Best Skincare For Pigmentation Malaysia to Correct Dark Spots on Face

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed some dark spots on face? Those patchy looking areas on your skin never seem to go away no matter how much you clean, tone, or moisturize your face.

Those dark spots are likely pigmentation, specifically hyperpigmentation. Treating them requires having an effective and proper skincare for pigmentation that can not only treat these dark spots, but prevent them as well.

With this in mind, here's what you need to know about skincare for pigmentation Malaysia. We also recommended some highly effective skin care device options that can improve your pigmented skin condition, so keep reading to find out!

What are dark spots or pigmentation about?

Skin pigmentation, also called as hyperpigmentation, is a condition in which dark marks, spots or patches of brown, black, gray, red, or pink, cause an uneven skin tone. It is often linked to skin getting darker due to an an overproduction of melanin, the brown pigment that naturally colors your skin, eyes, and hair.

These brown patches of skin can commonly appear on the face, hands, and other areas of the body that are regularly exposed to the sun.

They can appear small, but can also cover larger areas - some even the whole body! 

There are different types of pigmentations to look out for, including:

The different types of skin hyperpigmentation - Best Skincare for Pigmentation malaysia - BeautyFoo Mall


  • Melasma - These tend to appear due to hormones, particularly during pregnancy
  • Sun spots - Also known as liver spots or solar lentigines, this appears due to prolonged sun exposure, leading to sun damage on the skin
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - This is usually caused by frictional damage or injury to the skin, such as acne scars, leading to keratosis forming on the skin.

Freckles, which for some people can be seen as a beauty trait, is also a form of hyperpigmentation.

In general, hyperpigmentation is harmless and isn't a major cause of skin care concern other than how it affects your skin visually. However, it's what causes them that you will need to take a closer look into.


What causes dark spots and hyperpigmentation?

The root cause of the hyperpigmentation is that your skin is producing more melanin. This excess melanin can be caused by several possible internal and environmental factors:

Prolonged sun exposure

Your body naturally produces more melanin when it's exposed to the sun as a form of protection. This is what leads to a type of hyperpigmentation called sun spots or age spots.

Exposure to dry environment

When the weather is dry, the air is cold, and humidity levels are low, this can aggravate your skin issues further. This includes acne, psoriasis, and eczema, all of which leave behind dark spots on your skin tone.


As you get older, your pigment cells become overactive. This leads to another form of hyperpigmentation known as age spots, which appear more quickly the moment it's exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.


If you're stressed out and lack sleep, your skin is unable to regenerate new skin cells, leading to hyperpigmentation. According to one research, the lack of sleep due to stress heightens ageing symptoms like fine wrinkles, loss of suppleness, as well as uneven pigmentation.

Frictional damage

Also known as postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, frictional damage is when your skin has suffered some form of injury like a thermal burn, or had some type of skin inflammatory disorder, such as infection, dermatitis or acne. As the skin tries to heal, it will appear darker. This is why acne scars can also lead to hyperpigmentation, which can be treated with various methods such as laser treatment or even better, with the right homecare beauty device.

Hormone factors

When your skin is exposed to sunlight, the female sex hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone, will lead to an excess production of melanin. One study has shown that women, particularly those who are pregnant, have a higher chance of having excess pigment present and getting hyperpigmentation across their face and bodies due to these hormonal changes.

Best Skincare for Pigmentation Malaysia

The best way to correct dark spots on your face and treat hyperpigmentation is through proper skincare that helps hydrate the skin and protects it from harsh chemicals and pollution. Here's what you can do:

Brighten face with LED mask, the best product for pigmentation

Woman holding Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum - Best skincare for pigmentation Malaysia - BeautyFoo Mall


LED light therapy is one of the best ways to reduce and heal hyperpigmented patches on the face, helping them recover to normal pigment levels when used regularly. This is because the lights in this type of therapy have different wavelengths that can react to different visible colors.

You can utilize the power of this light therapy with the use of an LED mask. The best LED mask in the market currently is the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum.

With 1,026 LED lights — the most on the market — this professional LED Mask from Korea provides your skin with greater therapeutic effects and advantages. Compared to most masks, the Cellreturn LED mask completely encloses your face, ears, and neck, ensuring that the LED lights are distributed evenly and thoroughly across the skin's surface.

The LED lights in the mask have different wavelengths and are in different colors to treat all sorts of skin issues. These colors include Red, Near Infrared light (NIR), Blue Light, and Pink Light.

For hyperpigmentation, you can use the red mode on the Cellreturn that uses both red and NIR light. This will help to increase skin elasticity and collagen production, as well as tighten or minimize pores, brighten your complexion and improve your skin tone to reduce hyperpigmentation.

All you have to do is fasten the mask on your head, touch the sensor on the top of the mask once for red mode, and the device will automatically shut down after 20 minutes to signal you're done and ready to go! For more information, check out this Cellreturn LED mask review.




Moisturize your skin to improve pigmentation on face

Woman using DPC Skin Iron - Best skincare for pigmentation Malaysia - BeautyFoo Mall


Dark spots, such as melasma or liver spots, are thicker and have less moisture content than other areas of the skin. On top of this, when you have dry skin, it isn't able to retain any oil or moisture, causing your skin to be itchy which could lead to frictional damage.

This is why moisturizing your skin is key to removing these dark spots and improving skin texture. Switch up your moisturizer from lotion based to cream based as those lock in moisture better, and also look for skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. You also need to make sure that this moisturizer is properly and fully absorbed, especially if you have dry skin.

You can do this by using a beauty device such as the DPC Skin Iron. This face and body multi-device comes with five functions that can be your all-in-one skincare solution and effective treatment. Not only can it help with how to tightening face skin to improve fine lines, it can also help with other issues such as edema and remove toxins or waste from the body.

One of its features includes the anion penetration, which helps your skin absorb skin care products better. This will help in your quest to keep your skin moisturized to prevent dark spots. It also comes with LED red light therapy which is also perfect to help treat hyperpigmentation as well at home.

The DPC Skin Iron DPC小熨斗 has a unique tear shaped plating that allows the device to reach any part of the skin, including delicate areas such as your eyes and mouth. All you have to do is press the power on and set it to your preferred setting and you’re good to go!




Apply the right sunscreen to prevent face pigmentation

The skin produces melanin when exposed to UV rays, which is why you're susceptible to sun spots if you're out in the sun for too long without protection. Even if you're not outdoors a lot, or you're out on cloudy or rainy days, you're still at risk of being exposed to UV rays.

To prevent this, you will need to use the right sunscreen, especially for dry skin types. A sunscreen of SPF30 PA++ is the bare minimum that should be used every day, as well as a broad spectrum sunscreen.

You can also choose a mineral sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as this can help disperse the UV light further before it can harm the skin and cause you to worry about issues like how to remove wrinkles under eyes apart from having darker skin tones from sunburns.

Want to take things to the next step? Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as they contain vitamins and enzymes that can help to repair sun-damaged skin from the inside of your body. Choose foods rich in antioxidants such as:

  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit

Use gentle products for pigmentation during cleansing and exfoliation

Your skin is prone to frictional damage and even harsh chemicals, so the last thing you want is to strip your skin of its natural skin barrier with unsuitable face scrub, brightening face cleansers or exfoliating treatment!

To gently remove keratin buildup and prevent black spots from appearing further, you can use a cleansing lotion. This should be applied on a cotton pad, where you will need to slide the cotton pad across the skin with a firm but light stroke. This will help prevent further friction on the skin.

You can also use chemical exfoliators instead of physical exfoliators as they are more gentle on the skin. They don't create any friction, rather they loosen the dirt from the skin.

Finally, always opt for anti aging skin care products as these are specially made to be gentle on the skin and can help complement any other treatments or therapies you’re doing to help treat and prevent dark spots on your face.

Additional Advices In Managing Pigmentation Treatment Malaysia

When it comes to choosing the right skincare products to help treat and prevent dark spots, you can look for creams, cleansers, or even serums that have vitamin C, hydroquinone, and kojic acid, all of which act as a form of antioxidant.

You can also look for best serum for pigmentation and dark spots with nicotinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3. This means that it keeps the skin healthy by having an anti-inflammatory effect. Dark spots and freckles are reduced at a faster rate as the serum helps reduce melanin formation brought on by tanning and sun exposure, thus solving your problem of how to remove freckles

Because many of these are active skin care ingredients, it’s best to start with a small amount first so your skin gets used to this, before using it more often.

You can also never go wrong with choosing moisturizers with hyaluronic acid as this can help boost and retain moisture on your skin. If you have acne prone skin, look for skincare ingredients with salicylic acid or even niacinamide. Effective active ingredients like glycolic acid, tranexamic acid and mandelic acid ideally should be part of your skincare lineup.

For pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalances and pregnancy, it's good to do research on how to understand and treat it. To prevent photodamage-induced hyperpigmentation, not only can you use sunscreen, you can also start taking oral sunscreen, also known as an antioxidant supplement, if your skin tans quickly.

One of the practical tips for anti aging to prevent skin aging from the sun is to cover up or use umbrellas when going out. Finally, eat a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods, such as fish, berries, tomatoes, pomegranates, turmeric, and green, leafy vegetables.

FAQs on Pigmentation Skincare

What is the best skincare ingredient for hyperpigmentation treatment?

The best skincare ingredients for hyperpigmentation are those that have antioxidants and can help brighten your complexion. The best ingredient for this includes retinol as it can help increase cell turnover to help reduce melanin, leading to brighter looking skin and more even skin tone.

There's also azelaic acid which works in a similar way but is gentler, making it best for sensitive skin and for those who are pregnant. Other key ingredients to look out for include Vitamin C serum which helps block melanin production in the skin.

For those suffering with acne prone skin, niacinamide which can also be used to treat acne to prevent future scarring and hyperpigmentation. Salicylic acid is a great treatment for acne scars leading to hyperpigmentation, which is perfect for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

How can I remove pigmentation permanently?

There are many options you can consider to remove pigmentation permanently. This includes targeted treatments such as:

  • Using anti-pigmentation creams
  • Getting chemical peels
  • Getting Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment
  • Laser therapy

If you're looking for a treatment that is more convenient, consider using beauty devices with LED light therapy. These can be used at home, and come with plenty of safety features to prevent any accidents or issues even when you’re doing it yourself.

As long as you follow the instructions carefully, the right beauty device may be what you need to treat pigmentation and darker spots.

Does pigmentation skin go away?

Yes, it is possible for pigmentation to go away. However, some cases of hyperpigmentation may never fully go away and will require specific treatment and proper skincare for it to disappear in time.

Can I get rid of pigmentation naturally?

Pigmentation, such as freckles, dark spots, and even melasma, can go away naturally. But it will take time, and in most cases, require treatment for it to be removed permanently if that is what you want.

Which is why it's more effective to go for specialized treatments, including using an LED mask like the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum, to help treat pigmentation and brighten dark skin tones. These dark spot treatment pigmentation products can be used safely at home, and can be part of your daily skincare for pigmentation Malaysia routine to help you prevent hyperpigmentation.

Correct Dark Spots on Face With The Right Care And Tools

It’s always best to prevent hyperpigmentation and dark spots before they occur, as they require more effort to be removed. However, not all is lost for those already struggling with hyperpigmentation, as long as you follow this guide and equip yourself with the right skincare products for your skin type as well as the right tools.

Beauty devices are a great tool to have at home to help you reach your skincare skincare for pigmentation Malaysia goals, whether it’s to minimize pores, exfoliate well to slough away dead skin cells or even to remove wrinkles under eyes. With the abovementioned beauty devices such as the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum and DPC Skin Iron, adopting the best skincare for pigmentation Malaysia is no longer a dreadful chore!


So if you’re looking for genuine beauty devices, visit BeautyFoo Mall beauty shop for the best in all things beauty. We’re always up to date with the latest trends in beauty care and dedicated to educating our readers with the right information regarding beauty devices, whether they come from Japan, Korea, or elsewhere. We are also the only authorised distributor for Cellreturn, Dualsonic, DPC, Artistic & Co., Belega, Silk'n and other brands in Malaysia.

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