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DUALSONIC is Korea’s top beauty device brand by JIONMEDITECH. It’s world-first patented dual-layer HIFU technology, which allows you to select ultrasound depth without replacing cartridges or use simultaneous depths operation, is a global trend leading products, ranging from medical devices to esthetics use and personal devices.

DUALSONIC defines the beauty of the skin while creating women's beauty and value and spreading it all over the world. DUALSONIC has a constant passion for skin elasticity and skin lifting, leading the home beauty device market.

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DUALSONIC Blooming Moisture Gel

DESCRIPTION Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Brightening, Moisturizing Gel Provides sufficient moisture and nutrition helping to remove wrinkles (去除皱纹), brighten the skin (皮肤暗沉), and protect sensitive skin (呵护敏感肌). Unlike other anti aging skin care...
RM130.00 RM110.00
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DESCRIPTION High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for face lifting and improved wrinkles. DUALSONIC is a portable HIFU beauty device for face lifting, wrinkles reduction and skin improvement which enables easier and more...
RM13,500.00 RM9,850.00
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DUALSONIC Skin Elixir Mask Pack 10EA

DESCRIPTION Dualsonic Skin Elixir Mask is a one-of-a-kind mask that provides vitality and beautiful skin. The fermented extracts' nutrients together with the hypoallergenic sheet mask help to nourish and firmly...
RM400.00 RM360.00
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DUALSONIC Professional Eye Cartridge

DESCRIPTION Easy cartridge replacement with 60,000 shots resource for a long time use. Unlike face cartridge, the tip of the eye cartridge is small, so you can treat around the...
RM2,500.00 RM2,280.00
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DUALSONIC Professional Face Cartridge

DESCRIPTION Easy cartridge replacement with 6,000 shots resource for a long time use. Dualsonic High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy is transferred under the skin surface to create coagulation point...
RM2,800.00 RM2,700.00
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