The All New Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Review: What's the Difference Between Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2, Tripollar Stop VX Gold and Tripollar Stop VX? 

Did you know that skin prevents bacteria and germs from entering your body via pores? So it is as crucial to take care of your skin as it is to take care of the rest of your body. After all, the skin is the largest organ of our body, and we must pay equal attention to it.

Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 ensures your skin stays healthy and ageless with its power of TURBO-RF and DMA technology, the finest in its field. The swift heating turbo function induces sagging skin tightening by reshaping facial features and their elasticity fibers. 

This Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 review will provide the details of how this product works and its benefits.


Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Overview 

Tripollar is among the top researchers of multi-RF technology and employs innovations in its facial care tools. Most of its tools use interchanging radio frequency waves for evenly distributing heat into the skin and effectively increasing muscle density, resulting in dynamic muscle activation, skin-tightening, and facial lift. 

The same improved technology is incorporated in the upgraded Tripollar Stop Vx Gold 2.

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This unparalleled skin tightening and lifting device comes in a stylish gold covering which serves more than just looks. Being an anti-aging device that uses 24-carat gold-plated electrodes to increase conductivity and technology efficacy, it offers the best at-home next generation treatment. 

It is super easy to use, so you can always take care of your skin with this portable gadget. Its unique personalization feature allows you to adjust the temperature to your needs in case of any particular skin condition or sensitivity. 

The new and advanced face beauty tool version uses thermal mapping, which helps you accomplish the desired results more efficiently and in less time. Hence, with each use, you notice a positive difference in your facial features. 



Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Review: Product Features 

Radio Frequency Waves

The latest innovation in skin care tools, multi-RF interchanging radio waves, makes the Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 so much better than all others to add to your skincare routine. This radiofrequency technology from their RF treatment mode targets a precise range of dermal layers and effectively stimulates collagen synthesis, guaranteeing therapeutic effects on collagen and elastin fibers with enhanced short-term and long-term outcomes. 


DMA Tech

Known as Dynamic Muscle Activation, the DMA technology efficiently increases long-term muscular density and volume by targeting and improving muscle toning, leading to better skin texture. The Dynamic Muscle Activation tech helps target distinct layers of muscles with an electrical current delivered directly under the dermis layer. The brief periods of stimulation result in relaxation and toning of muscles. 


Thermal Mapping

Tripollar Stop VX Malaysia acts as a face lifting tool and helps to tone facial features, reduce age spots, encourage skin's healing response and tighten sagging skin during skin care. This is achieved by the thermal mapping feature, which uses even energy waves at the most optimal temperature to allow the dermis, the deepest layer of skin, to get heated, instantly stimulating collagen production at optimal collagen boosting temperature. 


Gold-Plated Electrodes

Gold-Plated Electrodes of the Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 beauty device - Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Review - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
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Conducting lines of a skincare device need to be rendered inactive by an insulating layer to reduce the amount of contact space between the electrodes and the cell membrane, and gold is one of the best insulators in the world. Tripollar ensures that the best of the best is used for its users by installing top-notch materials and technology that guarantee prime results. 


Tripollar GOLD Preparation Gel for Enhanced Skin Firming Results

Unknown lady using the Tripollar GOLD Preparation Gel - Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Review - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

The Tripollar GOLD Preparation Gel is designed to get your skin ready for the transmission of the heating power. It collaborates with radio frequency technology to maximize the effectiveness of the beauty device Malaysia to achieve optimal results. 

Being lightweight, it glides on naturally across your facial features, is super absorbent, and does not leave behind a sticky or heavy build-up to improve your skin texture. This GOLD Preparation Gel is highly recommended to be used with your Tripollar beauty devices as it is specially formulated with the right balance of ingredients to pair with the Tripollar devices.

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How to Use the Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Device?

Just as the skin is made up of layers, its care also needs to be done in layers. The Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 comes with instructions on how to use the device accurately. The steps for it are as follows:

  1. Cleansing: The first step is always to cleanse your face and ensure there is no residue of dirt or other products before starting with the Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 next generation treatment. 
  2. Gel: For the best gliding effect, the gold treatment gel provided with the device must be massaged and fully absorbed into the sagging skin before using the electric tool based on treatment length adjusted. Thick blobs or unabsorbed gel result in uncomfortable drifting of the machine, which is an unpleasant feeling, so make sure to apply just a thin layer of the gel. 
  3. RF Mode: Under this mode, the device is to be turned on and adjusted to the temperature setting of your preference. Slow circular motions on the cheeks will help relax the muscles, which are to be followed for 4 to 5 minutes. 
  4. RF + DMA mode: After switching to this mode, glide the device over your jawline and cheekbones to engage the muscles there. This linear swipe motion is to be followed for a further 5 to 6 minutes and help shape and tighten the muscles to tone facial features, like face contour, and make them more prominent.
  5. Remove the Gel: After your face feels relaxed and smooth, shut down the device and remove the gel by washing it off. While the gel does not contain any harmful material, no product should be left on the face for long. 

The steps should be repeated 2 to 3 times per week for about 6 to 8 weeks to start seeing noticeable results. If your skin shows any adverse reactions to the device or gel, contact a dermatologist immediately. Also, refrain from using the device if you are under vitamins, supplements or medications that can cause fragile or dry skin texture. To ensure that negative reactions do not take place, please go through the instructions and product guide with scrutiny. 


What to Expect from the Stop VX Gold 2 Device?

Here’s what you can look forward to when you start using Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Reshapes the jawline contour 
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Tones uneven complexion
  • Personalizes the results by offering various temperature settings

You start to see results after approximately 6 to 8 weeks of usage, depending on the condition of your skin. Overall, the Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 is clinically proven to be wholly effective. 

At first glance, one might shy away from it because of its price, but there is no doubt that it is a great investment. Its returns exceed its price and be honest with yourself - if long-term youthful skin is something you ache for, then the Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 is perfect for you!


What Makes Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Different From Tripollar Stop VX And Tripollar Stop VX Gold?

Tripollar Stop VX, Tripollar Stop VX Gold and Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 beauty devices - Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 Review - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


This is a common question among beauty device users when considering the Tripollar Stop VX series, and we aim to help you learn the differences between the three devices: Tripollar Stop VX, Tripollar Stop VX Gold and the latest model, Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2.

The feature that makes Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 the best skin tightening device from Tripollar is its incorporation of the latest technology. While the previous models have one or two missing features, Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 sports them all! 

Let's look at a comparison table to know best about the features of the three models:

Tripollar Stop VX

Tripollar Stop VX Gold

Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2





Multi-RF technology




DMA tech




Turbo RF




Thermal mapping 







The Tripollar Stop series does not use mere creams or masks to make promises of better skin. Years of research and investment have brought the company to the point where it uses the latest technology and only the best material to make its products. 

The Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 ensure that none of its features is harmful to sagging skin. It even comes with a booklet of instructions that explain how to use this tool for different skin types. This level of consumer satisfaction is unmatched! 

We hope this review helped you visualize the importance of skincare and why Tripollar Stop VX Gold 2 is the best option for you!

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