Cellreturn Wheroes Plus Review

Are you looking for a solution for your pelvic issues? Click here to read this Cellreturn Wheroes Plus review that tells you all about it!

Are you looking for a pelvic care device that works? Do you want something trustworthy, easy to use, and without side effects? If so, stop looking, because we present the Cellreturn Wheroes Plus review: a body care device specifically made to meet the needs of your W-zone and Y-zone. 

Using advanced red LED light, Near Infrared (NIR), and Far Infrared (FIR) technology, this treatment meets all your relevant pelvic care needs, as it is no longer optional for body care; Cellreturn Wheroes Plus is a need!


A Quick Overview of the Cellreturn Wheroes Plus

Cellreturn Wheroes Plus pelvic rejuvenation device - Cellreturn Wheroes Plus Review - Beautyfoomall


As the global pioneer in NASA-derived LED technology in health and aesthetics, Cellreturn has introduced a brand new piece in the Cellreturn universe called the Cellreturn Wheroes Plus, which is a must-have pelvic health device for improving pelvic strength, as it is the perfect way to keep your W and Y zones happy and healthy. The W zone refers to the buttocks' pelvic area and the Y zone refers to the lower abdominal area and pelvis, specifically the groin area.

This pelvic care device uses a combination of red LED light, NIR, and FIR tech, which is ideal for promoting pelvic health. This technology creates the perfect combination of healing the pelvic floor and works on rejuvenation and regeneration.

The one thing that makes it stand out from the rest is its two pads: the W pad to sit on and the Y pad that operates independently and is used on targeted areas. Also, the Y-pad is portable so you can take it anywhere, and it can be used for more than just pelvic health. You can also use it for back, shoulder, or thigh pain, or in general, you can use it to alleviate any pain or cramps.


Features of the Cellreturn Wheroes Plus Pelvic Health Device

Three Intensity Modes

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This at-home equipment offers the user different care modes for customized care, which is why the three-intensity modes are particularly useful.

The Power Mode is used for 20 minutes per session and is ideal for those already familiar with Wheroes. It combines LED red light therapy and FIR tech to improve health in the pelvis. 

The Soft Mode has the same purpose but is used for people new to this. It offers a lower and softer temperature so that newbies get a chance to adjust to the heat. 

Lastly, the Beauty Mode aims to improve skin elasticity, pelvic rejuvenation, and reduce pigmentation skin. This mode is used for 17 minutes per session for best results.


Three Types of Light Therapy

The Cellreturn Wheroes Plus uses light therapy through Near Infrared Rays, Far Infrared Rays, and red LED light to enhance your pelvic floor health. Not just that, this beauty tool is even useful for cosmetic purposes, reducing pigmentation and improving elasticity. This dual-power system, powered by a combination of near and far infrared rays, gives unmatched results!

This compact at-home treatment provides the same impact and effects as a sitz bath, without the hassle of actually preparing it. Using the red LED light and dual-power infrared system, you have a device that gives the same stress relief as a sitz bath without being confined to one area and avoiding the cleanup afterward.


Easy Maintenance 

The Cellreturn Wheroes Plus is extremely easy to maintain! You can just wipe it down with a towel to clean it, as it does not need intensive washing because who has the time for that, right? 

Plus, it is extremely easy to charge. All you need to do is charge it once and you can get a use of over three hours out of it. This makes it perfect for days out!


Pigmentation and Skin Elasticity

After being tested on several people, it became clear that this at-home self-care device improves the elastic resilience of skin and decreases pigmentation in the target area. With consistent usage, you can see a clear difference within just two weeks! This makes it one of the best anti aging skin care products on the market.


Health Benefits

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Gynecologists often recommend this pelvic health device as it was tested and used by them for Y zone areas. They claim that it offers health and cosmetic benefits to your pelvis and groin area without any side effects, and rightly so! 

It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles with advanced health tech and deals with problems such as painful sex and muscle pains or cramps at the intimate area. But its usage is not limited to this, as you can also use it to relax pain and stress in muscles all over your body.

On top of that, the Wheroes Plus can also improve metabolism and raise body temperature to bolster your overall well-being. When the body temperature drops by 1°C, our body’s immunity decreases by 30%, thus elevating the risk of being exposed to various diseases, problems with metabolism and blood circulation. However, when the body temperature rises by 1°C, our immunity in the body increases by 5 times - this is how Cellreturn Wheroes Plus works to help boost our immune system!

Haptic Option

The Haptic function can be used alongside any of the three modes and is responsible for giving you a massage. Wheroes introduced this option as it helps relax the body and relieve aches.

Although this mode can not be used in the Y pad, its presence in the W pad does wonders, as it improves your pelvic strength and helps you eliminate cramps and spasms. 



Straight up, this at-home device seems like a large expenditure, but in the long run, it proves to be an investment because you save your pocket from the burden of trips to the clinic, medications and ointments, and even travel costs. 

Plus, the Y-pad is an extremely convenient piece that you can carry around in your purse and use even from the comfort of your office. Hence, it is great for people who like to travel often and want to keep this around.


Safety Assured

Automatic sensor on Cellreturn Wheroes Plus device prevents overheating - Cellreturn Wheroes Plus Review - Beautyfoomall

The Korea Far Infrared Ray Application Evaluation Research Institute completed this device's Far Infrared Emission test. It is even an LED module patented to promote productive and effective wavelength outputs, ensuring safety for all its users.

The overheating prevention sensor prevents overheating. When the temperature rises over a certain level, to a point where it might be dangerous, the fan automatically starts operating to bring the temperature down and protect you from any unexpected burns. 

With powerful features and excellent benefits for your pelvic health, the Cellreturn Wheroes Plus is truly an amazing beauty machine for the body!


How to Use the Cellreturn Wheroes Plus?

Using this device is no rocket science, so let us go through the steps to make it easy. Once the product reaches your home, its box includes a main pad, a mini pad, an electric charger, a USB C-type cable, and a detailed manual. 

You can charge it using both the USB port and the charger port. It shows a red light when charging and a blue light when fully charged. Just make sure that the Y-pad sits on the prong to charge simultaneously. Before first use, charge it for 6 to 8 hours.

The On/Off power button is in the front of both pads. Using the M button, you can select the mode you want: 

  • Power Mode - strong power for 20 minutes
  • Soft Mode - light power for first-time users looking to improve their pelvic health (20 minutes for maximum effectiveness )
  • Beauty Mode - used for skin care cosmetic reasons such as skin tightening, rejuvenation, and pigmentation for both men and women for 17 minutes per session 
  • Haptic Message - a two-minute massage (only on the main pad)

    Using it on bare skin is best, but wearing light clothing during use is also an option. You sit on the main pad and use the mini pad for targeted areas such as the groin or vulva region, shoulders, back, abdomen, or any other regions where you might have pain and cramps.

    Curious what comes along inside the Cellreturn Wheroes package? Watch this unboxing video: https://www.facebook.com/beautyfoomall/videos/701179361578685/

    Why is Pelvic Health Important?

    Kang Sora posing with Cellreturn Wheroes Plus device - Cellreturn Wheroes Plus Review - Beautyfoomall

    Having good pelvic health is important for both men and women, as the pelvic floor muscles support the bladder, the uterus, and the bowel. These muscles are also responsible for sexual function and activity, meaning their weakening might also bring sexual issues. 

    The pelvic muscles are often weakened during pregnancy and after childbirth as the vagina after birth gets weak. Other reasons may include obesity, prostate surgery, and constipation. This weakening leads to further complications such as reduced sexual sensation, leakage of body fluids, urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and much more. 

    Hence, focusing on strengthening your body from the inside by working on pelvic care and pelvic floor muscles is important as it saves you from numerous other health issues!


    What are the Y Zone and W Zone?

    Just like we call the area that goes down the bridge of our nose to the chin our ‘T-zone’, we also have names for the pelvic region and groin area. 

    The W zone usually refers to the buttocks' pelvic area, and the Y zone refers to the lower abdominal and pelvis, specifically the groin area. These are both sensitive spots of the body and as talking about them is such a taboo, care for the W and Y zones is usually overlooked despite them being much more prone to pigmentation.

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    FAQs About the Cellreturn Wheroes Plus Pelvic Care Device

    How Do I Know Which Mode To Use?

    Since this device offers its users three different modes, it is important to know which mode to use as each comes with a unique purpose for a customizable and personalized experience. The following are the three modes:

    • Power mode - the strongest mode for those who are already familiar with the device (for 20 minutes)
    • Soft Mode - for beginner and new users so their bodies slowly adapt to the device (for 20 minutes)
    • Beauty mode - for brightening and skin rejuvenation on the Y zone (for 20 minutes)


      Do I Need To Take Off My Outerwear and Underwear To Use Wheroes?

      No, you do not need to take off your outerwear and underwear to use Wheroes Cellreturn if that is how you feel comfortable, but it is more effective if you use it with direct skin contact. Hence, it is better to take your suit off for ultimate results.


      Will I Get Any Low-Temperature Burns With the Device Since It Uses Far Infrared?

      No, you will not get any low-temperature burns with the device even though it uses Far Infrared. Plus, the overheating prevention sensor keeps it extra safe for you.



      The Wheroes by Cellreturn might be the answer to all your pelvic problems. If you want to avoid issues such as back pain, pelvic inflammation, period pains or cramps, pigmentation around the pelvic area, weak pelvic area and more, the Wheroes serves as a great addition to your beauty tools, skin care tools, and skin tightening tools. We hope you found this article and its details helpful in your body care journey!

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