Silk'n FaceTite MP Review

Are you looking for something to rejuvenate skin deeply and reduce under eye wrinkles? I feel the same! That is why I am happy to give you insights into a new device targeting skin problems - the unique Silk'n FaceTite MP.

Some of the claims are promising: the latest high-tech skin device helps with skin tightening, reduces enlarged pores caused by collagen loss, and improves the look of smile lines, dark spots, and eye wrinkles. It looks out of this world, but does it work? 

Let's go straight in into my detailed Silk'n FaceTite MP review.


Quick Overview of The Latest Silk'n FaceTite MP 

Silk’n FaceTite MP device - Silk’n FaceTite MP Review - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


What inspires trust is the company that produces the Silk'n MP device. Silk’n is known for its anti-aging, hair removal, and micro-derm products. This reputable beauty device company makes outstanding skin care tools for home use, but the results are similar to those you'll get in professional salons. 

Some of the device predecessors, such as FaceTite Z used similar technology, but the latest FaceTite MP is a pioneer in the field with increased energy and a multi-platform approach.

In addition, Silk'n FaceTite MP is based on the famous InMode hospital device, used in plastic surgery by renowned surgeons. The basic idea behind the product is to utilize multi platform radio frequency to target various skin problems and achieve the best results. 

Did I mention you don't have to go to surgery for that? You can try skin tightening device at home targeting skin problems I mentioned earlier. That is also a concept I highly appreciate!

Also, women of all ages struggle to minimize pores caused by reduced collagen production. This is where our new device comes to the rescue - Silk'n FaceTite MP uses controlled heat flow to enrich skin by keeping collagen active.

In addition, the multi-platform RF energy works alongside tested and efficient technologies such as Infrared and Low-level light therapy.

Features of The Silk’n FaceTite MP Device

Silkn FaceTite MP multi-platform RF beauty instrument has a lot to offer. Let's get into the good stuff about this latest beauty technology we all need!

Three types of energy - IR, LLLT, Multi-platform RF

Infrared therapy (IR) has been used for anti-aging purposes for a while, and it proves to be efficient for adding more protein to skin. Similarly, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) promotes skin healing and diminishes the damage caused by UV rays on the skin. 

Next, radio frequency (RF) technology helps with the new cells' growth and overall younger appearance. So, what is new? The innovation is that these three technologies work in synergy in one multi platform beauty instrument to treat sagging skin similar to those achieved in surgeries. 

The new Diamond Hot Field platform in Silk'n FaceTite MP achieves three dimensional volumetric heating for better results, as an added plus and luxurious experience.

Silk’n FaceTite MP device - Silk’n FaceTite MP Review - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

All-rounder for facial and body care

The Silk'n FaceTite MP penetrates into the skin deeply and keeps collagen active in the entire region of the dermis. That way, it doesn't only deal with one skin issue - it helps with most of them, from tackling under-eye wrinkles, to improving your rough and dull skin. You can even lift your face to get your desired v-shaped face with the device! Similar to (Electrical muscle stimulation) EMS device, it goes under the facial muscles to treat the problems at the source. 

Even though FaceTite MP is advertised for the face, this RF machine is also effective wherever you have skin issues on other parts of your body. You can treat sagging skin on the underarms, neck wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc.  

An all-rounder Multi-Platform Beauty Instrument targeting the delicate and large parts of face, arm lines and body - Silk'n FaceTite MP Review - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Precise temperature control

If using an internal heat device on the skin sounds frightening, you should know that FaceTite MP features precise temperature control and is safe for use on the skin. 

In one second, the device checks the temperature 100 times and automatically shuts down if the skin temperature exceeds 43 degrees Celsius. Therefore, there is no risk of burns even with the maximum temperature.

Beautiful woman holding the Silk’n MP - Silk’n FaceTite MP Review - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Longer standby time

I need to mention user-friendly features and convenience. The battery is a 4000mAh lithium battery, and it offers longer standby. You don't need to skip or shorten your at-home skin tightening treatments. In addition, if you forgot to charge the device, you can do it while using it!


Easy maintenance with a waterproof head

One of my biggest pet peeves is bacterial growth on skin tools and skin-related items! That is why I applaud the designer of the Silk'n FaceTite MP head which makes it waterproof and easy to clean. 

Also, all the accessors are easy to clean under running water, which reduces bacterial growth on the surface that directly touches the skin.


What to Expect From The Silk'n FaceTite MP?

Here is the deal, Silk'n Face Tite MP is a non-invasive skin care tool, and its effectiveness and results vastly depend on proper use. If you use it properly over four weeks, you'll start to see real results and get compliments on your skin! 

The skin will feel and look rejuvenated, the roughness and dry patches will diminish, and the appearance of neck wrinkles, smile lines, and forehead and eye wrinkles will be reduced. Being persistent with use will lead you to even more dramatic skin rejuvenation results! 

Some new users may find the Silk'n FaceTite multi platform beauty instrument pricey at first glance. But as someone who has used and researched a lot of beauty devices, I can assure you that the technology, the premium materials, and the effectiveness of the product justify the high price tag. 

All antiaging treatments are expensive, though. If you are a regular customer at salons and considering investing in the at-home device without compromising the results, Silk'n Face Tite MP is worth your attention. It will pay for itself in the long run!


  • Safe on the skin
  • Easy to use
  • The device uses evidence-based technology to achieve results
  • Simple maintenance
  • Visible results in several weeks
  • Painless procedure available for people to use at home


    • Somewhat high price tag




      How To Use The Silk'n FaceTite MP?

      I will start with the cleaning part of this multi-platform device because I am very fussy about things that touch my skin. Unplug it and clean it with water to remove any bacteria. 

      The device works best with Silk'n Slider Gel which increases conductivity and heat flow - you’ll be glad to know you will receive a complimentary Slider gel along with your Silk’n FaceTite MP purchase! Once the battery is charged, attach the accessory head to the device and press the button to turn it on. 



      Choose the mode you want and start your treatment. Before use, apply a small amount of Slider gel directly on the diamond head. Then, go over your skin in circular motions or use stroke motions. 

      After the treatment, rinse the device head to remove Slider gel leftovers and let it dry before the next use. The use of accessories depends on the targeted area. Therefore, if you want to treat under eye wrinkles, you'll use the device with a smaller head attachment.

      You can also use dual Face Eye mode to target almost all skin issues. Using FaceTite MP is straightforward thanks to the large central button.

      When the battery is low, plug it in and use it with the charging station or during the treatment.

      Check the video for a quick, visual manual of the Silk'n FaceTite MP use. 


      Here are a few more pieces of information I believe you'll find useful about this skin tool.

      Is Silk’n FaceTite MP safe for daily use?

      You shouldn't use Silk'n FaceTite MP device daily. In the first eight weeks, use it once or twice per week and treat every area for three to five minutes for best results.


      Is FaceTite MP better than a facelift?

      FaceTite MP is a non-invasive, non-surgical, painless method for skin enrichment at home. In the long run, it allows users to maintain healthy and young skin in their homes without any downtime. Facelift does have dramatic and immediate results after the skin heals from the procedure. At the same time, it comes with risks of hematoma, skin scarring, and nerve injury.

      Also read: Types of Face Lifting Treatment


      Can I continue with my skincare routine right after using the Silk’n FaceTite MP beauty device?

      Ensure the skin is clean and dry before using Silk'n FaceTite MP. After the treatment, there is no recovery time and you can continue with your activities, including your daily skin care and anti aging routine.


      Can I use a different gel with the Silk'n FaceTite MP? 

      It is best to apply the Slider Gel that comes with the device because it is formulated specifically to get the best experience and results. Slider gel, which is a water-based gel, has a moisturizing function, thus increases the smoothness in movement and productivity when the device glides over the skin. 



      I am here for all the skin enrichment I can get at home! Luckily, with multifunctional devices such as Silk'n FaceTite MP, healthy, radiant skin is achievable with ingenious beauty technology.

      It is effective for the entire face and body, easy to use, and most importantly, the results are real! If you want a new beauty device Malaysia, Silk'n is worth your attention. 

      I hope you find my review useful. If you need more information, pop a question, and I will happily answer! 

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