Bringing You Only The Best Beauty Device in Malaysia For Skin Tightening, Fighting Premature Skin Aging, Treating Uneven Skin Tones and More

With the increasing number of online beauty stores, it can be quite difficult to find the right face beauty device for anti aging, hair removing device, laser vaginal rejuvenation machine and skincare tools for your needs. This is where BeautyFoo Mall comes in!

BeautyFoo Mall is a beauty device Malaysia mall that offers only the best range of homecare beauty device products. We carry premium beauty device brands such as Silk’n, Cellreturn, Tripollar, DPC, Artistic & Co., Dualsonic and Belega, all which are well-known, trusted high-tech beauty device brands highly sought after over the world when it comes to quality skin tightening and lifting device for a perfect skin care and firm skin.

As we age, our skin begins to lose its skin elasticity and firmness. Gravity takes hold, and fine lines and wrinkles appear, and you start experiencing sagging skin or loose skin.

But there are ways to help with our skin tightening on face endeavours and fight the signs of premature skin aging - this is by using our carefully selected range of beauty devices offered on our website to increase collagen and elastin production!

No doubt, there are many skin tightening treatments and ways that people can tighten their face skin. From our experience with the ever-popular beauty question on how to tightening face skin, advanced homecare face tools are the way to go to stimulate collagen production and firm sagging skin.

However, it is important to be consistent with your skin tightening routine. If you only do skin tightening on face once in a while, you will not see the best results. It is important to make sure that you are doing it on a regular basis so that you can see the full skin tightening effects.

At BeautyFoo Mall, enjoy shopping for safe, reliable yet effective skin care tools and quality beauty tools for face including face lifting machine, home skin tightening device, anti-aging facial device, which help to enhance the absorption of skin care products and maintain your overall skin’s radiance and youthfulness. Our curated at-home beauty devices from face lifting tools to skin rejuvenation treatment devices are sure to change your facial skin for the better and even help with face contouring towards a lovely v-shape face!

Face beauty machines for face slimming and lifting facial aside, BeautyFoo Mall is also proud to offer laser vaginal tightening device, hair care products as well as hair removal device options to complete your beauty care routine at home on top of your existing beauty treatments for face!

As Malaysia’s EXCLUSIVE Authorized Distributor for Cellreturn, Silk’n, Belega, DPC, Dualsonic, Artistic & Co. and more, we strongly believe that you should not have to compromise on quality when it comes to anti aging machine for home use and skin tightening machine products that you use for your personal grooming and skincare regimen. We ensure that our customers get the best possible face lifting tools, skincare devices and products as your beauty success is our greatest achievement!

Check out our other beauty machine collections as well on Permanent Hair Removal, Hair Care and Skin Care.




我们BeautyFoo Mall能够解决你的一切肌肤烦恼,为你带来一站式的家用高级美容护理,让你在家也能享受安全、可靠、有效的美容院级别护理。

BeautyFoo Mall主要在售卖各种进口的优质家用美容仪器,其中有微电流美容仪、射频美容仪、光疗面罩、瘦身按摩仪、私密护理仪、永久除毛器等等,有助于美白淡斑,抗皮肤老化,淡化皱纹,为你提供从头到脚全方位护理,让你宅家也能享受私人美容院皮肤护理。

BeautyFoo Mall是 Cellreturn (韩国) 、Silk'n (以色列)、Belega (日本) 、DPC (韩国) 、Dualsonic (韩国) 、Artistic & Co. (日本) 等国际美容仪品牌在马来西亚的独家授权经销商。我们也是全马最大的家用美容仪销售平台,100%保证是正品,让你无后顾之忧!



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BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus

DESCRIPTION Belega美容仪 beauty device brand has been focusing on improved beauty technology for 20 years and counting. With their 365-day skin care experience, you can now have effective skin tightening...
RM7,699.00 RM6,399.00
On Sale

BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++

DESCRIPTION Experience the power of professional beauty care in the comfort of your own home with Cell Cure 4T++. This revolutionary device offers four advanced treatments that were previously only...
RM8,099.00 RM6,999.00
On Sale

CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium

DESCRIPTION CELLRETURN Alpha Ray Premium is a hair loss treatment device with patented LED module technology, based on years of intensive studies for hair loss remedies. CELLRETURN has safely and...

CELLRETURN LED Mask Platinum [1026LEDs]

DESCRIPTION “Pressing a button is your ticket to better skin”, this is best to describe the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum (Cellreturn LED面罩) which is the most powerful LED mask in...


DESCRIPTION Our necks often get neglected when it comes to our skincare routines, thinking that just because it's not part of our face area, it no longer deserves the same...


DESCRIPTION As the global pioneer in NASA derived LED technology in health and beauty, CELLRETURN has introduced a brand new piece of health tech; The WHEROES as in the W...

DPC Skin Iron (FREE Skin Up Perfection Cream 50ml RM349)

DESCRIPTION DPC Skin Iron (DPC小熨斗) is a face and body multi-device with five functions (microcurrents, vibration, warmth, anion, LED) combined together, allowing you to enjoy premium aesthetic effects by spending...
RM1,648.00 RM1,299.00
On Sale

Dr. Arrivo For Body

DESCRIPTION Dr. Arrivo for Body is the first in the Arrivo product series designed exclusively for the body, with its standard design inheriting spa technologies found in the Dr. Arrivo...

Dr. Arrivo The Zeus Plus

DESCRIPTION Dr. Arrivo The Zeus Plus is similar in function to the Dr. Arrivo The Zeus, but offers customers the option to have customized lettering on the device, such as...

Dr. Arrivo Zeus II (FREE PE Golden Beauty The Serum RM569)

DESCRIPTION Dr. Arrivo Zeus II (宙斯二代美容仪) is an advanced beauty device combining a range of anti-aging technology that makes your self-confidence bloom with a stand-out radiance. With Dr. Arrivo’s core patented...
RM8,499.00 RM7,649.10
On Sale

Dr. Fresco The Zeus (FREE Aqua Healing 150ml RM199)

DESCRIPTION Dr. Fresco The Zeus is a deep-cleansing device which adopts an ultrasonic wave technology with three different modes, bringing you an enhanced skin cleansing experience. This device gently removes...

Dr. Scalp The BRASHU

DESCRIPTION “ONE BRUSH FOR ALL YOUR SCALP CARE NEEDS” A hairbrush with two-layered ball-tipped bristles of this hair brush will reach all the way to your follicles. It has Patented...


DESCRIPTION High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for face lifting and improved wrinkles. DUALSONIC is a portable HIFU beauty device for face lifting, wrinkles reduction and skin improvement which enables easier and more...
RM13,500.00 RM9,850.00
On Sale

Miss Arrivo The Vegas II

DESCRIPTION Brighten your complexion with Miss Arrivo The Vegas II, as it focuses on those delicate areas prone to aging. With a smaller head specially designed to reach the curves...

Miss Arrivo The Vegas II (PE The Vegas Serum 30ml included)

DESCRIPTION Brighten your complexion with Miss Arrivo The Vegas II, as it focuses on those delicate areas prone to aging. With a smaller head specially designed to reach the curves...

Miss Arrivo THE WRAITH

DESCRIPTION "Wraith. That is confidence in the future." The "3D Movable Head" is installed while keeping the small head unique to the "Miss Arrivo" series, which is the highest model...
RM6,499.00 RM5,999.00
On Sale

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