About Us


At BeautyFoo Mall, we believe anyone can enhance their beauty with our wide range of beauty products.

Our core philosophy is to actively pursue perfection, which is why we continue to build our range of premium brands and products, curating the best of the best in the market and sourced directly from Manufacturer/Licensed Suppliers. Besides, we are proudly to be the Authorized Distributor of Ya-man (Japan), Belega (Japan), Artistic & Co. (Japan), Cellreturn (Korea), DPC (Korea), Dualsonic (Korea), NowMi Lab, Silk'n and more in Malaysia.

We always adapt intuitively to beauty care trends to ensure you have the latest products available globally. Beauty is very much like a butterfly, after many stages of growth and evolution, a caterpillar transforms into a perfect butterfly. This journey of evolving your beauty is the journey we hope to embark with you.

We believe with the right beauty products and skin care routine, you too will evolve beautifully just like a butterfly! Our skin is always our source of confidence. When we look in the mirror, it gives us personal satisfaction and joy. So we at BeautyFoo Mall want to ensure every woman can confidently look in the mirror, and love how they look at any age. To confidently smile without worry and to take a selfie without a beauty filter.

We strongly believe in our mission to help women achieve ideal skin simply because we are passion-driven not profit-driven company. From one woman to another, we are glad to have this platform to advise and provide solutions for your every skin needs. Start your BeautyFoo Mall experience today, we can't be more excited to see you onboard this transformative journey of beautification together!

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