12 Eye Bag Removal Hacks: How To Remove Eyebags Naturally Without Surgery

Eye bags are a bane of a busy person's existence. Are you tired of dealing with under eye bags every morning? Are you sick of applying layers of concealer under your eyes every day as your go-to puffy eyes treatment? If so, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we will address all you need to know regarding eye bags, eye bag removal, and eyebag treatment that work like a charm. If you often pull late nights (like me), you will be delighted to find these how to remove eyebags hacks handy, so let’s get straight into it!


What Are Eye Bags, and What Causes Eye Bags?

If you aren't familiar with the eyebag meaning, in simple words, mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes are called eye bags. According to studies, as the tissues and supporting muscles around the eyes weaken with age, eye bags become more and more prominent due to too much skin. This makes it easier for the supporting fat around your eyes to move into the lower eyelid, making them appear puffy and slightly swollen.

Symptoms of under-eye bags include mild swelling under the eyes, saggy skin, and dark under eye circles. They can be caused by:

  • Aging process
  • Fluid retention
  • Lack of sleep
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Smoking


One of the major reasons people get eye bags is because they are hereditary. In some cases, medical conditions also play a role in emerging eyebags or eyebag. Additionally, crying can be a cause of puffy skin as the tissues around the eyes absorb the tears.

Under-eye bags are usually just a cosmetic concern. But there are rare cases where this does not stand true. If eye bags accompany health conditions like vision impairment, eye irritation, or headaches, then see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Diseases like dermatitis, dermatomyositis, renal disease, and thyroid eye disease can lead to eye bags as well.


Eyebags VS No Eyebags Comparison | How to Remove Eyebags | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
Eye bags vs without eye bags. Source: dermcollective.com


How To Remove Eyebags Naturally Without Surgery?

If you’re wondering how to remove eye bags permanently, one common answer points to eye bag removal surgery. But it's risky and might even cause permanent damage to your eyesight if done incorrectly. Eye bag removal surgery cost in Malaysia can range anywhere between RM 5000 to 10000 depending on type of treatment needed, which is expensive!

We will go through the below-mentioned home remedies for eye bags, which are also the better how to get rid of puffy eyes alternatives. 


#1 Use The Right At-Home Beauty Tools

Instead of leaning towards eye bag surgery, eyelid surgery, injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers or similar medical treatment options, we recommend you use at-home beauty devices to reduce puffiness and reduce swelling of your under eye. There's no discomfort from the device usage and you get all the skin care benefits you want: increased skin elasticity, reduced dark circles and loose skin around the eyes, improved pigmentation issues around the eye.

These beauty devices are not only safe to help you towards eye bags reduction, but they are also more convenient while being effective at a fraction of the cost of surgeries and other cosmetic procedures! 


Belega CellCure 4T Plus - Best Eye Bag Removal Device!

Belega cellcure_4tplus - How to remove eyebags naturally without surgery - BeautyFoo Mall

If you’re looking for a small eye bag remover device that easily treats delicate areas, Belega CellCure 4T Plus is just perfect for the task, especially since it is also the best at home device for sagging skin. 

This Belega美容仪 comes with four treatment modes to carefully treat skin sagging on face, including your puffy eye areas. This is done by deep cleansing residual dirt from pores through its Electro Cleansing Mode first, removing the dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin in the process through its gentle Microcurrent Mode, followed by a skin tightening session via its EMS Cell Cure Mode and finally, stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid via the Electroporation Mode’s special electric pulses.

Due to its compact size, this beauty device is a handy tool to bring along in your travels, as its 6 hours of charging can last for 20 uses cordlessly. This means you can have your personal eyebag treatment session anywhere you go!




Tripollar STOP Eye 2

tripollar-stop-eye-2+ - How to remove eyebags naturally without surgery - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia.jpg

Tripollar STOP Eye 2 (now improved to Tripollar STOP Eye 2+) is the latest model after Tripollar Stop Eye, with an upgraded 3D mapping temperature sensor to give better anti-aging results. 

One of the best anti aging skin care products in the market, this device provides a non-invasive treatment using the principles of multi-RF technology to assist its user on eye bag reduction, improving under eye puffiness and how to remove wrinkles under eyes effectively. 

The multipolar radiofrequency energy works by delivering interchanging radio frequency waves targeted at the dermis and epidermis layers to trigger the collagen regeneration rapidly. Tripollar STOP Eye 2 also combines micro massaging feature in its device to reduce edema, giving out gentle vibrations around the eye area, which stimulates blood flow for healthier skin texture and improved vitality. 

Follow the recommended usage regime, and you should be able to see improvement around your eye area in just six to eight weeks! 




Dualsonic Professional 

Dualsonic Professional HIFU - How to remove eyebags naturally without surgery - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

This portable, high-intensity, ultrasound beauty device is known for being non-invasive when it comes to non-surgical solutions to reduce eye bags. Proudly carrying the label of World’s First Patent Dual-Layer HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Technology, the Dualsonic Professional beauty device features an eye cartridge with a 1.5 mm mode to precisely treat the eye area to further improve elastin stimulation, dermal density, and collagen production.

Additionally, this HIFU device comes with three modes, each one targeting a different skin depth on your face for a complete face lifting and anti-wrinkle care. One mode reaches 3 mm skin deep, the other reaches 4.5 mm, and the third one reaches dual depth, by reaching 3 and 4.5 mm simultaneously. 

The eyebag remover device has a safety feature that prevents overlaps in shots treatment at the same spot. Not only is it the perfect answer to ‘how to lose eyebags’ but it is also one of the best face lifting tools to create your V shape face look! 




Silk’n FaceTite Z

Silk n FaceTite Z - How to remove eyebags naturally without surgery - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Source: 988.com.my

Another wonderful face lifting machine, the Silk’n FaceTite Z device is proven effective, easy to use, and treats faster than its predecessors, using HT™ (Home Tightening) technology that combines three different types of energy sources, namely Bipolar RF energy, LED light energy, and IR heat energy. 

Silk’n FaceTite Z has four temperature settings that can be operated using just one button, helping your skin to repair the weakened collagen and elastin fibres from inside out with its skin tightening technology, thus reducing the eye bag appearance greatly. It’s also super convenient to use since it operates cordlessly.

On top of that, you don’t need any recovery time after using Silk’n FaceTite Z - just continue with your daily skin care routine and activities like usual. For more details, you can check out our Silk’n FaceTite Z review.




#2 Get Enough Good Sleep - 7 to 8 Hours If You Can

When you don’t get enough sleep at night, the vessels in your blood dilate. This increases blood flow and causes dark under eye bags. So, a good night’s sleep is the best puffy eye treatmentStudies show that the recommended sleep is at least seven hours of sleep per day.


#3 Have Enough Water Intake

Eating salty food that retains water causes puffiness around eyes. Drinking an ample amount of water will flush the salt out while preventing dehydration, thus reducing the salt concentration around the puffy under eyes. So, remember to stay hydrated and eat lots of foods rich in Vitamin C to say goodbye to swelling, baggy eyes!


#4 Try a Cold Compress

Cold compresses shrink the dilated blood vessels and reduce redness plus puffiness around the eyes. Just wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and gently roll the ice pack on your under eye bags. You can also use chilled vegetables like potatoes and cucumber juice for this. 


#5 Reduce High-Salt Intake

Salty foods retain water and cause puffiness. Reducing the salt intake prevents this and is a great answer to your beauty dilemma on ‘how to reduce eye bags’ and ‘how to reduce puffy eyes’.


#6 Sunscreen Your Skin

Damage from the sun’s UV rays can make the skin under your eyes weak. This harsh sun exposure can result in under eye bags and under eye circles. Wearing sunscreen will help strengthen your skin and get rid of bags under your eyes, plus other skin concerns like how to remove freckles.


#7 Makeup Off Before Sleep

Makeup is made up of chemicals and keeping it on at night will make your skin absorb those chemicals. Make removing your makeup a nightly routine and get rid of bags in your under eye area.


#8 Say No To Smoking And Alcohol

Smokers have noticeable dark under eye circles because nicotine withdrawal during nighttime can disturb sleep, causing under eye bags to form. Similarly, alcoholic beverages lead to the formation of under-eye bags by dilating the blood vessels and causing darkening of the under-eye area. Refrain from smoking and alcohol intake to keep those eyebags away!


#9 Elevate The Head When Sleeping

Eye bags form by excess fat pooling under your eyes. Elevating your head when sleeping will prevent this. 


#10 Avoid Allergens 

During an allergic episode, a person's eyes give off histamines to fight the allergens. These histamines are immune proteins that make your eyes watery and puffy.

How to remove eye bag fast in this case? Try to keep away from allergens like dust, pollen and incompatible personal care products, or take anti-histamines as prescribed by your doctor if you suspect it to be allergy induced.


#11 Go For A Collagen-Rich Diet

Collagen-rich, anti-aging foods will help beat those under-eye bags and give you firmer skin on the lower lid. These food include:

  • Oranges 
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Fish
  • Avocado


#12 Apply Cold Tea Bags

The caffeine present in tea is an antioxidant and it increases blood flow to the thin skin, which makes it a great eye bag treatment

All you need to do is steep two tea bags for three minutes, cool them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, squeeze out the excess liquid, and leave them in your under eye area for 20 minutes. This is the perfect answer to how to get rid of eye bags in minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Eye Bags Permanent?

Yes, to some extent. All people have bags under their eyes, but with consistent care and vigilance, and by using the above-mentioned techniques, you can gradually reduce them to a non-noticeable intensity (depending on your skin type and skin tone). 


Are Puffy Eyes and Swollen Eyes the Same?

Many people mix the terms ‘puffy eyes’ and ‘swollen eyes’. Swollen eyes are caused due to an allergic reaction, injury, or infection, whereas bags under eyes are soft, swollen eyelids caused due to water retention (also known as fluid retention or edema) or lack of sleep.

The terms ‘under eye bags’ and ‘puffy eyes’ are also often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to different conditions.

People with eyebags tend to have eye puffiness too, but the underlying cause of both conditions differ. Under eye bags are mainly caused by natural aging, while under eye bags are largely attributed to diet and fluid retention.


How Do You Get Rid Of Eye Bags Overnight?

Using cold compresses and green tea bags, and increasing the water intake will reduce the intensity of eye bags overnight. But using beauty devices will give a more permanent solution. We recommend that you stick with the above-mentioned beauty devices to reduce eye bags such as Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus by Belega Japan, Tripollar STOP Eye 2 and Dualsonic Professional.


Can Eye Bags Be Removed?

Yes, there are ways to remove the bags under your eyes permanently. But that requires surgical procedures, like eyelid plastic surgery and lower blepharoplasty, which aren’t just risky but are heavy on the expenses too. Instead, the beauty devices mentioned above, if used rightly and consistently, are the safer and equally effective solution.


What Is The Best Treatment For Eye Bags?

We’d say the best treatment for eye bags is beauty devices, as they’ll have permanent, long-term effects with safety assured. They’re easy to use and budget-friendly in the long term. Improving your diet is also the key, so stay away from salty food, and consume more collagen-stimulating food.


Can Ice Remove Eye Bags?

Yes, you can remove eye bags with a cold compress, such as an ice pack or frozen bag of vegetables. This is because the coldness can lessen inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow, which can help remove eye bags. However, this is a temporary method - it is best to change your lifestyle to a healthier one such as getting enough sleep and reducing salt intake, and use beauty devices like Tripollar STOP Eye 2+.


Why Do I Have Eyebags Even When I Get Enough Sleep? 

You may still have eye bags even when you get enough sleep as there are other factors that can cause the appearance of eyebags, such as water retention due to poor lymphatic drainage caused by lack of sleep, a rich diet, alcohol, or smoking. Also, other factors like allergies, genetics, and aging, which can cause the skin and muscles around the eyes to weaken and sag, contribute to the formation of eye bags.


Does Eye Cream Reduce Bags?

Eye creams might provide some help to reduce bags around the eye and undereye puffiness, but such products provide just a temporary measure. You may find instant fix gels and creams for eye bags available, but these products tend to shrink as they become dry. In many people's cases, eye creams may not give much effect at all, especially if you have hereditary bags or dark circles.



Eye bags are quick to appear, but if you’re vigilant, they’ll disappear quickly as well. Home remedies involving the use of a cold compress, eye cream, wear sunglasses or sunscreen, and a good night's sleep will be a temporary solution, but beauty devices will go a long way to help you remove bags under the eyes naturally without surgery!

Not sure where to start after considering beauty device as the eyebag removal solution? We highly recommend Tripollar STOP Eye 2+ and Dualsonic Professional HIFU as they are among the best eye bag treatment devices proven effective at reducing your eyebag appearance. If you are looking for a device that treats more than just eyebags, then consider getting the Silk’n FaceTite Z or the Belega CellCure 4T Plus for a more advanced facial care (or both if you have the budget!)

What other concerns do you have with regards to your eye area? Feel free to contact our customer service for a quick chat so we can help you narrow down to the best beauty device to solve your skincare issues!

BeautyFoo Mall is here to make you stay in touch with all the recent beauty and skin care trends. We believe that everyone deserves the best beauty device Malaysia and top-notch beauty products, and we’re here to deliver just that. As the sole authorized distributor of the Belega and Artistic & Co. (Japan), Cellreturn, DPC and Dualsonic (Korea), Silk’n beauty devices and etc. in Malaysia, we’re here to provide you with the best of the best!

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