What Is IPL Hair Removal Malaysia? What to Know, Plus Best IPL Hair Removal Device Malaysia

There are many options to remove unwelcomed hair, but many of them are either temporary or painful, and may even cause irritation and ingrown hair.

If you're looking for something less stressful, more permanent, and even more convenient, your best bet is to use an IPL hair removal device.

When it comes to IPL hair removal Malaysia, you have many hair removal epilator options to consider.

Each IPL hair removal device recommended in this article can suit different types of budgets and lifestyle, as well as address specific needs you may be looking for.

With this in mind, we share what is IPL hair removal, as well as our list of the best IPL hair removal device Malaysia.

What Is IPL Hair Removal?

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Light is a common treatment used to treat all sorts of skincare issues, which is why there are such things as LED light therapy and this can also be seen with hair removal.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light that uses multi-spectrum lights with multiple wavelengths to penetrate deep into the skin, directly into the hair follicles. This makes them a great option for permanent hair removal.

To begin your permanent hair removal treatment, you will need to clean and shave the area with the undesired hair.

Next, the IPL hair removal device which is like a flashgun is used to deliver the intense pulses of light to target a certain colour in the skin, mainly the hair follicles, which are then heated and destroyed. These will cause them to fall out, and with gradual use, your body grows less hair in the area, making it an effective method for removing hair from the skin’s surface.

IPL isn't just used to remove unwanted hair, it can also be used to treat various skin conditions including acne scars, stretch marks, birthmarks, and even fine lines and wrinkles, which makes them a perfect option to use as part of your anti aging skin care products.

This is not to be confused with IPL laser hair removal, as IPL does not use laser at all. There are laser treatments or IPL laser hair removal options but in comparison to IPL, they use a single densified light instead.

Another form of hair removal you may find is HPL, which stands for Home Pulsed Light. This is known as the home version of IPL, where you can use the technology of IPL hair removal device safely at your home.

To understand more about HPL, we’re sharing the best at-home IPL hair removal devices that goes into more detail about its abilities and why they’re great for home use!

Best Home IPL Hair Removal Device Malaysia For Permanent Hair Removal At Home

When it comes to the best skin care tools, these three hair removal devices are the best for hair removals.

Silk'n Infinity 2.0

Woman using Silk’n Infinity 2.0 IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device to remove facial hair and for facial skin rejuvenation - What Is IPL Hair Removal Malaysia - Beautyfoomall.com


If you're looking for a compact, yet powerful hair removal device, then the Silk'n Infinity 2.0 is a great option for those with sensitive skin. Its size makes it possible for you to remove hair on the face, as well as legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, and other areas of the body where body hair grows.

Utilising HPL technology, the device is safe to use on any complexions. Yes, even dark skin tones! This is because it uses a much gentler form of hair removal IPL compared to other devices.

As it comes with five power settings for a more customised treatment level, you can choose the right intensity levels suitable to your skin tone.

In fact, if your skin is too dark for the level you've chosen, the device has a built-in skin tone sensor to prevent the device from turning on if the complexion is too dark to treat.

This is also combined with galvanic energy, which is a powerful treatment that can help destroy deeply rooted, stubborn hair while also stimulating your skin to improve circulation and skin tone.

This can also help in skin rejuvenation, making it perfect for those who looking for treatment for acne scars along with removing body hair for smooth skin.

Each treatment session lasts just 10 minutes, and you don't need any refill cartridges. This makes the device good for a lifetime of treatments!

Why you should get this:

  • One of the best IPL hair removal devices with customisable treatment levels
  • Perfect for any skin tone, including darker skin types
  • Can be used for acne scars as it has skin rejuvenation properties



    Silk'n Jewel

    A lady removing body hair from her thigh with Silk’n Jewel permanent hair removal device - What Is IPL Hair Removal Malaysia - Beautyfoomall.com
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    If you're a busy person who's always on the go, then the Silk'n Jewel is a great option to consider.

    You don't even need to press a trigger with this one, as all you have to do is hold the device firmly onto your skin and glide along the area you wish to treat!

    It also uses HPL technology, and it comes with a safety feature where the skin sensing tech emits light only when the device is close to the skin.

    This makes it safe to use on even hair on your face to make your facial skin smoother, and it's perfect for a full body treatment as well.

    Initially, you will need to use the device twice a week for the first 1-4 treatments. Then once a month for the 5th to 7th treatment.

    Lastly once every 3 months or as needed from the 8th treatment to 10th treatment onwards. This makes it doable and perfect for those who have limited time to spare!

    Why you should get this:

    • Triggerless, just hold and glide
    • Safety feature ensures light only emitted when it touches the skin
    • Eventually you can use the device every few months, perfect for those with limited time and hates shaving
    • Adjustable energy levels can treat a wide range of skin types and hair colors


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      Silk'n Flash & Go Pro

      Chinese actress Gulinazha posing with Silk’n Flash&Go Pro permanent hair removal device - What Is IPL Hair Removal Malaysia - Beautyfoomall.com


      Effortless and ergonomic, that's what the Silk'n Flash & Go Pro is about.

      With its ergonomic design that's easy and comfortable to use, the device uses HPL technology that can help you remove messy body hair, be it facial hair or anywhere on your body!

      It also comes with a Touch & Glide triggerless feature, where it only has one button to turn the device on and control the energy levels.

      It also comes with two modes of operation for permanent hair reduction.

      One is the Touch Mode or Spot Treatment, which can be used on small areas such as the upper lip, armpit hair, and even the bikini line - making it the best IPL underarm hair removal tool out there!

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      You can then use the continuous gliding more to apply to bigger areas such as the thighs, arms, legs, and back.

      There are five treatment levels to choose from, and it also comes with an automatic skin tone sensor! So if dark skin complexion is detected, the device will automatically adjust energy level accordingly.

      Why you should get this:

      • Ergonomic design with no triggers, just touch and glide
      • Suitable for your entire body and face, good choice for large treatment area
      • Skin Colour sensor automatically lowers the level if your complexion is too dark for the setting you chose



        Quick Summary Of The Top 3 IPL Hair Removal Malaysia Devices

        Here’s a quick summary of the 3 devices we recommend to give you a better idea of what to expect from these hair removal beauty devices.

        Silk’n Infinity 2.0

        Silk’n Jewel

        Silk’n Flash & Go Pro

        No of Flashes




        Energy levels




        Device Operation

        Manual, 2 modes:

        • press pulse button for spot treatment
        • hold button for continuous mode

          Manual, triggerless:

          hold and glide across the skin

          Manual, triggerless. 2 modes

          • touch for spot treatment 
          • glide across skin for continuous mode

            Treatment area

            All face and body areas

            All face and body areas

            All face and body areas

            Need to Change Cartridge?





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            HPL Vs IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal Malaysia

            For a more comprehensive look at the differences between HPL, IPL, and laser for hair removal, check out our chart below.



            Laser Hair Removal

            How It Works

            Uses a lower energy light pulses

            Uses a broad spectrum of light

            Uses a single concentrated beam of light

            How It Targets Hair

            Targets everything in its path with gentler energy

            Targets everything in its path

            Focuses and targets the melanin in the hair follicle

            Is it safe to use at home?




            Is it recommended for dark skin tones?

            Yes for all devices

            Not all devices


            When it comes to the side effects, HPL is known to be much gentler on the skin, so the side effects are minimal.

            As opposed to HPL, some laser hair removal and IPL hair removal side effect may cause severe pain, could easily burn the skin (especially if you’re of darker skin tones), and is not easy to control or use, especially in a home setting. 

            This is why laser hair removal should be done in specialised clinics, and IPL hair removal at home is often recommended for those with lighter skin tones.

            Regardless of your choice, it’s good to know your skin tool options when selecting the right hair removal machine.


            FAQs On Hair Removal IPL

            How does IPL hair removal work?

            IPL hair removal works by using intense pulses of light to target the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which converts it into heat and destroys the hair follicle. This prevents future hair growth, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.

            Is IPL laser hair removal safe? Can IPL damage your skin?

            IPL hair removal devices, especially the HPL variety, are safe to use with very little risk of damaging your skin.

            This is mainly due to their lower energy output these devices produce in comparison to the types you get in specialised clinics, which are usually handled by professionals anyways to ensure your safety.

            Does laser IPL hair removal remove hair permanently?

            While using IPL at home is a great method to remove hair, it's not permanent.

            Rather, it's semi-permanent, as the IPL device destroys active hair cavities to prevent hair growth or hair regrowth but there's a strong possibility that brand new hair follicles who were inactive during the initial process would activate again.

            This is why it's recommended to use the IPL machine a good number of times before you see permanent best results.

            Can I use laser hair removal on my pubic hair?

            Yes, you can use laser hair removal machine on your pubic hair. This is because laser hair removal uses light energy or light source which simply penetrates the skin and doesn't affect the rest of the body and surrounding skin, including sensitive areas like genitals.

            However, we recommend hair removal methods using HPL devices like Silk’n Infinity 2.0, Silk’n Jewel and Silk’n Flash & Go Pro for a safer, gentler IPL session yet equally effective at-home hair removal treatments.

            Is IPL painful?

            There will be some level of discomfort when using an IPL hair removal machine, though it isn't painful.

            As IPL burns the hair follicles, the heat will give off some level of sensation that some likened to being like a rubber band snapping on the skin's surface. With HPL hair removal devices, this sensation is less evident.

            Make Unwanted Body Hair A Thing Of The Past

            We hope this helped you in making the right decision in your quest for hair removal! At the end of the day, it depends on what you’re looking for and which is the most convenient for you.

            There’s no denying that using an IPL hair removal at home to get rid of unwanted hairs at bikini area and other larger areas of the body is the most convenient out of all the options, which is why getting one of the abovementioned beauty tools is a great investment in the long run.

            In fact, there are many other beauty devices in the market that you can use safely at home to help you achieve the your beauty aesthetics.

            If this is what you’re looking for, don’t forget to browse for more devices here at BeautyFoo Mall as we’re well equipped with the latest beauty and most updated skin care trends to help you achieve the best permanent hair removal Malaysia and skin care.

            We're proud to be the only beauty device Malaysia authorised distributor for top brands like Dualsonic (Korea), Cellreturn (Korea), DPC (Korea), Belega (Japan), Artistic & Co. (Japan), Silk'n & etc!

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