5 Best Face Lifting Machine Picks For A Face Lift At Home

Are you also in search of a way to lift your face and get a youthful appearance? Do you want a face lift treatment that doesn’t involve surgical procedures and dermal fillers, and is also easy on the pocket? Well, then this article is just the thing you need!

We are here to tell you all about skin tightening treatments that don't involve surgery by introducing you to the best face lifting machine. Say goodbye to sagging skin and deep wrinkles and say hi to a glowing, radiant, young face.

I’m sure you’re impatient to find out more about face lifting treatment Malaysia. So, let’s get into it!


What Is Face Lifting Treatment?

A face lift surgery is a plastic surgery that helps improve and reduce visual signs of aging from the face and the neck. 

There are many different face lifting surgeries, but the most commonly known one is rhytidectomy. Face lift surgery tightens the face and removes and repositions fat and excess skin from the face, while neck lift surgery does the same for the neck.

According to research [1], the following are some signs of aging that a surgical facelift can help restore:

  • Sagging skin on the neck or face due to excess facial skin underlying the facial tissues
  • Double chin
  • Fallen face fat
  • Deep folds of excess skin between the nose and the corner of the mouth
  • Formation of jowls - drooping excess skin on the cheeks or jaw
  • Laugh lines and deep creases on the face
  • Nasolabial folds


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As a person ages, their skin loses collagen and starts to get saggy. That is when many people go for facelift surgery or start searching for the best anti aging skin care products for 40s or above - they help towards getting a more youthful appearance. 

However, what most of you won’t know about a traditional facelift is that it isn’t the cure as treatment for acne scars, nor does it cure skin damage by sun exposure and uneven skin tone. It's also a burden on the wallet. For facelift Malaysia, the price of a rhytidectomy may vary depending on the surgeon fees and services, and can cost up to RM10,000 or more with a lot of subsequent follow up treatments.

That is where at-home face lift devices come in handy for your skincare routine. They cost a fraction compared to cosmetic surgery. Let’s also not forget the long recovery period that comes with surgical aesthetic treatment or other cosmetic procedures, which can be easily avoided with an at home face lift device. 

And no, we're not talking about simple face rollers like traditional jade rollers or gold sculpting bar for your facial treatments or even chemical peels, but something more substantial than a facial roller and proven effective through research for relieving facial tension towards wrinkle-free skin with other multiple benefits.

The best part is that, with at-home face lifting tools, you don’t have to go through the side effects of surgery, like general anesthesia, infection on treated areas, possible injection site infections, and numbness from cosmetic procedures!

Intrigued, aren’t you? Why wouldn’t you be? Keep on reading to find out the top 5 at home face lift devices and face massagers that are bound to change your life!

Best Face Lifting Machine For Face Lift Treatment At Home

DPC Skin Iron - Best Face Lifting Tools For Beauty Beginners

DPC Skin Iron Malaysia | Best Face Lifting Machine for Facial Massage | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


For those unfamiliar with DPC Skin Iron, this FDA-certified all-in-one beauty device is a true lifesaver and one of the best face lifting machines in the market.

Leveraging on the five functions and features - microcurrent technology, micro vibrations, warm massage, anion, and LED red light therapy - these five functions produce 5 times more face lifting power when combined, as compared to other anti aging skin care products and face machine devices.

The microcurrent technology helps to stimulate collagen production and slow the aging process, while microvibrations and warm face lift massage boost blood and lymphatic system circulation in the skin. Its anion penetration features increase skin care product absorption for optimum product penetration. DPC Skin Iron also uses red LED lights to achieve great skin tightening treatment results. 

This product by Derma Pure Clinic DPC from Korea was designed to be used on both large and delicate areas. This face lift massager can also help with edema as its tapered tip helps lift the face and smoothen fine lines in the delicate areas - you can finally resolve your dilemma on how to remove eye bags with this innovative beauty tool!

The tear-shaped plating helps with coverage of large areas, like cheeks, forehead, and body for a neck lift or a forehead lift, and also for delicate areas like the eyes, mouth, and arms. You can also use DPC Skin Iron for corner massage on areas like lumped shoulders, neck, and decolletage.

Easy to use yet effective, we truly think this is a wonderful beauty device best for beginners looking to get started on their anti-aging, face lifting Malaysia regime!



Belega CellCure 4T Plus - Best Salon-Grade Facial Massage Beauty Device 

Belega CellCure 4T Plus | Best Face Lifting Machine Face Massage Tools | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Belega CellCure 4T Plus is a professional grade, palm-sized facial procedure device that is among the best at home device for sagging skin. It is the best face lifting machine to treat smaller, more delicate areas, like the eyes, around the lips, and next to the nose, without surgery, which makes it one of the best skin care tools around if you want to enjoy your own salon-like face lifting treatment at home. It's also gentle on sensitive skin.

Featuring its patented interwind wave (I.W.) technology, this Belega face massager beauty device offers four different modes to work on their face lifting treatment magic:-

  • Electro cleansing mode - Consists of negative ions that open up the pores for deep cleansing. This is ideal for removing leftover makeup and helps promote blood circulation to increase blood flow for better skin complexion.
  • Microcurrent mode - Calm and minimize pores after deep cleansing, helping to remove dead skin cells and residual makeup while rejuvenating skin cells for a more improved, radiant skin condition.
  • I.W. Wave (EMS) Mode - Also known as Cell Cure mode, this combines microcurrent and EMS technologies to exercise facial muscles towards tighter skin.
  • Electroporation mode - Targets deeper skin tissues to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen for better skin elasticity.

Compact in size yet fully functional as an effective face lifting cum cleansing device, Belega美容仪 face massage machine is extremely helpful for travelers looking to enjoy salon-grade facial pampering sessions, as it can be used cordlessly about 20 times just by a 6-hour charge. Remember to use together with Cell Cure Cotton that is specially designed to complement the device’s functions!




Silk’n FaceTite Z - Best Value For Money Facial Massage Tools

Silk'n FaceTite Z | Best Face Lifting Machine Face Lifting Tools | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Silk’n FaceTite Z has been an all-time popular favorite among beauty device users and for good reasons too. This face lift treatment device is one of the fastest and easiest ones, as you can finish one routine in just 10 minutes! Amazing, right?

The latest model of the FaceTite series by Silk’n, it uses three types of energy sources (Bipolar Radiofrequency Energy, LED Light Energy, and Infrared Heat Energy) and four different treatment settings with a one-button operation to effectively repair skin. It is clinically proven in how to prevent premature aging with its skin tightening and lifting capabilities!

This lifting face treatment is safe to use for skin tightening on face for both men and women. This face massager machine also features different safety functions, like a heat sensor to monitor the facial skin temperature, and a heat stabilizer to prevent overheating and maintain heat energy.

How this FaceTite Z face lifting machine works is that, this skin tightening and lifting device stops releasing heat when the skin reaches 42-43 degrees, which is around the optimum temperature for collagen production. At the same time, your skin will be protected by a motion sensor which lets the device release heat only when the device is moving.

Some other benefits of using this skin tightening device are its convenient wireless mode and the lack of need for any recovery time, so you can just continue your daily normal activities immediately post-treatment.

For the first 10 weeks, you’re recommended to use this device twice a week, 15 minutes per session. And later, you are advised to switch to once every two weeks for maintenance. You’ll be able to see results as early as 5-10 weeks. And a little insider secret: pair it with Silk'n Slider Gel and Silk’n Hyaluronic Serum specially formulated to use with the device for a complete, best anti-aging care!

To learn more about this face lifting tool, you can check out our Silk’n FaceTite Z review.





Dr Arrivo Zeus II - Best Functionality

Dr Arrivo Zeus II | Best Face Lifting Machine Facial Massage Tools | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Dr Arrivo Zeus II 宙斯二代美容仪 face lifting machine is one of the best anti aging skin care products that uses four powerful technologies: Radio frequency (RF), Mid-frequency interval pulse (MFIP) + Ultrasound pulse (UP), Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and LED Light Therapy.

Radio frequency skin tightening feature in this RF machine sends a warm sensation to skin cells to increase metabolism, and improve blood flow and lymph flow for better lymphatic drainage, which in turn reduces puffiness effective to resolve concerns like how to remove eye bags

The mid-frequency interval pulse delivered through its 9 electrodes increases blood circulation and stimulates collagen. Ultrasound pulse reduces fine wrinkles, while EMS stimulates muscles to boost anti-aging, facial volume and face lifting effects without any facelift surgery! 

This beauty tool device is also great if you’re looking for a LED light therapy facial machine, featuring five modes:

  • Red Light helps with wrinkle reduction and the premature aging process
  • Blue Light helps to fight acne and promote healthy skin
  • Green Light fights against dull and uneven skin tone for brighter skin
  • Combination Light (Long Mode) helps improve skin condition
  • Combination Light (Flashing Mode) is best for daily care and great for skin rejuvenation of outer layers

You’re recommended to use this face lifter machine weekly, for 20 minutes per session, consisting of RF (10mins) + MFIP/UP (10mins). For daily care, you can use EMS mode for 10 minutes on full face. You can use this device along with PE Golden Beauty The Serum and PE Golden Beauty The Massage Gel for maximum results.





Dualsonic Professional - Best Professional HIFU Face Lifting Treatment Machine For Home 

Dualsonic Professional | Best Face Lifting Machine Facial Massage Tool | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Dualsonic Professional truly lives up to its name for being a beauty device Malaysia that is perfect for facelift procedures by being the most sought-after alternative to minimally invasive procedures. This device is the best professional high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) device for home use to date!

This portable HIFU device features three modes tailored to different skin depths of 3 mm, 4.5 mm, or dual depth with 3mm or 4.5 mm simultaneously without changing cartridges. Those looking for ways on how to remove wrinkles under eyes also can jump with joy as this face massage tool is the perfect solution to tackle the delicate eye area - it also comes with an eye cartridge specifically designed to target those pesky under-eye wrinkles and fine lines!

All in all, this advanced, professional-grade HIFU machine improves dermal density, reduces sagging skin, and improves wrinkles, eyebags, and dark circles, without any surgery. It's definitely worth your investment to get a non-surgical facelift with Dualsonic Professional among other face lifting tools in the market!




To sum it all up, at-home beauty devices are perfect for face lifting, especially the abovementioned skin care tools and devices - DPC Skin Iron (DPC小熨斗), Belega CellCure 4T Plus, Silk’n FaceTite Z, Dr Arrivo Zeus II and Dualsonic Professional. Just remember to avoid direct sun exposure and put on your sunscreen on top of using these devices, and you are good to go!

Who needs an invasive cosmetic surgery, a surgical procedure, or dermal fillers for a younger appearance, when these at-home beauty treatments are cost-effective, cause less discomfort, and are without any side effects while helping you achieve your desired firm skin structure and radiant glow, right?

We hope this article was of help to you!

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