes and symptoms of a loose vagina, how to tighten vaginal walls at home naturally and effectively, and more!


What Causes A Loose Vagina?

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The most common factors that can cause vaginal loosening are mentioned below.


Many women claim that childbirth was the hardest thing that they’ve ever gone through. After a vaginal delivery, a woman changes emotionally and physically. From a physical perspective, the loosening of the vaginal walls is just one of these changes.

During childbirth, the vaginal muscles have to stretch for the baby to pass through, which loosens up the vaginal muscles. And even though the vagina muscles shrink back, they may not return to their original shape. For women who go through multiple childbirths, the vaginal muscles may lose some elasticity as well.


Low Estrogen Levels

Estrogen levels can lower because of menopause or other medical conditions. This can result in the vaginal lining becoming drier, thinner, and less flexible. Hence, your vagina ends up loosening.


Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

As our bodies age, our muscles and skin become less firm. Like any other muscle, our pelvic floor muscles weaken. These muscles are responsible for keeping the vagina intact, so as they weaken, the vagina loosens.

How To Tighten Vaginal Walls Naturally?

There are several techniques used for vagina tightening, including cosmetic surgeries like vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, etc. These reconstructive procedures require surgery, and just like any other surgical procedure, they have many side effects. 

Just like skin sagging on face often requires getting a V shape face lift with the help of face lifting machine or face lifting tool, you can use surgical methods to achieve vaginal tightening too. But they’re quite costly. 

Also, they’re risky as they can lead to infections and permanent changes to sensation, apart from resulting in pain and scars. That is why going towards natural tightening methods is the better option.

The following are methods are popular answers to ‘how to make vagina tight.’


Kegel Exercises

This vagina tightening exercise is a quite popular way to tighten the vagina naturally and consists of short steps that contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles. These pelvic floor exercises help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and help prevent problems like painful urination, painful sex, bladder leakage, incomplete bowel movement, and frequent urination. These, combined with pelvic tilt exercises, will considerably tighten your vagina.

So, where to begin? The following steps will help you perform a successful kegel exercise and build pelvic muscle strength:

  1. Empty your bladder before beginning the pelvic exercises
  2. Tighten your pelvic muscles and hold them for 10 counts, and then release
  3. Repeat this 10-15 times per set
  4. Repeat one set up to 3 times a day to notice a considerable difference


Yoga and Pilates

Both yoga and pilates are excellent exercises for vaginal tightening. They help your body stretch and provide elasticity to your vagina, apart from increasing pelvic muscle strength. 

The yoga poses that are recommended to tighten the vagina are setu asana (bridge pose), ustrasana (camel pose), and shalabhasana (locust pose). Pilates will have the same effect, just incorporate the bridge when doing pilates.


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

A professional physiotherapist can create a personalized exercise regimen for you based on your pelvic floor function. The main goal of this therapy is to improve the condition of the pelvic floor muscles and increase pelvic floor strength, which is achieved through exercises, lifestyle changes, awareness, and treatment.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy will deal with muscles that are involved in urinary, bowel, and sexual function in your body. The exercises that the physiotherapist tailors for you will be based on the condition of your vaginal canal and vaginal health.


Vaginal Toning Devices

Simple vaginal toning devices will aid you in regaining the shape of your vagina. The three most popular tools to get a tight vagina are:

  1. Vaginal Weights - these vaginal tightening devices are inserted into the vagina and the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles keeps them in place. This helps strengthen the muscles.
  2. Barbells - they help strengthen vaginal muscles and tighten the vaginal walls through intense weight lifting.
  3. Vaginal Cones - vaginal cones help train the pelvic floor muscles when inserted into the vagina.


Healthy Food Intake

Having a healthy diet will help keep your vagina healthy and prevent infections. Just like anti-aging foods helps to slow down the aging process, many foods can help tighten your vagina and strengthen the vaginal tissue.  The following are some food to incorporate into your diet:

  • Green tea - the catechins in green tea cleanse the urinary tract.
  • Probiotics - such as yogurt, kimchi, miso, and tempeh, help maintain a balance between useful and bad bacteria. 
  • Organic tofu and edamame - these contain isoflavones, a compound that possesses many estrogenic qualities which can help tighten your vagina.

Effectively Tighten Vaginal Walls At Home With Silk’n Tightra 2.0!

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Even though natural remedies have many benefits, they require effort, time, and consistency. Additionally, a physiotherapist is bound to cost a fortune. That is why vaginal tightening devices like the Silk’n Tightra 2.0 are a must-try for all women who’re facing vaginal laxity, pelvic pain or have a weakened pelvic floor. 

The vagina and the area around it start to feel and look different after child birth or as women approach menopause. The labia start to droop (阴道松弛) and the vaginal walls weaken. Cue the Silk’n Tightra 2.0 - this unique feminine wellness device aims at reinstating and maintaining vaginal tightness! This homecare beauty device uses Bi-Polar Radiofrequency energy, which is clinically tested and proven, to relieve the symptoms of vaginal laxity without any pain and side effects.

Just like how skin care tools increase facial beauty confidence, this feminine wellness device will put an end to your insecurities surrounding loose vaginal area, vaginal atrophy symptoms, urinary leakage, urinary incontinence and sexual well being. 

Silk’n Tightra is the first clinically proven technology for feminine wellness that can be used from the comfort of your home. It works by contracting and tightening the vaginal tissues and vaginal canal internally, mimicking the principles of a kegel exercise or pelvic floor exercise, which increases sexual pleasure for women during vaginal penetration. Moreover, it’s painless and easy to use, so you can say goodbye to painful intercourse!




Silk’n Tightra uses multiple safety mechanisms. One of them is 16 built-in heat sensors that observe the temperature of the skin. The device features a touch sensor to ensure that it is only active when it has proper skin contact. The recommended duration of use of this device is 20 minutes, after which it automatically shuts off.

Not only will this make women regain their intimacy and pleasure during sexual intercourse, but it will also increase urinary bladder control. Vaginal loosening can cause involuntary loss of urine and frequent urinary leakage or urinary incontinence. This device will help you prevent vaginal looseness and improve your vaginal tightness instead. 

This at-home beauty device comes in two modes. The internal mode tightens the pelvic floor muscles. The recommended usage for this mode is 2-3 times a week, for 4 weeks. The external mode improves the appearance of the vagina by tightening the external skin vulva tissue. 

For maintenance, reduce the treatments to once a week, and then once every other week, until you get your desired result. And remember to use it alongside Silk’n Intimate gel for the maximized outcome towards better sexual health!




How Do You Know If You Have Vaginal Laxity? Symptoms of a Loose Vagina

Surprisingly, it’s 2022, and discussing topics like these is still taboo in many societies. This leads to either a lot of misinformation or to women suffering in silence, but not anymore with advanced at-home vagina treatment device! Women themselves can identify whether they have vaginal laxity, or not. 

The following is a list of symptoms that you may experience if you have vaginal laxity after vaginal birth:

  • Bleeding after sex because of vaginal dryness
  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm
  • Low libido
  • Bladder leakage
  • Lack of bowel control
  • Lack of sexual pleasure
  • Pain during sex
  • Difficulty in keeping a tampon in place


What Doesn’t Work Towards Vaginal Tightening?

There are many myths and wrong information about vaginal tightening out there. Many sources recommend products that are ineffective and might even be harmful to your health. 

The following list of products includes things that you should stay away from:

  1. Pills - these contain harmful substances like manjakani extract or oak gall, which will only damage your body. Nothing you can take orally can affect your human vagina.
  2. Vaginal Tightening Creams - these are simply a waste of money and time.
  3. Weighted Squats - they’re a good way to strengthen your butt and quads, but in no way will weighted squats tighten your vaginal walls, unless you’re combining them with pelvic floor exercises or vaginal tightening exercises. Although it’ll be much more effective to do solely the kegel exercises.


Myths About The Loosening of Vagina

Sometimes, you may have heard about some myths surrounding the loosening of vaginal walls and wonder if they hold any truth. Let’s break these myths one by one!

Many people believe that having a lot of sex leads to a loose vagina. That is just not true. The vaginal walls are extremely elastic. They loosen up during sexual intercourse and go back to their original shape right afterwards.

Some people may have the perception a loose vagina or weakened vagina muscles is associated with too many sexual partners. That’s just a myth. In reality, the tightness of your vaginal walls has nothing to do with the number of partners you have sexual activity with.



There are many reasons why your vaginal walls might be loosened, such as from vaginal childbirth or that your body couldn't keep your pelvic floor strong. But the elastic capabilities of vaginal muscles make it easier for them to rejuvenate. Use of natural remedies like kegel exercises or vaginal tightening exercises, a healthy diet, yoga, pilates, and toning devices like vaginal cones can help you along the way.

For effective and consistent results, Silk’n Tightra 2.0 is the perfect device for your feminine wellness care. It’s painless, easy to use, and produces great results from the comfort of your home. Try one today, and let us know if it works well for you!

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