How To Get V Shape Face Naturally? Try These 18 Simple Hacks At Home!

Have you ever yearned to have a more attractive face?

If you ever struggle with your facial shape, particularly if you have firm round chipmunk cheeks, or use face slimming filters on your camera, you may find yourself wishing to have the ideal face shape: the V shape face.

It seems impossible to attain, but we got you. We share 18 realistic ways on how to get V shape face — no V shape treatment surgery required.


What Counts As A V Shape Face?

V-shaped face - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


A V-shape face is defined by:

  • slim and oval face - almost like a v line face
  • broad cheekbones paired with a narrow jawline
  • tight and defined jawline face
  • a sharp chin


    The reason why this type of face shape is so desirable is because it makes your other facial features look more prominent, and is a sign of youth and femininity.

    In fact, there's even scientific proof as to why this particular face shape is the most attractive as well.

    It’s no wonder many are keen to look into ways they can have the desired V shaped face. But is it possible? It is! You just need to tackle it realistically.


    Get Your Desired V Shaped Face With These 18 Realistic Steps!


    #1 Use The Right Homecare Beauty DevicesDifferent types of best beauty device Malaysia - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall

    When it comes to at-home treatments to get your desired V facial feature, beauty devices such as home face lifting machine can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

    Not only that but you get to see obvious results from using these homecare beauty devices for a more personalised facial shaping treatment compared to other v shape face treatment methods.

    Some of the best at-home beauty devices you can look into include:-

    DPC Skin Iron

    DPC Skin Iron (DPC小熨斗uses five functions to improve initial skin condition and elasticity in just five minutes.

    This FDA-approved facial device is best suited for beginners looking to get started on at-home beauty care with a multifunctional personal beauty device.

    Leveraging on five technologies such as the microcurrent technology, anion penetration mode, microvibration technology, LED red light therapy and warmth, you will be surprised at how powerful this device can be for V shape face lift.

    With the added moisturizing effects from its complementing DPC Skin Perfection Cream, you will be able to see visible skin tightening and anti-aging effects!




    Silk'n FaceTite Z 

    Silk'n FaceTite Z is one of the most sought after skin care tools that offers four treatment modes to help lift, firm and stimulate collagen production in skin.

    The latest model after its predecessor, the Silk'n FaceTite 2.0, FaceTite Z features quicker treatment that is 10 minutes faster while achieving equally effective skin tightening and lifting.

    Silk'n FaceTite Z harnesses the combined powers of Bipolar RF (radio frequency) energy, LED light energy as well as IR (infrared) heat energy to repair your skin.

    Its four different working temperature allow you to firm your skin towards a V-face appearance while stimulating collagen production within and rejuvenate your skin on a whole.

    Pair with Silk'n Hyaluronic Serum to achieve an even greater anti-aging and face lifting results! To know more, you can also check out our detailed Silk'n FaceTite Z review.




    Dr Arrivo Zeus II

    Dr Arrivo Zeus II uses a patented 9-MFIP (Mid-frequency Interval Pulse) to help increase blood circulation that stimulates blood flow and promotes collagen reproduction on the skin.

    Combined with other beauty technologies such as Ultrasound Pulse, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Radiofrequency (RF), the Zeus II beauty device helps to increase metabolism in the skin. 

    It helps exercise the facial muscles towards wrinkle reduction and having a more youthful, sculpted face while reducing facial puffiness and swelling.

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    Additionally, it also comes with LED light therapy mode that consists of LED light blue, red and green to minimize pores, brighten the skin and rejuvenate your skin even further. 




    All of these face lifting tools will do a great job in helping you keep a youthful appearance and get closer to achieving the desired V shape face!


    #2 Eat A Balanced Diet

    Eat a balanced diet to get your desired V-shaped face - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


    We’ve all heard about the basics of a beautiful appearance - what you put in your body is especially important as it also affects your facial shape too. So be sure to eat an appropriate amount of food consisting of:

    • vegetables & fruits
    • whole grains
    • lean proteins
    • low-fat dairy
    • healthy fats


      And most importantly eliminate processed food, fried food, and even food and drinks high in sugar from your diet.


      #3 Chew Carefully And Slowly 

      Chew carefully and slowly to get vface - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      As you're eating your food, it's important to chew carefully and slowly. Not only does this help in digesting your food better, it also helps with strengthening your jaw by stimulating the muscles.

      This can be a form of facial exercise that will help you achieve a slimmer face.

      You can also consider chewing gum to help with this, though make sure the gum is sugar-free!


      #4 Drink Cleansing Drinks

      Drink detox water or drinks for V-shaped face - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Just like eating a balanced diet, drinking cleansing drinks helps with great skin and improves overall health.

      Drinks like detox water recipes help greatly with reducing facial swelling and water retention, which are important aspects in getting that V shaped face.

      Look into drinks like green tea, herbal tea and lemon water that are filled with antioxidants, and has little to no sugar. 


      #5 Get Enough of Good Sleep

      Get good night's sleep to help in face sculpting towards v face - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Those who look tired and sleep-deprived are perceived as less attractive and less healthy, so it's important to get enough sleep to help your skin increase and stimulate blood flow, rebuild collagen and even repair damage from UV exposure. 

      But it’s not just enough sleep - you need to get restful sleep. When you have a tense sleep, you may be clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth out of anxiety and stress, a condition known as bruxism.

      This may lead to square jaw or square-shaped faces due to enlarged facial muscles from the act, instead of the defined V shaped face you dream of.

      If you find yourself unable to get a good sleep, try looking into relaxing activities such as meditation, reading, or calm your thoughts for a bit before you go to bed.


      #6 Keep Proper Posture While Looking At Your Smartphone

      Proper posture is important to reduce sagging skin and double chin - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      In this era of smartphones, you're bound to be looking down a lot. This can cause a lot of wrinkles around your chin and neck, and many will experience sagging cheeks because of this.

      This will be difficult to reverse so fix your posture while looking at your smartphone and hold it up so it's face level instead. This trick may seem simple but it does contribute towards getting that V face!


      #7 Do Face Exercises For The Jawline

      Do face exercise to lift your face - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      A more proactive approach to tackling the coveted V shape face is to start doing facial exercises that workout your jaw.

      You may look funny doing it, as you may have to make funny faces like a fish face but these exercises will help a lot in the long run, especially in firming your skin.

      It doesn't matter if you have a square shaped face or a round shaped face - just be sure to do this on a daily basis!

      One exercise you can do is to tilt your chin all the way up and then pucker your lips upwards as if you’re kissing the sky. Do this for 5 seconds, and repeat 5 times.


      #8 Get Rid of Double Chin With Face Yoga

      Do face yoga for natural face lifting - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Take your face workouts one step further with face yoga! This type of yoga involves massages and exercises that stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system.

      So as you're exercising your face, you would also be using your fingers to help promote blood circulation as well. 

      One face yoga you can do to reduce sagging cheeks is to apply moisturiser on your cheeks, then use four fingers of both your hands to lift your cheek upwards.

      Then massage it in a circular motion while keeping your face in a laughing position.

      When you have firmer facial skin through these proper skin lifting techniques, that’s where the V shape face comes in!


      #9 Try Face Slimming Massage

      Do face slimming massage - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      While face yoga combines exercise and massage, you can stick to massaging your face especially at night. These gentle massages can help you achieve a slimmer face, tighten any loose skin, and help with lymphatic drainage when done right!

      For example, you can gently massage your face using an upward motion as you apply your products. Be sure to massage the pressure points around your eyes, cheeks, and jawbones as you do this. 


      #10 Use Face Lifting Cream

      Use face lifting cream to slowly get v shaped face - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Getting that V shape face treatment requires your skin to be in peak condition. This is where face lifting creams come in, as they are meant to keep your face firm and moisturised and are among the safest treatment solutions. 

      Be sure the focus of the face lifting cream is on hydration so see if its main ingredient is water. A product to consider for this includes the DPC Skin Up Perfection Cream that does just that.




      #11 Give Facial Toning A Go

      Tone your face with toner for skin tightening effect - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Toners don’t get a good enough reputation that they justly deserve. It’s great at keeping your skin hydrated and reduces wrinkles, as well as dealing with ruddiness and pore size. 

      Using a toner, especially a refrigerated toner water concoction, can help tone your face further by calming your puffy face and reducing redness.

      This is because cold temperatures shrink capillaries, giving rise to a more defined “V” feature for your face.

      Besides, keeping a toner in the fridge can help the product last longer too! 


      #12 Get Your Eyebrows Done Right

      Shape your eyebrows well for a v shape look - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      The shape and colour of your brow plays a big influence on the rest of your face. So to really enhance the V shape face you're aiming for, you will need to work on your eyebrows.

      Depending on the length of your face you would want high eyebrow arches if your face is short and lower arches if your face is long. 

      Also, be sure to stick to your natural brow colour so it blends to your face better. You can use a brow pencil to help shape and colour it in a way that complements your face.

      For an extra clean and sleek look, use a dark eyeliner to go over your lash line and extend the line slightly outwards for winged eye look to distract the attention from the side of your wide face towards the eye instead.

      Complete your eye makeup with some volumizing mascara.


      #13 Get The Right Hairstyle

      Right hairstyle can make your face look more V shaped - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      The best hairstyles is a style that’ll frame your face perfectly and bring out its best facial shape.

      For example, those aiming to accentuate their V shape face should consider a bob hairstyle, where the length of the hair is right at the jaw, not above or below it to make their face stand out.

      If you have a square face shape, consider wavy or textured hair to soften your jawline.


      #14 Contour Your Face With The Right Shade

      Proper contour can also give a instant insta V face effect and make face look slimmer - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Contouring is the art of using different shades on your skin to make your facial structure more defined.

      Knowing where to put these darker and lighter shades and blending them correctly can help create facial contours that enhance your cheekbones and give you a defined lower jaw immediately, making your face nail the instant ready V shaped face and look.

      Just be sure that the shades you use match your skin tone!


      #15 Enhance With Blushers And Bronzers

      Use blusher and bronzer in addition to face contouring for v face appearance - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Another way to enhance your V shape appearance and facial anatomy is to use blush and bronzers.

      Blushers add a flush of colour to the skin, while bronzers give a more sun-kissed or tanned look. Just be sure to use bronzer first to shade and contour below the cheekbone, and then blusher for a lovely flush on the top.


      #16 Use A V Mask

      Use V mask for facial skin lifting - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Of course, if you want a V shaped face, then you will need products that offer V shape face treatments.

      One product to look into is a V mask! These masks work like a sheet mask, an under eye patch, and a chin strap all in one. It helps lift and define the jawline further, improve facial contouring and keeps your face tight as well.


      #17 Use A Face Lifting Belt

      Face lifting belt can naturally shape your facial features - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall  

      Different from the V mask, another way to give your face a V shape face lift is to use a face lift belt.

      Often made with skin-friendly fabric, these belts are designed to lift saggy skin, fix double chin issues, and maintain facial contours. This will then help shape your face into the perfect V with tighter looking skin.


      #18 Smile More!

      Smiling can naturally lift your face towards V features and make you appear younger more youthful - How to Get V Shape Face - BeautyFoo Mall


      Here’s a way to get a more attractive face shape while looking positively glowing - it is through smiling!

      Smiling releases the happy hormones known as endorphins that makes you feel cheerful and relieves pain or stress, and this is also one of the secrets to glowing skin.

      Not only that but when you smile, you are exercising your facial muscles towards a slimmer face. That’s also the reason why you tend to look younger the more you smile - you are actually working on a natural face lift yourself!


      Do What’s Right For Your Ideal V Facial Shape

      When it comes to getting the ideal v shape face, it’s important to consider which steps work for you. After all, you need to be realistic and consider how much effort you’re willing to put in to look your best.

      For effective face slimming, we definitely recommend trying out these top home beauty devices in Malaysia: the beginner-friendly DPC Skin Iron, the medium-range Silk'n FaceTite Z or the world’s popular facial machine Dr Arrivo Zeus II.

      So what about you - which one will you be trying out? What’s your favourite out of the many listed? We hope you find this list of beauty hacks useful!


      For the best in beauty, check out BeautyFoo Mall where we’re always on track with the latest beauty care trends, be it from Japan, Korea and more. We're also the sole authorised distributor of the Cellreturn (Korea), DPC (Korea), Artistic & Co. (Japan), Silk'n & etc in Malaysia!

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