Top 7 Tips to Help You Soothe Your Vagina After Birth

If you are expecting vaginal delivery any day now and wondering about the condition of your vagina after birth, you’re in right place! Learning a few things about postpartum care will help you relieve discomfort and feel less anxious about your health, sex life, pain relief, future pregnancies, and vaginal deliveries.

If you have started your research, things like vaginal tear, uncomfortable vaginal discharge, changes in vagina shape and size, and birth canal will pop up. I am here to sort all things out without embarrassment and offer you one of the best solutions - Silk'n Tightra 2.0

Do You Know What Happens to Your Vagina After Birth?

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So what happens to your vagina after birth? Puffiness and swellness are normal changes in vagina size during pregnancy. It happens because hormonal changes that happen in your body prepare your vagina for natural birth

Furthermore, during birth, the baby passes through the vaginal canal on the way to the vaginal opening. If it sounds too scary, remember it is a natural process. However, it will affect your vagina structure

Let's briefly cover the most common things you can expect during normal vaginal delivery and the postpartum period.


Perineal Tearing

Perineal tearing happens because a baby's head might be too big to pass through a tight vagina. The vagina might not stretch enough, and tears may happen in the skin around the vagina and between the vagina and rectum. 

Most tears heal on their own and aren't severe. When the muscles and deeper tissue are affected, women need stitches and specific after care to help heal and prevent infections.


Postpartum Vaginal Bleeding

After giving birth, all women experience lochia or vaginal bleeding. It doesn't matter if they had a spontaneous vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery (operative vaginal delivery), assisted vaginal delivery or induced vaginal delivery. It is more intense in the first few days after delivery, and the bleeding slowly fades as the days pass. However, some women can experience excessive bleeding post delivery for six to eight weeks.


Swelling and Dryness

Your vagina will do an outstanding task during vaginal birth, so swelling is expected. Also, due to hormonal changes and low estrogen levels, you can experience vaginal dryness. It is more common in women who are nursing after a normal labor.

To make intercourse pleasant, use lube and ease the discomfort. 

How to Soothe Your Vagina After Delivery

Let's hop to the most effective remedies to include in your post-natal care.

Soothing Sprays

You can find cooling sprays in the drugstore to help with the uncomfortable sensations down there after vaginal birth. Some are marketed for perineal tearings to disinfect the area. They are also a great help after instrumental vaginal delivery.

Others may contain some natural skin care ingredients, such as aloe vera and cucumber to reduce swelling and tears. These sprays are excellent for instant pain reduction.


Cool the Area with Ice Packs

Another thing that you will find very effective is using ice packs. It is especially helpful in the first 24 hours after birth, but if you are still in the hospital, do it at home. Do the following, apply an ice pack to the area for ten to 20 minutes. If it doesn't feel comfortable, you can remove ice compresses sooner. Apply the pack every hour until the pain or swelling is reduced. 

Like any other trauma, ice reduces swelling and prevents further damage. The science behind it is simple - coldness narrows blood vessels, and it reduces circulations, as well as pain sensations.


Sit in a Warm Bath

Proper hygiene is essential after birth to prevent infections and speed up postpartum recovery. If you have a bathtub, try a sitz bath. Ensure the water is pleasantly warm, not too hot. Not only will you get much-needed mind relaxation, but you will also feel much better in the lower parts of your body. Warm water will soothe irritated and stretched skin. 

Adding baking soda, or Epsom salt may be great for your overall experience. However, avoid heavily perfumed soaps and salts because they can irritate your sensitive skin around the vagina and rectum, even if you enjoyed them before birth. Siting for ten to 15 minutes several times a day will soothe the vagina after giving birth and keep the area clean. 


Sit on a Padded Ring

Sitting after you have just pushed the baby through your normal vaginal opening is tough! Even though the pain levels aren't high, most women cannot stand sitting in the first days after vaginal delivery. 

Try sitting on a padded ring or a kids' swimming harness if you don't have a padded ring. It will reduce the pressure from your vagina, so you can only feel pressure in your buttocks. It will also keep the area ventilated, which is useful, especially during hot days. 

Until the tears heal, or you remove stitches or they absorb, your vagina will be happier without any pressures down there. Standing for a long time might be too exhausting, so sitting on a padded ring is the best you can do.


A Spray Bottle During Urination

Ideally, women should shower every time they go to the bathroom in the first few weeks after giving birth. Because showering isn't always an option, you might not be at home, don't have time, the baby is crying, etc., the second best thing is a peri bottle. 

Fill the peri bottle with warm water and use it after urination to clean up and reduce the stinge that urination might cause in your vagina. Peri bottles have a convenient shape to reach the area and use while you are on the toilet. 

Grab one and pack it in your hospital bag, and you'll thank me later! First urination after birth can be uncomfortable. Therefore, you can use all the help there is!

If you cannot find a peri bottle, a simple plastic spray bottle will work, too. 

Don't wipe. Instead, gently pat the area with toilet paper to dry. 


Witch Hazel Pads

During postpartum, you will appreciate witch hazel more than roses or any other plant! It is because witch hazel is an effective natural astringent, highly useful for tears and damaged tissue. 

Witch hazel draws water from the area, so the tissue shrinks and heals faster. You can buy witch hazel pads which are easy to apply on your vagina and perineum to reduce sting and pain from tears and extensive stretch. 

These pads also help with burning and itching. You can keep the pads in the fridge to increase cooling sensations! 


Use Hairdryer

Keeping your vagina out in the air and allowing the damaged skin to breathe is the best way to speed up recovery after birth. However, new moms cannot spend their first days after vaginal delivery with their panties off, drying their gentle parts. 

Luckily, you can use a hair dryer to achieve a similar effect. Set the dryer on medium speed and low heat and point it at your vagina. 

Turn the device on and keep it like that for several seconds or minutes, as long as it feels comfortable. It will provide an effect as if you air-dry your lowers for several hours! You can also use it after peri bottle to avoid pressing the area with toilet paper. 

Wait, You May Have These Other Postpartum Issues Too!

A few more issues can happen to you and your vagina before and after birth. These problems are temporary, but they may require help from your side to overcome them.

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Urinary Incontinence

The pelvic floor stretches during birth and allows the baby to pass through the birth canal. In addition, hormonal changes also affect your bladder muscles, so some weakening is expected. 

Doing Kegel exercises can help prevent urinary incontinence after birth, but you can also try vaginal rejuvenation treatment devices and be patient for things to heal.



A lot of new moms experience constipation post pregnancy. The reasons may include dehydration, excessive exhaustion, pain medication, and breastfeeding. You can try prunes, as a natural laxative to get much-needed relief. Also, increase your water intake to keep things going.


Pain During Sex 

In most cases, pain during sex after birth happens because of the weakened pelvic floor muscles. These muscles do an incredible job during nine months of supporting the baby and helping with normal birth

They need time and appreciation to relax and get in shape to perform like before

Silk'n Tightra is the Perfect Postpartum Care Companion for Mummies!

I am happy to introduce you to the greatest innovation for women - the Silk'n Tightra 2.0 device, created to help new mummies get things back in place after natural childbirth. 

Creating a baby in your body and welcoming it into the world is magnificent so you deserve the best care post delivery

Silk'n Tightra helps with intimacy-related issues, such as excessive dryness and pain during sex. Apart from that, the device is also effective in tackling bladder control problems.

Most women facing urinary leakage after childbirth find that it goes away in the first few weeks, as the stretched muscles and tissues recover. However, for some women it can take months while others find their pelvic floor never recovers fully. The revolutionary Silk'n Tightra employs the clinically tested and proven Bi-Polar Radiofrequency energy, which is able to relieve such symptoms without the need for surgery.

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Available Modes

Available modes on the Tightra 2.0 device by Silk’n - How to soothe vagina after birth postpartum care tips - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

You can use it for internal and external treatments, ideally three times a week for 20 minutes. In about three weeks, you will see a significant difference. 

The internal mode features 16 electrodes and several intensity levels, created to target the weakened pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are in charge of urine disposal, and sexual function and also keep your vagina rejuvenated. 

Another available treatment, the external mode, tightens the external skin with three powerful electrodes. Is it effective? Highly, because the device features bipolar RF technology, which so far is only used by doctors in specialized clinics to tighten and rejuvenate skin and body parts. You can even read our detailed Silk’n Tightra review to find out more.


Technology & Safety

How Silk’n Tightra 2.0 device works - How to soothe vagina after birth postpartum care tips - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

The good news is that women can now experience all positive benefits from the technology practicing treatments at home. In addition, using Silk'n Tightra is safe and simple. The device is equipped with safety features, such as automatic shut off, and is user-friendly.

Silk'n Tightra works with the Silk’n Intimate Gel, which is included with the device for free when you purchase from our website! 






Improving Your Vaginal Health is Easy!

You can do several things to feel better after labor down there. Home remedies, such as sitz baths, witch hazel pads, and cooling sprays are very effective for instant pain relief. Try them in the first days after active labor to feel better. 

However, in the long run, your vagina might need more love to start feeling like its old self. Devices for skin tightening, such as Silk'n Tightra are there for problems with urinal incontinence, looseness, dryness, and pain. 

Have I skipped anything? Don't be shy, ask me in the comments!

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