What Is Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum? A Deep Look Into This Popular Korean Skin Care Device

If you've ever looked into at-home LED light based skincare therapy, you would have definitely seen the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum. This device looks like it came straight out of a Sci-Fi movie but is actually one of the most highly recommended beauty devices that many South Korean celebrities endorse as well!

But what is Cellreturn LED Mask, particularly the Platinum version? What makes it so different and is the Cellreturn LED面罩 worth the hype? Here's everything you need to know in this Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum review.

What Is The CELLRETURN LED Mask Platinum All About?

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Cellreturn was first established in South Korea back in 2008 and is a well-known and loved brand in their home country for their beauty products. Their at-home beauty devices focus on the skin around the face, neck, scalp and more, but they are well known for their original LED Face Mask back in 2014!

They have released three different generations of their Cellreturn LED Face Mask, including the Cellreturn LED Mask Premium, with the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum being their fourth generation LED Mask. They even have Black Edition options for both Platinum and Premium versions!


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You may have recalled the LED device mask’s appearance in the popular K-drama series called The King: Eternal Monarch starring Lee Min Ho, who is also a Cellreturn ambassador. This Korean skincare gadget is also endorsed by big-name South Korean stars and celebrity ambassadors such as Park Seo Joon, Kang Sora, and Yeom Jung Ah to name a few, and have won multiple awards particularly for their range of LED face masks.

How Does Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum Work?

This powerful professional LED Mask Korea comes equipped with 1,026 LED lights (the highest in the market) that offers more therapeutic effects and benefits to your skin. This unique mask fully covers your face, ears and neck, which ensures distribution of these LED lights is even and thorough over the skin's surface. 

The modules on the mask are actually patented - the company has discovered their own way of beaming the photons onto the tissue more effectively and safely. You may notice the Cellreturn mask is rigid and not flexible like some other LED light masks but that is because such rigid structure is necessary to store the LED modules in an accurate position.
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These LED lights offer different wavelengths of light in different colours particularly Red, Near Infrared light (NIR), Blue, and Pink. Each of these colours offer different LED light therapy and benefits to the skin. With this Korean mask beauty device, you can use these LED light colours to address particular skin issues:

Red Mode: Combines red light and near-infrared rays to improve skin elasticity, skin density and increase collagen production, as well as reduce sagging skin and skin laxity through firming and brightening the skin while minimising blemishes. With this red light therapy, the LED red light targets deeper into the skin to activate the fibroblasts, whose function is to generate connective tissues leading to faster skin recovery from injury or wounds. [1]

Blue Mode: Uses blue LED light to treat acne, blackheads, oily skin and skin inflammation issues, helping to soothe and calm skin redness and eczema. [2] The higher energy of the LED blue light can be used to kill certain types of bacteria on skin without hurting the skin. Blue light therapy works by activating and increasing the amount of keratinocytes of your skin that are important for skin repair, thus this LED light therapy blue is an effective noninvasive treatment. 

Pink Mode: Uses combination LED light therapy (blue and red LED lights) to calm and treat problematic skin, reducing skin blemishes and scarring.

Cellreturn recommends doing these for 20 minutes each, but if you're short on time they have a fast mode that combines seven minutes on Red Mode, one minute on Blue Mode and one minute of Pink mode for a total of 9 minutes! But of course, if you want the full effect of the particular skin issue you want to address, it's best to go with the 20 minutes skin therapy option.

You may see other beauty devices that use Radio Frequency (RF) technology to do something similar which will make you wonder what's the difference between RF and LED?

Well LED light technology is a lot similar to RF, especially in terms of wavelength. While it's true that RF can penetrate deep into skin, improper use of the technology can cause the skin to burn from overheating. [3]

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about such issues with this Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum, since the LED combination of Red and NIR can also penetrate deeper into skin, which offers optimum skin care benefits like reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin firming as good as what RF technology can offer. Talk about getting the best of both worlds - effective anti-aging skin tightening effects plus your safety assured!

How to Use Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum?


Before using the mask, be sure to cleanse your face and dry it with a soft clean towel. If you want, you can apply a light toner on your skin if it's dry or sensitive before using the device.

As you place the at-home beauty device on your face, you can then do the following:

  1. Fasten the band on the mask to fit around your head and make sure that it's aligned with your eyes or nose.
  2. Select the desired wavelength mode by touching the sensor on top of the mask. This is where you can choose Red Mode (touch once), Blue Mode (touch twice), Pink Mode (touch three times), or Fast Mode (touch four times)!
  3. The device will automatically shut down after its suggested timing of 20 minutes or 9 minutes, after which you can apply your usual beauty products and go about your day as normal.

    The great part about this mask is that it's completely wireless to use, requiring a wireless touch to function as well as wireless charging. You can even use the official Cellreturn app to control the device, as well as keep track of how often and how long you've done your treatments!

    Is Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum Safe to Use?

    Yes! The device comes with a variety of global safety certifications. It comes with the European CE marked safety validation and is also certified in the FCC (Federal Communications and Commission) and Electrical appliance safety certification electromagnetic compatibility validated. 

    Cellreturn LEDs are essentially complex semiconductors that convert current into non-interfering narrow spectrum light. Unlike laser therapy, Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum is much easier and safer to use, with no risk of tissue damage. The wavelengths are delivered at much lower power and most importantly treatment time is shortened because a larger surface area can be treated at the same time.

    The device has also been ocular safety validated, which means it's completely safe for the eyes so you don’t have to worry about accidental eye damage. It has an eye shield that protects the eyes so you can be assured of the device's safety even in use.

    With that said, it's always best to read the manual and instructions that come with the device so you can use it safely and correctly for optimum results. Also, remember to buy the device from certified trusted sellers to further ensure your safe usage!

    What to Expect from Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum?

    Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum Customer Testimonials | What Is Cellreturn LED Mask | BeautyFoo Mall

    This LED Mask doesn't hold back in offering the best in at-home LED treatment. With its unique shape and 1,026 lights it definitely gives the best coverage and has the best effect so far. It's also really easy to use, as all it takes is a tap on the top of the mask to switch modes.

    There's no doubt that the Cellreturn Platinum Mask does a great job in doing what it can to treat skin issues. After a week of use, skin definitely felt smoother compared to before as it can minimize pores, and fine lines looked faded as well. It even helped lessen skin causing acne issues, and significantly reduce the obvious appearance of skin pores too.

    But this is only for one week. You should be able to see more visible skin tightening, anti-aging and smooth skin results in 4 weeks thanks to the patented LED technology that helps to increase collagen synthesis and wrinkle prevention. However, it is recommended to use it for far longer to see better skin results and keep it that way too to maintain your beautiful glowing, healthy skin complexion.

    FAQs About Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum

    Is the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum good for dry skin?

    Yes! The LED Mask Platinum by Cellreturn is actually a great solution to dry skin as it increases the moisture content in your skin by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid responsible for your skin’s elasticity as well as deep moisturisation. [4] This is done by penetrating the LED lights to activate the fibroblasts in the skin, so this homecare beauty device is in fact, an effective skin care device for dry skin conditions.

    How do I clean the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum?

    You can clean the inside of the mask using a wet towel or a cotton pad moistened with antiseptic or toner after you use it. The inside of the mask is antibacterial-treated so you can be sure to use it hygienically.

    How do I charge the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum, and how do I know if it’s fully charged?

    You can charge the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum by letting it sit on the designated cradle that came with it, or direct charge by plugging into the device. The device will turn RED to show that it's charging, and will turn BLUE when it's fully charged.

    What are the differences between Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum vs Premium LED Mask?

    The major difference is with the amount of LEDs on the devices. The Platinum LED Mask comes with 1,026 LEDs while the Premium LED Mask has a total of 690 LEDs. The Platinum LED Mask also comes with the 9-minute FAST mode which the Premium doesn't have.

    Is there any warranty for the product?

    Yes, you will get a 1 year warranty as long as you purchase the device from certified sellers!

    What is the lifespan of my Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum?

    The built-in LEDs inside the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum is available with 50,000 hours of use over the long term, which under normal use would be over 400 years. However, since it is a wireless product, the built-in battery located at the forehead area lasts for approximately 5 years depending on the environment of use. 

    It is advisable to change the battery every 5 years. Battery exchange services are available by contacting the Cellreturn Head Office or the Authorised Distributor where you bought the device.

    Is The Cellreturn Platinum LED Mask Worth The Hype? We Think It Is!

    If you're serious about skincare, there's no doubt that the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum is a worthwhile investment that is also worth the hype. Offering the best LED light therapy treatment in your own home, it's easy to use and delivers the results it promises.

    As long as you buy the device from a certified seller, you can be assured you will be getting the best at-home beauty device in the market today. And if you are keen to own the LED mask today, search no more - you can easily get it from us here

    We hope you found this Cellreturn LED Mask review useful! Be sure to find out more about the device right here at BeautyFoo Mall where we’re always on track with the latest beauty care trends!


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