5 Myths About Body Slimming Treatment Debunked

Are you looking for a way to lose weight and get slimmer without having to change your diet significantly? I hear you! Most Malaysians struggle with diets in their attempts to lose weight. In fact, one study showed that up to 89 percent of Malaysians choose a balanced diet as their preferred body slimming and losing weight method. How's that going so far? 

If you find it too challenging to resist the delicious food, you may turn to body slimming treatment. But, there is so much misinformation and myths about the treatments, physical activity, healthy weight and products for body slimming. I am here to debunk them and help you find the most effective slimming treatment to aid your weight management.

The Top 5 Myths About Body Slimming Treatment: True or False?

Other countries always wonder and look for a quick solution, especially just before the summer! For us here, the question “is there such a thing as the best weight loss product Malaysia” is an all-time popular doubt for anyone looking to enhance their self image or appearance. While there isn’t a magical wand for a slimming body, certain methods work. 

But common myths about body slimming might confuse you and prevent you from getting the best results. Let's debunk some myths! 

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Myth #1: Body slimming treatments are only for overweight people.

The first myth cannot be further from the truth! In reality, body slimming treatments target specific areas with collected fat. Therefore, people of all shapes and sizes, not only those who want to lose weight, can benefit from body slimming procedures. 

We all know someone who is thin but has excess fat around their belly. Collected fat can be the result of slow metabolism, low level of physical activity, and increased intake of less nutritious foods, such as refined grains and creamy sauces!

Fat cells are present in our body, and our body stores excess calories like fats. Therefore, most people will develop fat in certain areas at some point in their life. Therefore, everyone can use targeted body slimming treatments, overweight or not.

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Myth #2: Body slimming treatments are painful.

What? What is painful is the restricted diet, counting calorie intakes and the sore muscles after challenging exercises for us Malaysians! Truth be told, some skincare Malaysia treatments can feel slightly uncomfortable, but they are far from painful. 

However, professional treatments are often expensive, and you can struggle to adjust your schedule to get on time for appointments. Instead, you can try some best at-home beauty devices for fat reduction. Luckily, you can invest in high-end slimming product Malaysia - we definitely recommend Silk’n Lipo as one of the best at-home slimming devices! 


Silk' n Lipo 




Just like bulky and expensive professional tools for fat reduction, Silk'n Lipo is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment for stubborn fat. The device combines EMS - electrical muscle stimulation and LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) to melt the fat from targeted areas. In simple words, the device is effective because laser therapy breaks the fat, and electrical muscle stimulation helps fat to be released from the body.

You don't need any special knowledge to operate with this Silk'n Lipo. It is a user-friendly tool that also helps on how to reduce cellulite. You can use it daily to see the results in just two weeks. After that, reduce the frequency to three times a week to maintain the results. 

It is best for arm, leg, and belly fat, but you can use it to target fat cells in other spots on the body.


Myth #3: Body slimming treatments are only effective for a short time.

Nope, not true. Results of body slimming treatments remain for a long-time, unlike fad diets or popular weight loss myths about magical detox juices. Losing belly fat is more complex than that, but with the right tools and approach, expect sooner results.

A healthy diet and moderate physical activity will help keep the results for longer. If you have tools for home treatments, you can easily maintain your slimmed body. 


Dr. Arrivo For Body



If you want to skip a visit to the slimming centre, check out Dr. Arrivo For Body, an outstanding slimming product Malaysia-trusted brand of skincare tools

Dr.Arrivo For Body achieves remarkable results in burning fat because it uses the latest technologies. Mid-frequency interval pulse (MFIP) increases blood circulation and collagen production. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) trains cells to burn more fat, and Radio Frequency (RF) improves lymph flow.

Increasing water intake, alongside vegetables and fruits, and lowering carbohydrate and sugary drink will lead you to sooner results along with Dr. Arrivo for Body. It will also help you speed up your metabolism and build a foundation for lifelong healthy nutrition!

The device has a practical design, and is easy to use on different body parts. It is suitable for treating fat cells on the upper arms, belly, legs, gluteus, etc. 

To get started, use the device with the PE Golden Beauty The Body. The best thing about this high-tech slimming tool is that you can use it for only 20 minutes daily in targeted areas and see the difference in several weeks. It is also suitable for the calf, front, and back. 

If you get in shape with Dr.Arrivo for Body and find the optimal balance between home treatments and a healthy and active lifestyle, maintaining a slimmer body will become a breeze, not to mention, you will also stay in your desired slim shape for a long time!




Myth #4: Body slimming treatments are expensive.

Yes, body treatments can be expensive, but if you research your options and devices properly, you can save cash. 

Going to salons and spa centers for body treatments can be costly. Total expense for body sculpting depends on the number of treatments you sign up for and additional care. 

A cheaper, but equally (or more) effective and healthy way is to invest in beauty tools or devices for body slimming. There are devices in the market that are non-invasive, top-quality, high-tech yet provide excellent value for the money for a slimming product Malaysia, such as those available on our website.

Surgical procedures for weight loss and body contouring, on the other hand, are up-there in price. In addition, after these procedures, patients need to take time off from work and often use certain products to remain good-looking and work on how to look younger than your age, which all adds to the price. For example, in Malaysia, the cheapest body sculpting session is around RM1,800 per session, not counting the various additional maintenance post-session! 

The average person needs several treatments to achieve desired results. On the other hand, you can get your own device, for example, the Silk'n Lipo Fat Reduction Device for less than RM3,000 which comes along with the ease of use, the convenience in carrying out the treatment while getting all the benefits of effective slim body results!

Need we say more? In the long run, investing in the best slimming product in Malaysia, such as Dr.Arrivo or similar, makes more sense - check out our quick breakdown of the various types of slimming treatments below!


Comparison between Different Types of Slimming Treatments


Silk’n Lipo

Dr. Arrivo for Body



Body contouring surgery 







Pain level




Moderate, under local anesthesia

Done under general anesthesia, recovery can be painful


Uses LLLT and EMS technologies



Less-invasive surgical technology

Surgical removal of fat in targeted areas


Daily for 1-2 weeks, then reduce to 3 times a week

1-2 times per week on combined mode, or daily on EMS mode

Once a month

One-time only

One-time only

Treatment Location

Can be done at home

Can be done at home

Available at salon

Available at salon

Available only at licensed clinic








Myth #5: Body slimming treatments are only for women. 

This is not true! Taking care of your body, appearance, and health has nothing to do with gender. More men are embracing self-love and investing in their appearance and health.

Men also benefit vastly from body slimming sessions. These treatments, whether they are performed at spa centers and salons, or at home with high-tech tools, can reduce fat, aid weight loss, and improve muscle definition in men.

In addition, these body treatments are healthier alternatives to skipping meals to remove fat, and definitely more effective than slimming cream Malaysia. They provide the best results: increased energy, stamina, and reduced joint pain if combined with healthy foods. Overall, slimming treatments for men are perfect in helping them get a more defined chest and abdomen, so it’s never only for women - men can do it too!

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Photo showing a man and a woman exercising at a park - Body slimming - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Bottom Line

Behind dieting myths debunked there is scientific evidence, as you can see! Body slimming isn't painful, expensive, and short-term, especially, if you use the right tools. My top picks are always in the realm of home tools, such as Silk’ n Lipo and Dr. Arrivo for Body. I like the comfort and the freedom to do the treatments when I feel like it and when I have time. 

I hope you found the article useful! Now if you can excuse me, I’m off to treat myself to a nice body slimming session with my favorite beauty devices!


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