How to Lose Belly Fat In One Week? Achieve Slim Belly With These Proven How-To Slim Tummy Tips

Are you tired of following different methods to put an end to your belly fat? Are you here to search for the ultimate solution for how to lose belly fat in one week? Well, you have come to the right place. 

Here you will find many tried and tested ways to lose belly fat and achieve a slim belly, though we will be upfront and tell you it may take longer than just a week to see your desired results.

Increased belly fat around your body not only makes your clothes look tight but also contributes to shortening your life span, as it leads to weight gain which then results in multiple diseases.

But don’t worry! Start working on the tips given in this article and begin your fitness journey today - you’ll notice your waistline shrinking soon, including face slimming!


Is It True That Only Fat People Have Belly Fat?

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Belly fat refers to the abdominal fat - adipose tissue layers present around the abdominal region. It is categorized into two types: visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is present in the surroundings of a person's organs while subcutaneous fat sits under the skin of a person.

There is a myth that only obese and overweight people have belly fat. Not only do visibly fat people have belly fat, but others are also at high risk.

The truth is that everybody has belly fat around their abdominal area, including those with flat abs. Even people with flat abs tend to have some abdomen fat, but that is normal. It's important to note that reducing overall body fat, specifically targeting fat loss in the abdominal area, can help in reducing belly fat as well.


Why Is Belly Fat Considered Particularly Harmful for Health Compared to Other Body Fat Types?

Having too much belly fat is a concern because having too much of it may increase the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and certain cancers, such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

People who have increased fats around the belly region are at alarming risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. As the waist circumference or the waistlines tend to grow, the health risks start to grow with it. 

Also, the accumulation of fats around the belly region is more common in middle-aged women as compared to men. Excessive calorie intake, poor sleep, and lack of physical activities are the cause of belly fat in women in most cases.

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How to Lose Belly Fat to Achieve Your Desired Slim Belly

Best Way to Achieve a Slim Belly? These Devices Are The Solutions to How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise!

Silk'n Lipo 

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Silk’ n Lipo fat reduction device is an easy yet efficient way to get rid of extra visceral fat without cosmetic surgery. It helps to remove cellulite and burns stubborn fat around the belly region. 

The best part about using this Silk’n Lipo Duo device is that it does not have any side effects and is very easy to use. It works by using the same beauty technology used in professional-grade machines, and it is clinically proven and CE-certified. It is many people’s go-to device on how to lose belly fat fast for both men or women.

It combines two different technologies: LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). LLLT focuses on targeting the fat cells, so the cells start to leak, while EMS sends electrical pulses via electrodes to the skin to promote body processes. 

Along with targeting the fat, it also works to strengthen and firm the muscles as well as improve blood circulation and activity within the lymph. Using the device is easy - all you need to do is to secure the belt-like fat reduction device at your target treatment area, adjust the energy levels, and leave the device to work!

This slimming treatment device is safe to use on waistlines, belly areas, thigh areas, and upper arms. You don’t have to worry about shutting off the device as it comes with a built-in timer that automatically ends the treatment session after 15 minutes. 

For starters, use the Silk’n Lipo device daily for 1 to 2 weeks, before reducing the treatment frequency to 3 times a week. Use it for 8 weeks consecutively and you will start seeing visible slim belly results. Also, combine this device with plenty of water intake to lose weight fast within no time!


Dr. Arrivo for Body

Dr. Arrivo for Body - How to Lose Belly Fat to Achieve Slim Belly - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Dr. Arrivo for Body is an easy-to-use fat reduction device, inspired by high-end spa technologies, that might be the one best way to lose belly fat that you are looking for. 

This device works by relying on various technologies as follows:-

  • Mid-frequency interval pulse (MFIP) mode: The intermittent pulses from this MFIP mode helps to improve blood circulation while encouraging collagen reproduction of the skin. This mode also enhances the absorption of anti aging skin care products applied on your body during treatment.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) mode: Radiofrequency energy warms the skin to speed up the metabolism responsible for promoting healthier skin, plus enhancing the lymph and blood flow.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) mode: Suitable for daily treatment. EMS mode works by alternating electrical currents through the pole elements on the device, which trains the muscles of the target area.
  • LED light therapy: Using red light therapy to harness the LED light therapy benefits, skin elasticity is restored.

    With the combined powers of RF, EMS, MFIP and aesthetic LED, not only does Dr Arrivo for Body helps in getting rid of body fat, but it also helps your skin become brighter, healthier and youthfully radiant! 

    Use the EMS mode for 10 to 20 minutes if you wish to perform your homecare treatment daily. However, if you prefer weekly body care routine, use the RF + MFIP mode for 10 minutes followed by EMS + MFIP mode for 10 minutes (total 20 minutes per session) for 1 to 2 times per week with three to four days gap in between.

    Don’t forget to supplement your body fat treatment sessions with PE Golden Beauty The Body when using MFIP mode, and PE Golden Beauty The Massage Gel for EMS mode to achieve the best results!





    Best Exercises for Losing Belly Fat

    Do you want to design an exercise plan to get rid of your unwanted visceral fat? Are you looking for exercises that will help you out? 

    Here you will find a list of some of the best options to include in your exercise routine to achieve your slim body. However, if you are not a fan of exercises and wish to find out the best solution to lose that tummy fat without exercising, scroll down further where we talk about fat reduction device!


    Bear Crawl

    The bear crawl is an efficient but time-demanding exercise that will help you lose weight around your body. It is a low-maintenance exercise as it does not require any gym equipment and can be performed easily at home. 

    By doing this exercise and following the steps correctly, you can engage up to two dozen of your body muscles, including the triceps, deltoids, pectoralis major, rectus abdominus, quadriceps, lower back muscles, and many more. 

    To start doing bear crawls, get down on all four limbs with your hand placed just below your shoulders, your back parallel to the floor, and your knees at 90 degrees to the ground. Crawl by placing one hand and opposite foot forward. Keep your back straight and hips down and repeat this with alternate legs and arms. 

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    Sit Ups

    Sit-ups work great when you are working on tightening your core. They help strengthen the abdominal and neck lines muscles and tone your rectus abdominus and other abdominal fat and muscle mass. 

    Recommended in three sets of 8 to 12, they help a body look flatter. Start by lying on your back with your knees bent. Then place your hands before your ears and then lift your body to your thighs. Repeat the process at least three times a week for visible results. 



    If you want to get rid of that extra belly fat, then this exercise is for you. With a strict diet and this exercise, you can reach your ideal body. V-ups are a combination of two effective exercises at once: sit-ups and leg raise. They help a body reach its maximum contraction level. 

    Start by lying down on your exercise mat. After you lie down, make sure your legs are straight. Next, try to lift your legs straight and extend your arms to try to reach your toes. As the name of this exercise suggests, try forming a V shape from your body, maintain this position for at least 5 seconds, and then go back to the initial position.

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    Bicycle Crunches

    Bicycle crunches are one of the most effective exercises to reduce belly fat as they focus on the abdominal region. It might not be the best way to burn belly fat as well as your calories, but if you want to work for a toned midsection, it is the most suitable for you.

    To start doing bicycle crunches, lie on a flat surface, preferably the floor with your back pressed to the ground. Raise your legs to an angle of 90 degrees and start moving them in a bicycle motion by drawing one knee at a time towards the shoulder. Keep on repeating this and do 12 to 20 repetitions per set with a total of 3 sets. 


    Flutter Kicks

    Flutter kicks are a workout win as they do not require any equipment and can be performed at home with ease. 

    Different types of flutter kicks target different types of muscles, but with traditional flutter kicks, by lying on the floor by your back, your abdominal muscle mass and belly fat is targeted. While doing so, don't forget to place your hands by your side or under your hips. Then start lifting your legs one at a time in alternating up and down motions. 


    Best How-To Slim Tummy Activities To Lose Weight


    Swimming is considered an effective way to burn fat, as on average, a 160-pound person burns about 423 calories every hour while swimming. In cases of vigorous swimming, a person can burn up to 715 calories per hour depending upon the speed and activity level, which helps to achieve a flatter and slimmer belly.



    Cycling can be beneficial for removing excess weight and belly fat present on the waistline in the longer run. According to a study, cycling regularly can promote weight loss and fat reduction, as it is most effective to reduce lower visceral fat. If you aren’t sure how to get rid of belly fat, cycling is a recommended activity.



    According to different research, running is quite an effective way to lose weight, as it is believed that running exercises contribute to weight loss even without dieting. As you begin running regularly, you burn calories which leads to the burning of fats, which also means more belly fat reduction! 



    Aerobic exercises and workouts such as walking, running, biking, rowing, swimming, cycling, and fitness classes can help you get your ideal slim body. Burning calories and fats is the key to reducing belly fat which is the result of the activities listed above.

    Foods to Eat to Complement Exercises and Beauty Device Treatment

    Foods You Should Eat 

    To get the best results on how to lose tummy fat for your weight loss journey, it is important to focus on both diet and exercise. While focusing on weight loss, most people prefer to eat a high protein diet as it keeps you full for a longer period. 

    You should also focus on probiotic foods and increase the intake of soluble fiber as it helps with metabolism. Other products such as apple cider vinegar and green tea also help in reducing stubborn fat. 

    So while on a diet, increase the intake of such foods to keep your calorie count in check. Don’t forget to consume a suitable amount of healthy fats to ensure you stay energized!

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    Foods You Should Avoid

    While being on diet, a person needs to have complete knowledge of what to eat and what to avoid. 

    Excessive consumption of alcohol is proven to be a reason for excess belly fat, along with trans fats, and sugary foods and beverages. To lose belly fat, it’s best to limit your intake of sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda.

    Also, avoiding carbohydrates is necessary to achieve a slimmer waist as they can also be a reason for increased belly fat. This doesn't mean you have to avoid carbohydrates totally - you can go for whole grains, vegetables, legumes and beans.

    So avoiding alcohol, sugary foods, beverages, trans fat, and other processed foods is important for the effective removal of belly fat, and not to mention, how to lose belly fat naturally.


    How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat is Actually Easy!

    By the end of this article, we hope you are well informed on how to lose belly fat fast and achieve weight loss. Even though how to lose belly fat in one week isn’t really possible, however, by focusing and practicing all the above methods and employing beauty devices such as Silk'n Lipo and Dr. Arrivo for Body, you will start noticing your body change in only a few weeks.

    However, your focus should not only be on the fastest way to lose belly fat, but you should also take steps to switch towards a healthy lifestyle that will be sustainable in the longer run. Aim for at least 25 grams of fiber per day (based on a 2,000-calorie) diet, according to the most recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines, as increasing fiber intake can still lead to weight loss.

    We hope this how to lose belly fat article was of great help to you in your weight loss journey to achieve a slim tummy with consistency!

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