Epilator vs Shaver: Which One is Better?

 Are you tired of body hair and are looking for a viable solution for permanent hair removal? Have you considered using devices like an epilator or a shaver but are confused about which one is the better choice? If so, you’re in the right place. 

We will tell you everything you need to know about an epilator and a shaver and then introduce you to Home IPL Hair Removal, which might be just the thing you need. So let’s end the epilator vs shaver debate once and for all.


What Is Epilator?

Lady shaving her leg using an epilator - Hair Removal Epilator vs Shaver - BeautyFoo Mall


There are many hair removal techniques in the world, and truly, some are better than others, but if you’re looking for a new way to get rid of body hair, an epilator might just be the device you need. An epilator removes hair from the roots, similar to waxing and plucking, and this electrical device can be used on your skin directly. You can either get a wet epilator or a dry one: the wet epilator is to use in the shower or bath, and a dry epilator has to be used on dry skin.

Taking hair out from the roots sounds painful, and it is, but the more you use an epilator, the less pain you’ll experience. Using a hair removal epilator is no rocket science, as it is quite an easy procedure. 

Before use, exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells and ingrown hairs. Then position the device at 90 degrees on your skin, don’t press it hard against your skin, and move it in direction of the skin growth to remove hair. 

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What Is Shaver?

Woman shaving her leg with a shaver - Epilator vs shaver hair removal - BeautyFoo Mall


For most women, removing body hair from the neck down to the toes is an important part of their grooming. Many women spend time in salons to get waxed, but for some women who don’t have the time or the money for salon visits, using an electric shaver is the next best option for hair removal. An electric shaver is a mechanical electronic device that slices hair off at the skin surface and leaves the root of the hair inside.

Shavers are painless and easy to use and you can use them on your arms, legs, and even sensitive areas like private parts and armpits. Before starting, wash your treatment areas with warm water and soap to remove ingrown hairs. 

The cleaner the area and the lesser the ingrown hair, the smoother the shave. Pull the skin taut and move the shaver in the direction of the hair’s growth. After you’re done, wipe the area with a towel and apply lotion or aloe vera gel. 


Epilator VS Shaver: Which One Is Better For Hair Removal?

Both the devices are good for removing body hair, but of course, they both have their list of pros and cons. There are both advantages and disadvantages of epilator as well as a shaver. So let's see who wins in the epilator or shaving, epilator vs shaving battle.


Epilator Pros & Cons


  1. Long-lasting results
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. At-home 
  4. Hair gets thinner and finer with time
  5. Convenient for travel
  6. Hair growth reduces over time, so epilators can also be called a semi permanent hair removal method


  1. Epilation is extremely painful for the first few sessions, making it hard to epilate pubic hair
  2. Can lead to ingrown hair if the skin isn’t exfoliated properly
  3. Pricey
  4. Skin redness after sessions, but you can apply ice or a moisturizing lotion to the red areas to reduce any redness.

Shaver Pros & Cons


  1. Painless
  2. Cheaper
  3. Easy-to-use
  4. Time efficient 
  5. Great for travel



  1. Hair grows out pretty fast and coarse as the hair isn’t removed from the roots
  2. Requires frequent shaving
  3. Can lead to cuts
  4. Might need to get shaving creams


Epilator vs Shaver Comparison Table



Removes hair at root level

Slices hair off skin level

Painful (epilators use 15-20 tweezers to pull hair out)


Hair takes longer to grow again, so you get smoother skin for longer

As hair is only cut off on skin level, you’ll see stubble in one to two days

One session takes longer


Hair growth decreases over time

Coarser hair will grow after shaving

Hair must be a quarter of an inch long for an epilator to work

Hair can be any length 

Higher price range

Lower price range 



Home IPL Hair Removal Is The Way To Go - Painless, Cordless, and Permanent

Home IPL hair removal devices are great skin care tools to remove the body and facial hair. IPL stands for intense pulsed light. This technology applies gentle pulses of light to the hair’s roots and this makes the hair go into its resting phase. 

The hair that is already there falls out, and after a few sessions, your body begins to grow less and less hair in that area. Just like skin tightening devices and facials, hair removal is essential for most women looking to improve their appearance.

Of course, there are many salons and cosmetic procedures that will help you get an IPL treatment or laser hair removal, but waiting in clinic lines and spending fortunes on appointments isn’t ideal. That is why we have here for you home IPL hair removal devices, that gives you the whole IPL magic in the comfort of your house. 

Cordless and travel-friendly devices for removing hair have been around for ages, in form of epilators and shavers, but this device is a life changer. Epilators hurt like a throwing star and shavers make the hair come back thicker, but an IPL hair removal device has none of that. They’re the best of both worlds!


Silk'n Infinity 2.0

Beautiful woman using the Silk’n Infinity 2.0 hair removal device - Epilator vs Shaver - BeautyFoo Mall permanent hair removal


The Silk’n Infinity 2.0 is an FDA-approved, safe, and effective device that uses Home Pulsed Light technology, also known as HPL, for hair-free skin and removing hair from sensitive skin. This technology uses optical light energy and gives the user an option between five whole power settings so they can choose whichever one they desire. 

Each session lasts for 10 minutes and should be done once every two weeks for the first four sessions. Later, it can be used once a month for the 5th to 7th time. And after seven sessions, you can reduce it to once every three months or as much as needed.

Unlike many other devices, this one doesn’t need cartridge refills for removing hair. It can be used on the face (below the cheekbones), arms, legs, private parts, etc. Apart from getting rid of unwanted hair, it’s also great a treatment for acne scars as it acts as a skin rejuvenation device as well, making it one of the best anti aging skin care products around. 

The device works using a quartz bulb that sends optical light pulses to the skin, and the light energy from that is absorbed by the hair and is transformed to heat. The hair is destroyed to the roots and won’t grow back, and the skin around remains unaffected. No pain, no huge hassle, it’s as easy as pie. Get smooth skin and remove hair now!

The added galvanic energy feature works perfectly to remove stubborn and deep-rooted hair. This technology is well suited for all skin types, however, there are different power settings for different skin tones. You can choose whichever one suits you the best.




Silk'n Jewel

Beautiful lady using the Silk’n Jewel hair removal device - Epilator vs Shaver - BeautyFoo Mall permanent hair removal


This award-winning HPL technology is made to reduce and disable hair growth without damaging any skin. This Silk’n Jewel hair removal device comes to us from Israel and works by gently directing low-energy light to penetrate the roots of the hair follicles quickly and deeply. 

This aids the melanin in the hair to convert light energy into heat energy, which makes the hair demolish and fall off. The heat energy kills the hair and terminates the follicles. It also stops the regeneration of the hair follicle to stop future hair from growing.

Just this one device is good for lifelong with 400,000 flashes in it, which is actually more than enough to cater to 6 to 7 people in achieving permanent hair removal! This device is safe to use on all parts of the body, including the face, and it is capable to sense skin, so when the Silk’n Jewel isn’t in contact with skin, it shuts down. Plus, this product is FDA approved and Health Canada cleared.

You have a range of energy level options to use, based on your skin and hair type. You don’t need to press the trigger continuously when using the product, it works with a ‘touch and flash’ method. It’s portable, compact, and is recommended by skin care specialists and dermatologists. 

For the first four treatments, it’s recommended to use it two weeks apart, while for the next three, use it four weeks apart. Later, give yourself a treatment whenever needed!




Silk'n Flash&Go Pro 

Silk’n Flash&Go Pro hair removal device - Epilator vs Shaver - BeautyFoo Mall permanent hair removal


This Silk'n Flash&Go Pro device is clinically proven, Health Canada cleared, and FDA approved for permanent hair removal. It uses HPL technology and touch and glide features for a smooth and effective treatment. The touch and glide features make using the device simple, as you just have to use one button to turn the device on, off, and even change the energy levels. 

It has two modes you can choose from: the touch mode/spot treatment for sensitive areas like the upper lips, armpit hair removal, bikini lines, and other delicate and sensitive areas, and the continuous gliding mode for thighs, arms, back, and other large treatment areas. As it is built larger than the Silk’n Infinity 2.0 and the Silk’n Jewel, we recommend using this to remove hair from large surface areas of your body.

With this device, you don’t need cartridges to be refilled. It has a built-in skin color sensor that lets the device flash only when it comes close to the skin and lowers the energy level when the skin is dark, making it perfect for bikini thread lines. 

It can produce 450,000 to 500,000 flashes, and you can choose from five different energy levels. Just use it twice a week for the first four treatments, then once a month for the next three treatments, and lastly every three months for maintenance.





Hopefully, this article helped you find the answers you’re looking for, as all these devices are among the top skin care trends 2022. If you want a new hair removal device to get rid of unwanted hair, yes, epilators and shavers are considerable options, but home IPL devices are way more effective and definitely painless. I would pick the Silk’n hair removal devices than an epilator or a shaver anytime!

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