The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin Malaysia

 Are you looking for a skincare routine that works for your skin? Are you tired of trying new Malaysian skin care routines that don’t work? If so, don’t worry, because we have a fool-proof oily skin skincare routine that will work wonders for you. 

We will tell you all about the best skincare routine for oily skin Malaysia and the ideal skincare routine for oily skin. Plus, we also have a list of very effective at-home treatments and beauty tools you can test for yourself. So let’s find out what causes oily skin and how to fix it. Keep on reading to learn more!


What Causes Oily Skin?

Every person’s skin has oils as it’s natural. But for some people, their skin seems to be extra oily and greasy. 

The sebaceous glands present under the pores are responsible for the production of natural oils. These natural oils are called sebum, which is quite an important part of our skin, as it helps the skin stay hydrated. 

However, for oily skin, these glands can become a little too active stemming from dehydrated skin condition, thus leading to oily skin.

When someone has oily skin, their skin looks shiny, and if nothing is done, it starts to appear greasy. In some cases, this can lead to acne breakouts when the sebum starts to mix with dead skin cells, causing clogged pores. 

The following are a few common causes of oily skin:

  • Genetics: oily skin runs through families. If your parent had over-active sebaceous glands that cause excess oil production, you might inherit them too.
  • Enlarged pores: the larger your pores, the more oil is secreted out. Pores can enlarge with age, weight fluctuations, and acne breakouts, among other factors.
  • Geography: where you live can have an impact on your skin type. Humidity and hot climates can increase oilier skins and clog pores. Also, skin tends to get oily during the summer season.
  • Wrong daily skin care routine for oily skin: using the wrong products or the wrong combination of anti aging skin care products on delicate skin can also lead to oily skin and even sensitive skin.
  • No moisturizer: many people believe that moisturizers promote oily skin. That’s a myth! Skipping the moisturizer can be a huge mistake, so just make sure to use the right amount and the right type!
  • Doing too much: everything is good in moderation. Too many skin care products for oily skin and too much exfoliating can also cause very oily skin due to too much oil production or irritated skin, instead of treating oily skin issue.


Best Skincare For Oily Skin Malaysia

The following are some of the best skin care for oily skin methods and products for oily and acne prone skin that you can use to control oil production. If you’re worried about finding the best oily skin skincare, your search for the right oily skin routine might be over now!


Cleanse Daily

Make sure to cleanse your skin every day, in the morning and evening to get rid of oily skin. No doubt, this means getting gentle cleanser or good cleansers suitable for your oily face containing ingredients like tea tree oil, salicylic acid and shea butter so that you don't damage your skin barrier, but we find that cleansing oily skin and maintaining your skin's protective barrier are made more effective with the use of beauty devices.

Many beauty oily skin products will aid you in the cleansing process to remove excess oil, unclog pores and control oily skin, but surely nothing can beat Miss Arrivo THE WRAITH. This product is great for all you oily-skinned people out there!


Miss Arrivo The Wraith for daily cleansing, best exfoliator for oily skin malaysia - The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin Malaysia - BeautyFoo Mall


It is among the best at home skincare devices and is worth its price, as this at-home device is convenient, can be used from the comfort of your home, and is highly effective thanks to its powerful skincare technologies. It is a great device to get a face tightening effect and assist you with how to remove wrinkles under eyes. 

The user has an option to choose between 3 modes: Skin scriber mode, EMS mode, and MFIP-UP mode. Among all, the Skin scriber mode is ideal for cleansing and removing residual makeup, hence it’s your perfect cleansing companion. This mode will help you clean clogged pores, remove all the dirt and dust from them, and eventually get rid of the dirty and rough skin to be one of your new secrets to glowing skin.




Tone Your Skin To Refine Your Pores

The larger your pores, the more sebum they will secret. If you want to target specific skin concerns such as to get rid of oily skin, shift your focus to finding ways that minimize pores. This can be done through toners, which give your skin an extra-deep clean by removing all the impurities and tightening cell gaps. Once the cell gaps are tightened, your pores begin to shrink in size.

At-home devices have been all the rave lately and are one of the latest skin care trends 2022 not only for those looking to up their skin tightening game, but also for people with oily skin types. Among the many beauty devices in the market, Belega CellCure 4T Plus might be the one best exfoliator for oily skin Malaysia for you if you’re looking for a way to refine your pores and have even skin tone, as this handy facial exfoliator helps with toner absorption.


A complete set of Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus beauty device for deep cleansing and enhancing toner absorption - The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin Malaysia, best exfoliator for oily skin malaysia - BeautyFoo Mall


The CellCure 4T Plus is a professional-grade, palm-sized, portable treatment device that uses patented interwind wave technology to make your skin brighter. It gives the user an option between four treatment modes, each with a unique function and purpose:

  1. The Electro Cleansing Minus mode deals with pores and their cleansing, as it helps remove any leftover oily skin care products and promotes blood circulation, so this mode is great for removing residual makeup and also to remove dead skin cells from the skin gently.
  2. The Electro Cleansing Plus mode is the perfect option after the Minus mode to close the pores up after the deep cleanse. 
  3. The EMS CellCure mode combines microcurrent and EMS technology to tighten the facial skin for an improved skin tightening result. 
  4. The Electroporation mode stimulates collagen production. 


Use it with the Belega Cell Cure Cotton when cleansing and applying toner to your face. We recommend using Belega’s Ageleb Toner though for best toning results!







Apply Serum

There are many serums available on the market these days. Many people use a serum as a treatment for acne scars or how to remove freckles, and similarly, there are many serums available in the market that deal with oily skin. 

There has to be a serum in your routine if you’re looking for the best skincare for oily skin. The best way to get one suitable for oil skin types is to consult an aesthetician or a dermatologist to decide on the right serum for your skincare morning routine. 


Apply Oil-free Moisturizer

Many people believe that a moisturizer is a big no for oily skin, which isn’t true. A moisturizer is needed for all skin types, but oily-skinned people just have to settle for an oil-free option with some good ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs. There are many choices out there, and many trustworthy brands you can turn to for a quality product, which can be a great addition to your morning routine.

You can always opt for an at-home treatment that will keep your skin hydrated without making it oily while maintaining a radiant complexion. An option you must consider is the DPC Skin Iron or DPC小熨斗 beauty device, which enhances moisturizer absorption. So, this skin tightening and lifting device has more benefits than you would expect and can be a game changer for your skincare routine.


DPC Skin Iron DPC小熨斗 with DPC Skin Up Perfection Cream for enhancing moisturizer absorption - The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin Malaysia - BeautyFoo Mall


Made by Derma Pure Clinic, this device is FDA-certified for your face and body and can be used as a multi-functional device. It uses technologies such as microcurrent, microvibration, warm massage, ionthophoresis or anion penetration, and LED light therapy to tighten the skin at both large areas as well as sensitive and delicate areas like eye creases and under the neck using its tapered tip. 

The microcurrent technology soothes the skin and stimulates collagen production. The anion penetrations encourage skincare product for oily skin absorption, while the micro-vibrations help reduces dryness and increase microcirculation in the face. The red LED lights helps with skin tightening on face and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin smoother and softer.

For an enhanced moisturized complexion plus glowy skin, consider using DPC Skin Iron together with its accompanying DPC Skin Up Perfection Cream!





Put On A Clay-Based or Charcoal Mask

A clay-based mask or a charcoal mask can be a great addition to your evening routine, as it’ll help you get rid of the excess sebum and result in a smooth skin texture. However, the best type of mask is none other than the revolutionary Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum, which is a much better alternative to sheet masks for dry skin or oil skin types. 

This wonderful LED Mask by Cellreturn is an at-home device that deals with excess oil and is great for acne-prone skin. It certainly is among the best skincare products for oily types of skin not to be missed!

Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum for best LED light therapy treatment at home to get rid of the excess oil and improve acne prone skin - The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin Malaysia - BeautyFoo Mall


This LED-patented, safety-certified mask has many exceptional features. Using just one button, this facial device gives you access to 4 modes, so you can go with whichever suits you the best!

  1. The red mode: uses LED red light therapy and infrared rays to increase elasticity in facial skin and promote collagen production, which leads to firm and tighter skin.
  2. The blue mode: great for acne-prone skin and skin inflammation. If you have eczema or skin redness, this mode will help calm that down and improve your skin conditions.
  3. The pink mode: reduces blemishes and scarring, and is also great for calming the skin down.
  4. The fast mode: combines the magic of all the above modes with seven minutes in red mode, one in blue, and one in pink. In just 9 minutes, you can get a quick pampering session.


Using 1026 LED lights, this device covers the whole face, ears, and neck, by distributing the light evenly throughout the surface. This makes the LED light therapy beauty device one of the best skin care products and the best for oily skin in the facial area.




Exfoliate to Prevent Buildup

If you have excess oil buildup, it is recommended for you to exfoliate twice a week at night. The more the oil stays on your skin, the more you’re at risk of acne breakouts and skin problems, and before long you will be rushing to look for treatment for acne scars

That is why it is recommended to exfoliate twice a week at night to get rid of any sebum buildup and prevent it in the days to come. A good exfoliator is one of the most important skincare products for oily skin in any part of the body.


Use Eye Cream

This is a must for evening and morning skincare routines, especially if you have oily skin and are looking at how to remove wrinkles under eyes. Oily skin is way more sensitive and requires more care and attention. There are many eye creams for oily skin out there, but you can consult your aesthetician or dermatologist for the right eye cream for you.


Apply Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is a must for all skin types. UV rays from sun exposure can do more damage to the skin than you can imagine. From skin cancer to sunburns, there are so many threats that sun damage poses and the effects of not wearing sunscreen are not to be underestimated. That is why sunblock should be applied all the time during the day. 

Oily skin is extremely sensitive so you’ll have to be extra careful to always keep it protected from ultraviolet radiation. Remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day because after a while it loses its protectiveness. 


Skincare Routine Summary for Oily Skin 

Morning skincare

Night skincare





Eye cream

Clay mask or charcoal mask

Oil-free moisturizer 

Eye cream

Sunscreen (to be reapplied throughout the day)


Other Oily Skin Care Tips

While having a gentle skincare regimen is important, it may not be enough on its own to fully address oily skin issues. Additional measures could be necessary to effectively reduce skin's oil production. Maintaining a basic cleansing and moisturizing routine lays the foundation, but further actions may prove helpful for those seeking complete oil control.


Blotting Paper

Blotting paper provides an effective method for diminishing shine and keeping oil in check during the day. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), simply place the paper against problem areas for a brief period.

Focusing on the T-zone, where oil often accumulates the most, watch as the paper starts to soak up excess sebum - a satisfying result.

By pressing the paper onto the skin for just moments, it works to reduce visible oil across the face throughout the day.


Makeup Remover

For those who wear makeup regularly, cleansers alone may not be sufficient for thorough purification. Therefore, it is recommended to use an oil-free makeup remover product as a pre-wash step before cleansing the face.

By removing makeup and excess oils initially with a dedicated remover, one can ensure their regular face wash is better able to deeply clean pores afterwards.

Cleanse After Sweating

The American Academy of Dermatology advises washing one's face after every sweat-inducing session. This is particularly crucial if a full shower is not possible.

Cleansing the face after physical activity or time spent outdoors in warm weather helps eliminate excess oil, dirt and perspiration produced during the exertion.

Taking a moment to wash away these impurities from the skin's surface following a "sweat sesh" ensures they do not clog pores or potentially lead to breakouts in cases where a full body shower is not immediately feasible.



If you have oily skin and you can’t find a good skin routine to stick to, the above routine will work wonders for you. Finding the right products can be a struggle, but with the above list, you have a great place to start from. Apart from that, using at-home devices can be a great addition to your skincare routine as well.

Feel free to browse through BeautyFoo Mall beauty store - we give you the best of the beauty world at affordable prices and easy access! We aim to make sure everyone finds their ideal beauty device, hair care and skin care products here as Malaysia’s sole authorized distributors of Cellreturn (Korea), Dualsonic (Korea), DPC (Korea), Artistic & Co. (Japan), Belega (Japan) as well as Silk'n beauty products, and we do our best to keep our dear readers up-to-date on all the recent beauty trends!



1) Is Niacinamide or Salicylic Acid Better for Oily Skin?

Both niacinamide and salicylic acid can be beneficial for oily skin. However, salicylic acid is specifically better suited for targeting excess oil and preventing breakouts since it has strong exfoliating properties that help unclog pores.


2) Can Makeup Block the Pores and Make Oily Skin Worse?

Yes, makeup can potentially exacerbate oily skin issues by clogging pores if it is not fully removed at the end of the day. Left-over makeup residue and buildup in pores can worsen oil production and lead to breakouts over time.


3) How Can Minimize Enlarged Pores for Oily Skin?

Exfoliating regularly with products containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or retinoids can help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores over time by removing dead skin cells and sebum from the pore openings.

Staying hydrated also helps keep pores from stretching and looking more noticeable.


4) Can I Use Grainy Face Scrubs on Oily Skin?

It's generally not recommended to use harsh grainy face scrubs on oily skin as the large abrasive particles can potentially irritate and inflame skin.

Choosing gentle chemical exfoliants without gritty additives is usually better tolerated and more effective for oily complexions.


5) Is Hot or Cold Water Good for Oily Skin?

For oily skin, it's best to wash with lukewarm or cool water rather than hot, as hot water can further stimulate oil glands and worsen oil production. Using water that is neither too hot nor too cold helps cleanse the skin gently without over-drying or exacerbating oiliness.


6) How Many Times Should I Wash My Face With Water If I Have Oily Skin?

It is generally recommended for those with oily skin to wash their face twice a day with a gentle cleanser - once in the morning and again before bed. Sticking to this routine helps control oil and keeps pores clear of dirt and debris.

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