How to Prevent Premature Aging? 20+ Tips For Anti Aging That Work

Intrinsic aging is natural, but some external factors might cause your skin to age prematurely. Do you notice wrinkles and want to undo them? Do you often wonder, ‘how to prevent premature aging?’. Do you want to know how to look younger than your age

Well, if the answer to all these questions was a ‘yes’, you’re in the right place. Here we have some tips for anti-aging that will be super helpful for you!


What Causes Premature Aging?

All humans are bound to normal aging, no matter how much we want to avoid it. But extrinsic aging is something that you can prevent. Certain environmental and behavioral factors can speed up the aging process, resulting in extrinsic skin aging.

A person can start to prematurely age in their 20s. Premature aging isn’t natural. Bad habits and lifestyle factors cause it, so developing healthy habits can also eliminate premature aging in your life.

These are some of the causes of aging prematurely:

Sun Exposure: Sun exposure is a significant cause of extrinsic aging face. Sun has harmful ultraviolet rays that can penetrate your skin and cause wrinkles. Excessive sun damage can also turn into skin cancer.

Poor Sleeping Habits: A recent study has shown that poor sleeping habits can cause skin health to deteriorate towards premature aging. A healthy sleep routine allows the body to regenerate cells and renew many physiological systems.

Smoking: Smoking can accelerate aging by damaging collagen and elastic fibers. Smoking can also cause hair loss and lead to a sallow appearance.

Excessive Caffeine and Alcohol Intake: An excess of anything is damaging. Too much caffeine or alcohol has the same effects. It causes premature aging by dehydrating your body. This dehydration causes saggy skin, and the skin eventually starts losing its shape.

High Carbs and High Sugar Diet: We’ve all heard about the importance of a balanced diet. But what you probably didn’t know was that a diet high in carbs and sugar can cause you to age before time.

Stress: Stress causes an inflammatory response in the body. This inflammation causes premature aging. A stressful lifestyle also influences sleep schedules, further triggering the process of aging.

Environmental Conditions: The skin we wear protects us from all the harmful and toxic substances in the atmosphere. The pollution in the atmosphere causes many damages to the skin, and premature aging is among one of them.

Genetic Conditions: There are genetic health conditions called progeria where a child begins to show signs of aging in his childhood or pubescent years. Progeria is a rare genetic condition with various variations, like Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome, which affects one in 8 million babies, and Werner Syndrome, which affects 1 in 1 million people. 

Signs Of Premature Skin Aging To Look Out For

Since every person is unique, aging looks different for every individual out there. But there are many visible signs of aging that might be premature if they occur before the age of 35. Some of them include:

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Collagen is the protein that is found in our skin, muscles, and tendons. It gives our bones and joints elasticity and helps our skin stay young. Fine lines and wrinkles are prominent signs of mature skin that can be caused prematurely because of pollution, dehydration, or sun exposure.

According to studies, the ability of your skin to bounce back depends on collagen production. As collagen production slows down, fine lines and wrinkles start to show. They might be more visible in areas more exposed to the sun, like the cheeks or forehead.


Skin Sagging

With the lack of collagen production, skin starts to sag and eventually loses its shape. Sagging skin in younger years is a clear sign of premature aging and can be caused by pollution, harmful UV rays from the sun, or dehydration.


Sunspots or Age Spots

 Sunspots on Face | How to Prevent Premature Aging | BeautyFoo Mall
Source: Healthline


These are also called liver spots. Sunspots are small, dark spots on your skin that usually appear in the regions exposed to the sun like on the face, forearms, or the back of your arms.


Hair Loss

Hair follicles have stem cells that are responsible for the growth of hair. As these stem cells die, we start to experience hair fall. During natural aging, stem cells become less and less. But due to an imbalanced diet or environmental changes, you might start experiencing hair loss early.


Gaunt or Wrinkly Hands

Wrinkly Hands | How to Prevent Premature Aging | BeautyFoo Mall


Due to a decrease in collagen, the skin starts losing its shape. The skin on the back of your hands might get thin. It will make the hand look thinner and wrinklier, and veins will become more visible.


Dry or Itchy Skin

The skin becomes flaky, dry, and itchy with age. These changes will start to be visible as you near your 40s. However, if it appears earlier, it might be due to premature aging skin caused by dehydration or UV radiation exposure.


Hyperpigmentation, Inflammation, or Discoloration on the Chest Area

Hyperpigmentation | How to Prevent Premature Aging | BeautyFoo Mall
Source: BeautyHeaven


Pigmentation or discoloration in the chest area is a natural aging process. But it might be caused due to other skin conditions such as eczema. These skin conditions can cause damage to the melanin of the skin, which gives the skin its color, and damage to it causes discoloration or pigmentation. 

How to Prevent Extrinsic Aging Skin?

There are many different tips one can try to prevent premature aging. These tried and tested tips answer the much-asked question: ‘how to look younger?’. We have here a compilation of ways you can avoid each sign of premature aging, so let’s dive straight into it.

Treating Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The market is filled with skin care tools to diminish face lines and wrinkles, which replace the old damaged tissues with new healthier ones. These cells are free of all the toxins and they lead to fresher skin. Anti aging skin care products with hyaluronic acid are also a great way to reduce wrinkles.

However, for a more efficient and effective method that is perfect for treating wrinkles and fine lines, we recommend using the following beauty tools:

Silk'n FaceTite Z

This face lifting machine has three types of energy sources:

  • Bipolar radiofrequency energy
  • LED light energy
  • Infrared heat energy

    These will help your skin maintain a radiant and youthful glow, as the combined technologies help stimulate and boost collagen production, increase elastin fibers in the skin, eradicate signs of aging, and rejuvenate the skin from deep within. 

    With each treatment, skin tightening on face and glowing skin results become more visible, hence it is one of the most sought after at-home beauty devices by those in their 20s and 30s, and not to mention, easily the best anti aging skin care products for 40s and beyond!

    Using just one button in the Silk'n FaceTite Z device you’ll be able to operate four different temperature settings. Also, it’s a wireless device making it highly convenient. Plus, no matter what your skin type is or whether you’re a male or female, you can use this top beauty device against premature aging.

    This Silk'n FaceTite Z review sums it all up for you.



    Miss Arrivo The Vegas II

    Another beauty device perfect to smooth wrinkles out is Miss Arrivo The Vegas II. This skin tightening device focuses mainly on all the delicate areas that are more prone to skin aging

    It has a small head that was designed for treating delicate areas of the face such as the sides of nose, mouth, how to remove wrinkles under eyes, smile lines and also the forehead. It is particularly manufactured to sculpt facial contours.

    This device uses technology like:

    • The Mid-Frequency Interval Pulse: This patented MFIP technology by Artistic & Co. gives a sensation similar to a Shiatsu massage, sending electrical pulses to the skin. The electrical pulses help to enhance blood circulation and collagen reproduction, which in turn reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Ultrasound Pulse: This pulse is deeply penetrating and stimulates muscles for daily anti-aging. This technology was developed to train facial muscles to maintain the youthful glow by tightening the skin.
    • High Mid-Frequency Pulse: This one is a combination of the above two - the mid-frequency interval pulse and the ultrasound pulse - for enhanced wrinkle removal and facial toning strength.
    • Aesthetic LED: Red light therapy restores elasticity in the skin by promoting skin repair and stimulates fibroblast production leading to more collagen in skin.

      Using this device with PE The Vegas Essence when in EMS mode reduces pigmentation while increasing skin elasticity. When the mid-frequency interval pulse and ultrasound pulse mode are used, using PE Golden Beauty Serum can eradicate signs of aging.

      However, apart from using beauty devices, incorporating daily usage of sunscreen in your morning routine offers you more benefits than you can imagine. Also, don’t forget to reapply it after every two hours to bid adieu to the old woman face!


      Reducing Skin Sagging

      Lactic acid is a great substance to use on the face. It brightens, smoothens, and evens the skin, and it makes it look firmer. Skin care products containing glycolic acid are a good product to use as they can speed up skin cell turnover to keep skin healthy.

      You can treat saggy skin issues more effectively through the use of the following beauty device best known for its skin firming and tightening powers:

      TriPollar STOP Vx

      TriPollar STOP Vx is the perfect facial device to avoid sagging skin on the face. This homecare beauty device combines the power of multi RF and DMA technologies to redefine facial features, as it smooths and contours the skin.

      The radiofrequency (RF) technology helps the heat from the device to be distributed evenly into the dermis layer via optimal radiofrequency waves. It helps stimulate the collagen and elastin fiber in the skin. With more collagen and elasticity, the skin will begin to tighten and wrinkles will start to go away so you can welcome younger looking skin.

      The Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technology works on toning the muscles to combat skin sagging on face, as it helps increase muscle density and rejuvenates muscle volume. 

      These both work together in the skin care routine to bring a youthful radiance to the face. It tones the jawline and cheekbones, revitalizes the complexion, and is an effective way to get a v shape face naturally apart from making your saggy skin problems go away!


      Treating Hair Loss

      There are many ways to treat hair loss, including natural remedies or methods to strengthen the hair follicles. This can be done with a healthy diet with more intake of fatty fish such as tuna, herring, mackerel, salmon that are a good source of protein, selenium, and B vitamins for healthy hair. Eating more eggs, leafy greens, nuts and seeds also prevent hair loss. Additionally, go for regular scalp massage for better blood circulation on the scalp, and use essential oils like lavender, peppermint and rosemary on the scalp to promote hair growth.

      Our recommendation to help you resolve the hair loss problem is by using a good hair care device. One of the most reputable at-home hair care beauty devices to try is the Cellreturn Hair Alpha Ray Premium!

      Cellreturn Hair Alpha Ray Premium

      Cellreturn Hair Alpha Ray Premium is a hair loss treatment device that uses patented LED module technology, which was developed after years of studies. This hair care device targets red and near-infrared lights to the scalp tissues and cells to activate the hair follicle cell proliferation and increase blood flow. 

      You can use the Cellreturn Hair Alpha Ray device in 3 modes: - Soft Mode for lower strength, Normal Mode for medium red light therapy strength, and Power Mode for higher light intensity. Wireless operation and charging makes it convenient to power up the cool helmet as you go about your scalp and hair care with confidence and safety assured!


      Preventing Sunspots

      Since these spots are caused due to excessive sun exposure, they can easily be avoided by using a good sunscreen (SPF 30 or above). Sunscreen blocks harmful UV rays from being absorbed by exposed skin, helps prevent skin cancer, and provides sun protection. A vitamin C serum protects you from sun damage and helps even out the skin tone.


      Slowing Down Gaunt or Wrinkly Hands

      Gaunt hands are caused by excessive sunlight and dehydration. Sunscreen is an easy way to avoid this condition. Also, stay hydrated at all times by drinking water and using hydrating products. Moisturizers, oils, or body milk are some examples. And always remember to wear gloves whenever washing or gardening!


      Tackling Dry or Itchy skin

      Always wear sunscreen and moisturize regularly. Drinking the required amount of water will keep you hydrated and hence provide your skin moisture from within. Vitamin D is a good way to help with dry skin.


      Avoiding Hyperpigmentation, Inflammation, or Discoloration on the Chest Area

      This is another sign of premature aging that can be avoided by applying moisturizers and sunscreen. These skin anti aging strategies are easy to implement.

      Additional 13 Tips For Anti-Aging To Live By

      Here are some extra anti aging tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine to anti-age:

      • Remove Makeup Before Sleep: Makeup has chemicals that are harmful to your skin if left overnight. Before going to sleep, remove your makeup (double cleanse if necessary to properly remove dead skin cells too) and let your skin breathe.
      • Healthy Sleep Schedule: A healthy sleep schedule can stimulate the growth and the production of new cells.
      • Balanced Diet and Good Hydration: A balanced and nutritious diet will increase the production of cells. Dehydration can cause wrinkles. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day will help you stay young and healthy.
      • Increase Healthy Fat Intake: Intake of healthy fats can make your skin fresh and glowy.
      • Exercise Regularly: Exercising regularly will boost blood circulation, giving you a more youthful appearance.
      • Use Gentle Skin Care Products: Our skin is sensitive. By using harsh face scrubs and bad quality products, you might damage your skin cells. Harsh scrubs cause irritation and irritating your skin can speed up aging.
      • Say No to Smoking: Since smoking prevents the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, by quitting smoking, your body can produce the collagen it needs to stay young. 
      • Don’t Pick At Your Breakouts: Picking at your breakouts will leave scars and spots behind, and the next thing you know, you will be searching for treatment for acne scars, so force yourself to not do it.
      • Manage Stress Well: Stress can cause a hormone imbalance that might lead to premature aging. This is why one must find a way to manage their stress well. Try using techniques like yoga, walks, and meditation and see what works for you. Reducing stress will give you healthy skin and peaceful life.
      • Incorporate Vitamin C In Your Routine: It is an antioxidant that aids in the production of collagen, resulting in a firm and plumper face. It will help brighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
      • Moisturize Regularly: Moisturizing will help get rid of dryness or itchiness and with continuous usage, it will gradually remove the layer of dead skin to reveal healthier skin from beneath. 


        It is never too late to fix a problem. Using some simple solutions you can retain the youthful glow for a long time. We hope this helped you in your journey to reverse aging.

        Using the anti aging skin care tools mentioned above will aid you as they are natural and easy to use.

        It’s time to say hello to your youthful skin!

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