11 Bad Effects of Not Wearing Sunscreen - Protect Your Skin Now!

 Are you wondering is sunscreen important and how to apply sunscreen on face? Is the sun always bright and shining every day and you’re unaware of the effects of not wearing sunscreen on your beautiful skin? Did you know that despite Malaysia being one of the sunniest regions in the world, many Malaysians don’t apply sunscreens regularly? 

This article will tell you all about the impact of not wearing sunscreen and what is the right way of applying sunblock vs sunscreen. We also have for you some at-home beauty tools and products that you can use against sun damage, so just keep on reading!


11 Serious Effects of Not Wearing Sunscreen

#1 Premature Aging

Collagen is a very important protein in your body that acts as a building block for your skin, bones, muscles, and tissues. This protein plays a major role in maintaining the structure of the skin and making it appear tight and bright. 

But of course, as we age, the collagen production in the skin starts to decrease, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. This process is natural and it eventually happens to everybody, but it can come earlier than usual if you don’t take care of your skin or look into skin tightening practices. That is called premature aging.

The UV radiations from the sun destroy collagen and damage the connective tissues. This can lead to saggy skin and fine lines. However, if you take care of yourself and make sure you apply sunblock in the sun, you can avoid this problem and save yourself the trouble of looking for further methods on how to remove wrinkles under eyes and on the face!


#2 Freckles

Many people try many methods on how to remove freckles, as they don’t like how freckles look on them. Despite freckles being a trend nowadays, it's understandable if someone wants to get rid of them. But isn’t prevention better than cure? 

Sun damage can cause a face full of freckles, and you can quite easily avoid them by protecting your skin from the harmful radiations that come with sun exposure. So make sure to apply, and reapply, sunscreen before leaving the house!

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#3 Sun Spots

Also known as age spots, sun spots are one of the most common side effects of extreme sun exposure. And unlike wrinkles and freckles, sun spots can cause extreme discomfort in form of itching, burning sensations, and tender feelings, which can be quite annoying.

When your skin is exposed to UV radiation from the sun, your skin's production of melanin accelerates. This is the same pigment that gives our skin its color, and hence, increased production leads to darker spots throughout the skin. 

There are many creams and best skin care tools for sun spots, but the easiest way would be to avoid them from the start by applying sunscreen regularly.


#4 Skin Gets Dark Easily

In response to extreme exposure to UV rays from the sun, our skin has installed its coping mechanism. It starts producing way too much melanin. Melanin is a substance in our body found in our hair, eyes, and skin. It’s responsible for pigmentation, so, the more melanin you have, the darker your eyes, hair, or skin is. Melanin is an amino acid, which when produced in excess can cause your skin to darken and uneven patches to form on your skin.


#5 Sunburns

Sunburns are caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun that hit your skin to form these red and scary patches which cause immense discomfort, itchiness, pain, and burning. They might look like blisters, but the burnt skin is bound to come off in a few days. 

However, do remember that some skin types are more sensitive and prone to sunburns than others, so you might need to deal with your skin accordingly. Applying sunscreen can avoid all sunburn problems. 

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>> Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum Is Best For Soothing Sunburn Skin!

A better way to deal with sunburns is using Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum. This at-home beauty device is best known for its LED light therapy that can soothe the skin as well as reduce skin blemishes like acne scarring. Besides, it helps to increase your skin's ability to recover from a sunburn while calming and reducing skin redness.  

There are four modes of LED light therapy operation, each of which has a different purpose::

  • Red mode: this LED light therapy improves skin elasticity and produces collagen, each session lasts 20 minutes. 
  • Blue mode: great for inflamed and acne-prone skin, each session lasts 20 minutes. 
  • Pink mode: this light therapy LED mode reduces any blemishes and scarring, each session lasts 20 minutes.
  • Fast mode: combines all three modes mentioned above, with the treatment cycling through Red, Blue and Pink modes within 9 minutes.


Korean actress holding a Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum which is Best For Soothing Sunburns on Skin - Effects of Not Wearing Sunscreen - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


This LED mask will give you red light therapy at home at a fraction of the cost of salons from within the comfort of your house. With 1026 LED lights (the highest numbers in the market!) present, this safety-certified facial mask device covers the whole face for an effective at-home facial treatment.

If you’re someone who spends days out in the burning sun and needs a quick pampering session for your skin, this device will be a lifesaver! 




#6 Scarring

If you have wounds on your skin, sun exposure will cause them to heal and eventually leave a scar behind. On the wounded skin, UV rays act to increase pigmentation. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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#7 Lower Immunity

Your skin has immune cells that play an important role in the immune system. Ultraviolet exposure could damage these cells by alternating their distribution and activity, as these rays increase cytokines and T-cell activity which leads to a weaker immune system.


#8 Broken Blood Vessels

Beneath our skin lies a vast and complex system of blood vessels that all have extremely important functions in our body. However, sun exposure can cause extreme damage to these blood vessels and they might end up breaking, causing all the liquid to pour out and turn into dark red colored patches that appear on your skin.


#9 Skin Cancer

Ultraviolet radiation can cause irreversible damage to the structure of the DNA. The damaged DNA is more like a mutation that will multiply rapidly to cause damage to your body. In worst-case scenarios, this mutated DNA can also lead to skin cancer.


#10 Dry Skin

Exposure to the sun’s light and heat can cause a loss of moisture and natural oils from your skin. Your skin will end up dehydrated and dry patches will start to appear.


#11 Inflammation

After sun exposure, you might notice red and swollen skin. This is the inflamed skin that can cause extreme discomfort but can be avoided with the regular use of sunscreen for sun protection.


Top Common Mistakes When Using Sunscreen

Mistake #1: Not Cleansing Off Sunscreen Well At The End Of The Day 

Residual products, whether makeup or sunscreen, can be extremely dangerous for your skin and can end up causing acne breakouts. We all wash off our faces at the end of the day, don’t we? But when sunscreen is the only product on our face, we don’t bother fully rinsing it off, and this is actually a huge no-no!


>> Miss Arrivo The Wraith Easily Removes Residual Sunscreen From Your Face!

A great product you can use to free your face from any residual sunscreen is Miss Arrivo The Wraith. This is a great at-home device that isn’t only good for removing residual makeup but can also be used for minimizing pores, skin tightening, and face lifting. 

In no time, it will become one of your top secrets to glowing skin, as this device features 3D movable heads for easy use and full face coverage while giving you the option to choose between three modes, all of which have unique features.


Model Alisa Mizuki holding Miss Arrivo The Wraith which easily removes Residual Sunscreen From Your Face - Effects of Not Wearing Sunscreen - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


  • Skin Scriber Mode: this mode is great for ionic cleansing of makeup and leftover products from your skin which can otherwise cause dullness, roughness, and acne. It aids you in cleaning out pores and removing any dirt and dust from the skin. It also helps deal with dead skin cells. 
  • EMS Mode: this electric muscle stimulation (EMS) mode is great for face lifting. 
  • MFIP and Ultra Pulse Mode: this mode uses intermittent electrical pulses to promote and encourage facial muscle movements. It uses a patented mid-frequency interval pulse (MFIP) technology to help tighten the facial muscles, deal with wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce nasolabial folds, making it great for getting the V shape treatment lift by promoting collagen production.

Plus, you can use red, blue, or green light, according to whichever one suits you best. Red light is to encourage collagen production, green light is for brighter skin, and LED light therapy blue is for acne-ridden skin. Plus, it can be used for any age group based on their needs and you’ll be able to see visible results in 28 days!



>> BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus Is Great For Thoroughly Cleansing Sunscreen Off The Face Too!

Another great product you can turn to is the BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus. This is a professional-grade device that is specially designed to improve your skin and treat delicate and intricate areas such as under the eyes, around the lips, and right next to the nose. It is a palm-sized device that can be cordlessly used for 20 treatments (five minutes each) for one time charging, making it perfect for travel.


Beautiful Lady using the BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus which is Great For Thoroughly Cleansing Sunscreen Off The Face - Effects of Not Wearing Sunscreen - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Using the patented Interwind Wave (I.W. Wave) effect, this at-home treatment gives users the option to choose between 4 modes:

  • The Electro Cleansing Minus mode is used to clean the skin layer, open the pores up and remove any residual makeup products such as sunscreen while promoting blood circulation. 
  • The Electro Cleansing Plus mode uses microcurrent technology to calm and minimize pores after cleansing, and remove dead skin cells and any residual product. 
  • The EMS mode combines EMS and microcurrent technology to train facial muscles to give your face a tighter look. 
  • The Electroporation mode promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

Overall, just remember to cleanse your face before and after sunscreen, ideally with Miss Arrivo The Wraith or Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus for complete removal!



Mistake #2: Apply Only When You Reach The Beach

Knowing how to use sunscreen and when to apply sunscreen is a crucial part of the entire process. One of the biggest mistakes you might be making is to apply sunscreen once you reach the beach - you need to give your skin at least 20 minutes to absorb the protective contents of the sunscreen. So, you should apply sunscreen before heading out.


Mistake #3: Don't Care To Reapply Sunscreen

Just like any other skin product, sunscreen doesn’t show its effects forever. You have to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours for it to maintain its effect. And if you’re going to a swim or perspire a lot, take that up a notch.


Mistake #4: Too Stingy With The Application

If you don’t apply enough sunscreen, that could end up with you getting streaks all over. Make sure you’re fully covered by knowing how much sunscreen to use on face


Mistake #5: Missing Out On Important Areas

Most people don’t even realize that they’re not applying sunscreen on their lips and eyelids. Eyelids are very sensitive and are highly prone to skin cancer. Lips are also very sensitive with low levels of melanin, making them more vulnerable to damage when exposed to the sun, so using an SPF lipstick is advised.


Mistake #6: Still Using Expired Sunscreen

Sunscreen lasts up to 3 years. After that, it loses its protective powers, so keep that in mind!


Mistake #7: Skipping Sunscreen Whenever The Weather Is Cloudy

Your skin can still absorb UV rays, even if it’s cloudy outside. So don’t reserve your sunscreen for beach days and sunny mornings, as it should be a part of your daily skin care routine. To answer do we need to apply sunscreen at home - just apply sunscreen wherever UV rays can reach you!


Mistake #8: Not Applying Sunscreen Smoothly and Evenly

If you aren’t applying sunscreen smoothly, some areas will remain unprotected. To get rid of that problem, you can use a spray sunscreen, and keep spraying your body until a sheen appears at all spots.



Now that you know all this, you must understand why sunscreen is important. Make sure to avoid all of the missteps mentioned above and keep sunscreen and sunblock in your beach basket. Just remember how to wear sunscreen and how not wearing it can negatively impact you. Good luck!


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