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Every set of good hair care routine steps starts with cleansing but in truth, there is so much more to it if you want to maintain healthy hair! If your hair and skin are oily for as long as you can remember, genetics is probably to blame, but if you have recently experienced more oiliness on your skin and hair than ever, it can be hormone imbalance, stress, or medications.

Oppositely, dry skin can cause dry scalp and other issues such as itching, dandruff, and healthy hair growth disturbance.

So what can you do to have the best hair care for yourself? Well, fret not - here is what you need to know about hair care routine Malaysia and worldwide!

First, What Goals Do You Want to Achieve for Your Hair?

If you want to know how to take care of your hair, first determine your goals! It will help you apply the best hair care steps and choose hair products. 

Here is a quick overview of the most common goals people have for their hair! Don't worry, with the best hair care products and careful hair routine steps, you don't have to choose between goals! You can achieve everything - healthy hair with long-lasting color and perfect style!

Infographic about determining hair care goals - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Now, It's Time to Create Your Perfect Hair Care Routine Steps!

Washing, conditioning, blow drying, hair masks - what is the perfect step by step hair care routine? Let's briefly discuss every haircare step on your way to healthy hair!


Cleaning your hair is the first step, and choosing the right shampoo is half the work. Choose a shampoo that matches your hair type to get the best results. Avoid using dry shampoo often as it can mess up with hair's natural oils and dry out the scalp. 

Ideally, you should wash your hair once or twice per week. However, if your hair is damaged from chemical treatments, such as bleaching, don't wash your hair too often. It can lead to hair breakage.



Traditionally, conditioning is the second step of routine hair care. Most people apply conditioner after cleansing and rinse it immediately. It isn't wrong, but it won't give you much result. 

The conditioner won't have time to penetrate the hair and won't be distributed well. Leaving the product on for several minutes will have a better effect.



Detangling is one of the most important steps for good hair health. How to do it, when detangling wet hair can cause breakage? You can try a wide tooth comb, but there is something better. 

>>> Insider Tip: Use Dr. Scalp The BRASHU!

Dr. Scalp The BRASHU comb by Artistic & Co. - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Dr. Scalp The BRASHU is my secret to a fool-proof hair care routine. The BRASHU is a hairbrush that reaches all hair cuticles, without causing breakage. The patented scalp adhesion design includes 572 ball-tipped bristles that will thoroughly exfoliate all 40,000 hair follicles and massage the scalp with each brush. This massage helps remove dead skin cells and enhances the absorption of every hair product you apply afterward.

The bristles are soft, but potent, so they can gently detangle even the most complex knots. With the proper use, you will have natural hair oils boost regeneration and better hair growth! 

After using Dr. Scalp The BRASHU hairbrush, you can expect the hair to be clean, smooth, and shiny, with a keratin-like effect and easier to style. 

How to Use Dr Scalp The BRASHU Comb

A lady using Dr. Scalp The BRASHU to comb the hair - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall beauty shop Malaysia

To use Dr Scalp The BRASHU Comb, you can detangle the hair when it is dry. Then cleanse it with shampoo and soak it in water. The trick to get the most out of your Dr. Scalp The BRASHU is to move the brush from bottom to top. Use the part with shorter bristles to massage the scalp for several minutes. 


Hair Tonic Application

The next step is optional but makes a difference after you get into a habit of using it regularly. A hair tonic can do magic for your scalp and hair. When you apply it, gently massage it into the scalp and hair, from ends to roots. 

However, there is a trick to enhance the nutrient absorption of the tonic into the hair. For example, you can use Belega Cellcure 4T Plus for your hair on top of using it on your skin as an anti-aging treatment to prevent premature aging.

>>> Insider Tip: Enhance Hair Tonic and Hair Serum Absorption with Belega Cellcure 4T Plus!

Belega Cellcure 4T Plus, Belega美容仪, 丝露亚美容仪 - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall beauty shop Malaysia


Belega Cellcure 4T Plus (Belega美容仪 or 丝露亚美容仪) is a multifunctional beauty device, an excellent all-around home beauty tool. On the face, the device boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid production, helps remove eye wrinkles, and minimizes pores. But, if you try it for a head massage along with the massage attachment head, you will never skip this step in your hair care routine! 

How does the Belega device help your hair and scalp? This is thanks to its four core technologies:

  • Electro cleansing mode: Applying microcurrent to the surface of the scalp removes dirt from the pores that cannot be removed with regular hair washing, which gives a sense of transparency, and promotes blood circulation.
  • Microcurrent mode: Targeting the cell activity in the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue and hair roots, it creates a simulated "damage current" that is closely related to self-healing ability, promoting the regeneration of cells and damaged tissues of the scalp and hair.
  • Head & facial muscles EMS mode: The interference waves generated by patented Intertek Waves or “I.W waves” interferes with two different medium frequencies to effectively exercise and train the scalp and facial muscles located under the subcutaneous tissue.
  • Electroporation mode: A medical aesthetic technology that uses special electrical pulses to improve the permeability of cell membranes, so polymeric beauty ingredients can safely penetrate deep into the skin.
  • Your hair will gradually get stronger and more resistant to breakage, so we definitely recommend this Belega device to add to your hair care! 
A lady using Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus belega美容仪 丝露亚CC4T 美容仪 to massage hair and head - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall beauty shop Malaysia



Hair Protection

If you have completed the steps above, your hair should be full of nutrients, soft, and ready for styling. But, if you want to provide the best care for your hair, a step you shouldn't skip is protection. 

Hair is, just like skin, exposed to different harsh environmental factors. Frequent styling and use of headbands can also harm it.

>>> Insider Tip: CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium Is Your Long-Term Solution For Healthy Hair!

Cellreturn Hair Alpha Ray Premium hair care device - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall beauty shop Malaysia


Nowadays we can utilize LED wavelengths to keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair loss. I am talking about a unique hair care tool by the Cellreturn company called CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray Premium, which uses Near Infrared (NIR), Near Infra-Red Alpha (NIR ⍺) and Red Wave Length (RWL) patented technologies to penetrate deep into the scalp when most other lights are absorbed by the hair only due to its light characteristics. This means the Hair Alpha Ray Premium is set to provide you the most optimal results!  

The LED light therapy wavelengths are certified safe and will help your hair by increasing the level of oxygenation and nutrition to the hair roots, thus stimulating and strengthening hair growth. Its dual technologies promote healing and cell renewal, so you can look forward to healthier hair and scalp.

Connect it to the phone app and listen to the audio guide for straightforward use. Three modes, namely the Power Mode, Normal Mode and Soft Mode only require 20 minutes of use, perfect for both beginners and experienced users to ensure the best at-home daily hair care routine possible.

A lady using Cellreturn Hair Alpha Ray Premium - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall beauty shop Malaysia

Hair Alpha Ray Premium by CELLRETURN is safe to use and shows results in several weeks. We recommend using Soft Mode first if you are a new user, then switch to Normal Mode and eventually to Power Mode over a period of 4 to 6 weeks for higher efficacy. Now, you don’t have to go to a beauty salon just to get advanced hair care - you can easily do it from your home with this Hair Alpha Ray device!


Priming and Styling

The next steps are important to ensure all the efforts you put before, result in perfect haircare. I recommend priming the hair before styling for several reasons. 

It reduces the blow drying time, and makes the hair easier to style. It is necessary for frizzy, curly and thick hair with irregular texture. Once you apply the primer, you can proceed with the stylization. Apply heat protectant, too. Style the hair as you wish, but avoid using too many heat tools too often. 



The last step is applying some additional moisturizer to your hair. It can be some light leave in conditioner or a spray to lock things in. Also, using a few drops of hair oils on the ends prevent breakage and makes the entire hairstyle look smoother. 

A hair spray can be your ally, but only if you use it moderately. A few spritzes from a distance will make your hairstyle last longer and won't cause any damage to your hair.



Deep conditioning treatment isn't part of daily hair care routine steps. It is best to use these treatments once a week or twice a month to prevent product buildup on the hair. 

You can invest in quality home treatments produced especially for your hair type and hair concern, or mix some ingredients at home. The treatment nurtures the hair thoroughly and helps fight external factors such as air pollution, frequent heat styling, hair dying, etc. 

Follow the instructions on the product, and keep in mind that using too many products can create the reverse effect. The hair will appear dull and heavy, and won't hold the style. 

What's Your Hair Type?

To hop onto a healthy hair routine, you will need to understand the different hair types so you can align the right products together with your hair care goals. Four basic hair types are straight, wavy, curly, and tightly curled! If you are unsure which hair type you have, try leaving your hair to air dry. 

Genetics and environment determine hair type. However, some aggressive hair treatment can damage the hair to its core and change your hair type permanently or temporarily. For example, people with curly or tightly curly hair who have been bleaching it for years or styling it often without heat protectant will experience less curly or straight hair.

Further, hair porosity, density, and texture are important factors to keep in mind when determining a haircare routine.


Common Hair Concerns

A lady showing her long brown hair - Hair Care Routine Steps - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Excellent hair health is always the goal, no matter the hair length. Genetics affects your hair color and how it holds style. 

If your basic hair care routine is lacking, you can experience hair issues, which ruin your confidence. Here are the most common hair concerns.

  • Dry Hair: If not caused by genetics, dry hair results from common blow drying, heat styling, lack of moisture, and improper hair cosmetics.
  • Frizzy Condition: A moist environment can cause dry and frizzy hair after styling. However, the more damaged the hair core is, the harder taming the hair will be. Hair absorbs moisture from the air, and the hair texture appears irregular.
  • Oily Hair: If your skin produces too much sebum, the result is greasy hair! It cannot hold the style and looks unhygienic. 
  • Split Ends: Split ends are not only an aesthetic issue, they are a harsh threat to the entire hair. Not taking care of them will break the hair shaft completely. 
  • Lack of Volume: Volume adds much-needed texture to dry and dull hair and contributes to a healthy appearance. In addition, many modern hairstyles are based on voluminous hair to make them stand out! 
  • Hair Loss: Hair loss can be a tough medical condition, poor hair care routine consequence, reaction to stress and medication, etc. If you are experiencing extreme hair loss, first talk with your doctor and then focus on building a hair routine that will nurture your scalp and hair.
  • Damaged Hair (from chemicals): We are all guilty of using too many chemicals to keep up with the latest hair trends and stylization. However, there is so much hair can take before you break it. Using too many chemicals can lead to hair snapping.
  • Scalp Problems: Dandruff is the most common and uncomplicated scalp problem! Severe ones include psoriasis, itching, acne, head lice, etc. An unhealthy scalp also causes hair loss.

More Hair Care Routine Malaysia Tips, Because, Why Not?

Embracing the right hair care routine will show the benefits soon. You can also try some proven home hair care tips and tricks. 

Massage Scalp

Scalp massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress and relax after a tough day. It also makes a world of difference for your scalp and hair health. To get the best of it, massage your scalp twice with your fingers for a minimum of five minutes every day. 

If it sounds too much, you can try some home devices for head massage and get a better experience. 


Wash with Lukewarm or Cold Water

Like skin, hair is sensitive to high temperatures. Avoid using hot water during washing. It will dry your scalp and make scalp problems worse. 

Lukewarm water and proper shampoo for your hair type are the best combinations to remove dirt and grime from your hair. 

Rinsing with cold water is a traditional tip our moms and grandmas knew! After rinsing with cold water hair cuticles remain flat and hair looks more polished.


Trim Hair Regularly

Regular hair trimming prevents the damage from spreading out to the entire hair, not only on the ends. It refreshes the hair and makes you appear more pulled together, no matter your hair color and current hairstyle.


Healthy Diet & Enough Rest

Like skin, hair can show when something is off in your body. Lack of sleep, unhealthy food, stress, and other issues can result in hair loss, breakage, oiliness, etc. 

A healthy diet, rest, and relaxation are important for your well-being. If you feel great, your hair will show it!


Restrict From Using Too Many Heat Tools

Lastly, try to be creative with hair stylization. Use heat tools for special occasions, and search online for no-heat hairstyle tips and tricks for your hair length and type. There are plenty of excellent ones. My favorite is hair wrapping to get straight hair!


I hope you find my hair care guide useful! Don't shy out from sharing your tips on keeping your hair healthy! 

If you haven't yet, try home beauty devices for hair to see the difference in hair growth and health rapidly. High-tech isn't only for skin and professional salons, it is available for home use, too!

Why should you trust us? BeautyFoo Mall keeps track of the latest trends in hair care Malaysia and skin care! We are focused on providing only the best for our clients, as we are the sole authorized distributor of the Cellreturn (Korea), Dualsonic (Korea), DPC (Korea), Artistic & Co. (Japan), Belega (Japan), Silk'n, & etc in Malaysia! We know our tech, and we are here to help you step into the future with effective home beauty tools right from our beauty store!

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