How to Remove Freckles? 11 Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles At Home Naturally

Are you tired of the freckles on your face and want to know how to get rid of freckles naturally without having to go through costly laser treatments? If so, you’re in the right place!

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about what causes freckles and how to remove freckles. I’m sure you’re curious to find out more, so keep on reading!


What Are Freckles? What Causes Freckles To Appear?

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Freckles (雀斑) are patches of pigment or color that appear under the skin, and they’re most likely to appear on people with fair skin, red hair, or lighter skin tones.

They mostly become prominent during childhood and keep on increasing until you’re in your 20s. 

The appearance of freckles makes them easy to spot. They have a uniform color, which is brown or tan.

We can generalize develop freckles as brown spots that are darker than the neighborhood skin. Unlike moles, freckles are smooth to touch.


Types of Freckles

There are two types of body freckles: Ephelides and Solar Lentigines.

Both types of freckles have different causes and characteristics. Ephelides mostly appear during childhood, due to genetic reasons, but sometimes they might show up as late as the 40s. Late ephelides are caused due to sun exposure.

Sun emits UV radiations, and these ultraviolet rays trigger the production of melanin in our skin, causing brown skin pigmentations.

Excessive sun exposure results in tan and reddish spots (or skin cancer in worst-case scenarios), which tend to disappear again in the winter months.

On the other hand, solar lentigines are age-related freckles that begin to appear in the 40s. These are larger than ephelides, being up to 5 mm. They’re lighter in color and don’t disappear over time.

And both these types have different causes, including:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Sun exposure 
  • Fluorescent tanning lights

How To Remove Freckles Naturally? Freckles Skin Care Remedies at Home

If you’re someone who has an existing freckles face and wants blemish-free, clear skin, we’ll help you along the way.

So, how to remove pigmentation from face permanently at home?

The following are a few freckle removal natural remedies that’ll help you get rid of pigmented spots and age spots permanently at home.


Sunscreen (for Sun Protection)

Skin fully absorbs UV rays from the sun. These UV rays in intense light, if absorbed, would encourage melanin production which causes pigmentation and sun induced freckles.

Sun damaged skin has sun spots, light brown spots, and other dark skin patches.

Try and reapply sunscreen after a few hours and avoid direct sunlight. This is also a preventive method to help you on how to remove wrinkles under eyes.


Freckles Cream

Freckles creams are a popular product for skincare for freckles. Any freckle fading cream contains components like retinoids, alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids, antioxidants, hydroquinone and vitamin A.

Adding this to your freckles skin care routine will lighten freckles and ultimately remove them.


Lemon Juice

Lemons are rich in vitamin E and C and antioxidants. Just mix a few drops of fresh lemon juice with honey and apply to the freckled area. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and repeat this twice a week to remove dark spots and age spots.


Honey Scrub

How to remove black marks on face quick, like the freckles that have been bothering you? Use honey!

Honey has bleaching properties that will help lighten skin pigmentation. All you need to do is combine honey with sugar to form a scrub, and exfoliate your freckled skin.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has properties that help reduce pigmentation and fade freckles. Use fresh aloe vera gel to massage your face every day for 5 minutes. Wash the gel off using water. 



How to remove dark spots on legs fast naturally? Yogurt will do the trick, not just for the legs, but even as a treatment for freckles on arms. Yogurt is a common kitchen ingredient that has lactic acid. This type of acid helps with freckles. 


Apple Cider Vinegar

The malic acid in apple cider vinegar helps reduce freckles pigmentation on skin naturally. It lightens freckles and is a great tool for skin care. Just mix some in with honey, and leave it on the freckled area for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.



If you are looking for a way on how to remove spots from face in 2 days naturally like the freckle issue at hand, turmeric could help speed up the removal, though it may take more than 2 days.

Turmeric is one of the most versatile spices in your cupboard. It is among the most popular secrets to glowing skin, as it helps in getting rid of pigmentation by suppressing melanin cells.

Just mix one teaspoon of turmeric with one to two teaspoons of milk and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Make a thick paste and leave it on for 20 minutes. 



The lactic acid in buttermilk has the same effect as yogurt does. You can apply buttermilk to your skin and keep it on for 15 minutes. This works better that most chemical peels you can find on the market.



Filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and phenolic acid, eggplant has photoprotective properties that your skin can benefit from. All you need to do is rub slices of eggplant for a few minutes regularly to get rid of dark skin spots.

How To Get Rid Of Freckles More Effectively At Home?

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Do you want an answer to the question, ‘can you get rid of freckles at home?’ If so, we have great news for you!

Removing freckles on skin surgically via laser therapy procedures is a possibility, but they’re risky and can have side effects.

Unlike medical procedures, at-home freckles treatment devices are safe and easy on the wallet. They’re the perfect answer to how to remove freckles permanently.

Let’s take a look at these best skin care tools to solve your freckles and other skin concerns!

Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum

Among so many freckle removal treatment options, this Cellreturn LED mask is safety certified with an LED patented module.

Available in both white and black models, the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum uses near-infrared (NIR) and red light therapy.

It has 1026 LED lights highest in the beauty device market that help cover the whole face, ears, and neck, thus ensuring the even distribution of light and increased treatment efficiency.

Although the output red intense pulsed light therapy ray of Cellreturn Led Mask does not harm eye health.

However, this at-home beauty device also comes with an eye shield that protects your eyes, so you can feel completely safe when using the mask. Its one-button operation makes it easy to use.

This device has four different modes. This will help you choose the setting better suited for you.

  1. Red Mode combines red light and NIR to promote collagen production and decreases dark spots, serving as a great reducing freckles treatment
  2. Blue Mode helps treat acne and inflamed skin. It will soothe any eczema and redness on the skin.
  3. Pink Mode is an effective way to reduce blemishes and scarring.
  4. Fast Mode is a speedy therapy whereby in just 9 minutes, you can give your skin a pampering session with a treatment combination of red, blue, and pink modes.

To learn more about this device, you can read our Cellreturn LED Mask review.

Dualsonic Professional 

Dualsonic Professional uses patented dual-layer HIFU Technology to provide a perfect, non-surgical, non-invasive beauty tool to get rid of freckles at home.

One of the best anti aging skin care products, it’s also a great way to help you out on how to get v shape face

Its three different modes target the following specific skin depths.

  • 3.0 mm depth
  • 4.5 mm depth
  • 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm simultaneously without changing a cartridge, making it the only dual cartridge device in the entire industry!

The treatment consists of 20 dots per shot, and to treat the sensitive skin and eye area, it comes with an eye cartridge that reaches 1.5 mm skin depth.

Dualsonic Professional has an added safety feature that prevents duplicate safety shots while lightening freckles and tackling other skin issues on your face.

This device will help improve skin elasticity and dermal density and reduces skin sagging on face, remove wrinkles under eyes, eye bags, and dark circles.

It’s a face lifting tool, skin tightening device, and an effective way of treating freckles on body, all in one!



Silk’n FaceTite Z 

This beauty device uses three different types of energy sources including bipolar radiofrequency energy, LED light energy, and infrared heat energy. It makes four treatment modes accessible to the user with the use of one button.

Silk’n FaceTite Z is clinically proven to repair damaged or abnormal skin cells including freckles, and can be used on any skin tone  (including light skin) and skin type.

This device has many safety features, such as a heat sensor that monitors the skin's temperature, a heat stabilizer that prevents excess heat when the skin reaches 42-43 degrees, and a movement sensor that allows the device to only release radiofrequency energy when the device is in motion.

It's also the best at home device for sagging skin. You can use this wonderful face lifting machine for skin tightening on face. This at-home skin tightening and lifting device comes in a wireless mode as an added convenience for performing the treatment. 

The Silk'n Slider Gel is required to carry out your entire treatments. Without the gel, the device will not work.

The water-based product not only moisturizes but also helps to guide the device, ensuring that Silk'n FaceTite glides over your skin with ease, which is important to prevent your skin from reddening and overheating. Additionally, use it with Silk'n Hyaluronic Serum for maximum repair and anti-aging effects. 

To learn more, check out the Silk’n FaceTite Z review.





FAQs on Freckles

Is it bad to have freckles?

No, not at all. They aren’t a health issue, but rather a cosmetic concern. Freckles are simply pigmented skin cells in small batches.  


What is the difference between sunspots and freckles?

Freckles can be genetic but sunspots are caused due to sun damage. Freckles are smaller, lighter, and have less defined edges compared to sunspots caused by excess sun exposure. 


Does Vitamin C remove freckles?

Yes, it’s proven that vitamin C will at least lighten the freckles. It helps suppress melanin producing cells and helps lighten pigmentation on skin. It’s a practical answer to how to remove pigmentation.


Are freckles permanent?

No, freckles will fade away with age, and sometimes even season. As a kid with dark brown spots grows up, the freckles will become less prominent.


Do freckles grow back?

Yes, freckles usually disappear during the winter months and come back in the summers. Using the correct skincare for freckles may help reduce the occurance.



Freckles are nothing to be embarrassed about. But if you want to remove them, you can do that by using an appropriate product for freckles like freckle skin lightening creams, chemical peels, or other natural remedies mentioned above.

But if you’re looking for something more reliable, our at-home beauty device treatment options will help to lighten and even rid of freckles for good. The Cellreturn LED面罩 Mask Platinum, Dualsonic Profesional HIFU device, and Silk'n FaceTite Z will help you say goodbye to age spots and freckles!

For more news on the latest beauty tips and skin care trends, stay up to date with us! We truly believe that every person deserves the best and we aim to satisfy your beauty needs.

We help you find products that’ll do the anti-aging, face lifting and skin tightening job in the comforts of your home. As the sole authorized distributor of the Cellreturn, DPC, Artistic & Co., Belega, Silk'n, Dualsonic, etc, BeautyFoo Mall is here to provide you with the best in beauty!

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