AMIRO LumoMax High-Energy Light Therapy Device

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AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

AMIRO Preparation Gel 70 ML

AMIRO Preparation Gel 70 ML

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Introducing AMIRO LumoMax High-energy Light Therapy Device, designed for skin whitening, acne relief, and soothing! Recover different skin problems faster with just one click. Featuring higher-level energy, more precise light wavelength, and a lighter weight design, AMIRO LumoMax can be used at home for on-the-spot skin rejuvenation and deep, penetrating recovery.

AMIRO LumoMax Clinical Results| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

AMIRO LumoMax Golden Rule of Phototherapy| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

The Golden Rule Of Phototherapy

177mw/cm² higher energy level & precise wavelength

For better treatment results

Peak Energy X Precision Wavelengths
LumoMax is designed to address different skin issues through the use of four types of narrow-spectrum light.

Blue Light
Anti-acne & anti-inflammatory

Yellow Light
Soothing redness

Red Light
Collagen regeneration

7 Modes For Precise Repair Of Complex Skin Problems

5 daily care modes & 2 special procedure treatment modes, specialized in recovery afer surgery. Can be used on face area, body area, intimate area, hair (Perm-dyed damaged hair can irradiate A5 soothing mode; oily hair can switch to A4 acne mode)

AMIRO LumoMax Golden Dispersion Angle| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

21.5 ° Golden Dispersion Angle

Specially developed star cone spotlight headlamp cups, make the energy penetration stronger. Energy level is enhanced 50.59% compares with no cup.

AMIRO LumoMax Light weight and easy to bring | Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

13mm Thickness & 0.67kg Weight , Traveling With No Pressure

Featuring a slim, fashionable, and practical design, LumoMax is only half as thick as its competitors. Additionally, it comes with an integrated dustproof and scratchproof cover, which can also be used as a stand.

AMIRO LumoMax Two ways to interact | Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

2 Ways To Interact

Combination of physical keys and voice notification for more accurate operation. Real-time voice announcement allows you to easily navigate and switch between modes even with your eyes closed.

Never Miss A Moment Of Brilliance

AMIRO LumoMax Moment of Brilliance | Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What's the difference between LumoMax and regular barrier repair skincare product? 

Skincare products are chemical interventions on the surface skin to achieve barrier repair, but the effect is maintained short. AMIRO LumoMax High-Energy Light Therapy Device, which physically intervenes in cell populations through energy light waves, hits the root cause of the problem and reduces recurring problems, with longer-lasting results.

Q2: Can LED Therapy Mask be used every day? 

It is recommended to use 3 to 5 times a week or so. If your skin tolerance is good, and would want to quickly see the effect, can also be used every day. Please note that it is not recommended to use the product for more than 30 minutes at a time

Q3: Can LumoMax be used with whitening essence? 

It is recommended to use it after the phototherapy for better efficacy. But do not use the whitening essence before phototherapy.

Q4: Can I use my own sunglasses? 

We recommend using our official goggles. We have customized exclusive coatings to suit LumoMax wavelengths with higher shade.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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