AMIRO R1 Lift Facial RF Skin Tightening Device

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AMIRO Preparation Gel 70 ML

AMIRO Preparation Gel 70 ML

AMIRO R1 PRO Facial RF Skin Tightening Device

AMIRO R1 PRO Facial RF Skin Tightening Device

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AMIRO R1 Lift targets both the face and delicate eye area, offering a comprehensive anti-aging treatment at the comfort of your own home. It effectively combats signs of aging by defining the jawline, tighten and lift your sagging skin, and helps to reducing fine line & wrinkles. Elevate your face sculpting journey with our exclusive bundle for a nourishing experience that enhances your rejuvenated V-shape.

AMIRO R1 Lift Facial RF Skin Tightening Device| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
AMIRO R1 Lift Safeguard Your Skin| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Safeguard Your Skin

Experience a safe and gentle skin-tightening treatment with a thermal control system. Our advanced technology intuitively adapts the device's power output to ensure your safety, maintaining an optimal temperature of no higher than 42℃ for your skin.

AMIRO R1 Lift Unique Smooth RF Head| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
AMIRO R1 Lift Customize Your Skincare With Two Modes| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Customize Your Skincare With Two Modes

Eye Care Mode (4 min)

Simply apply eye product and gently glide our device around each eye for 2 minutes. Feel the magic of R1 Lift as it effectively reduces dark circles and fades wrinkles. Elevate your skincare routine with the transformative power of our Eye Care Mode for truly rejuenated eyes.

Full Face Anti-Aging Mode (5 min)

Define your jawline with our L’Oréal mask for 2 minutes. Continue the journey with a 3-minute R1 Lift treatment, gliding across your entire face. Experience a youthful transformation as the treatment stimulates skin circulation, energizes cellular collagen and banishes fatigue. Achieve a rejuvenated face with ease.

AMIRO R1 Lift features| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Ergonomic hand-grip

Anti-slip and triangular grip design for an effortless hand-holding experience.

Smart Indication

Vibration-based timing reminder for a mind-free skincare process.

Wireless Design

Wire-free convenience for on-the-go users.


We prioritize sustainability and value your investment by incorporating an eco-friendly design and utilizing durable materials.

AMIRO Facial Device Comparison| Amiro Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does the preparation gel come with the device? 

Yes, we offer a free gel for R1 Lift facial RF device.

Q2: Why there is a weld Line on the head? 

AMIRO's unique flat head design can avoid skin pigmentation caused by friction. A small mold line will be formed during the condensed process of the tin titanium electrode sheet of the guide head and the guiding lens. This weld line is a normal phenomenon, is not a scratch, crack, or trace of secondary use, and does not affect normal use. The device has undergone 100 reliability tests during production, so please use it with confidence.

Q3: Which parts of the body is this device suitable for? 

This product is suitable for most areas of the face, around the eyes, and neck, but not for the lips, eyeballs, upper and lower eyelids, eyelids, and throat.

Q4: What is AMIRO RF skincare device? 

It is an anti-aging skincare device that works with high radiofrequency technology to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. It repairs the skin's own collagen and elastin fibers and strengthens its deeper layers from the inside out.

Q5: How it Works 

The Radiofrequency machine or RF machine uses heat to rejuvenate your skin. It is a heating device that emits radiofrequency waves. These waves heat the skin tissues, tricking your body into thinking that it is injured. As a result, your body sends growth factors and collagen to the ‘injured’ tissues. When your skin produces more collagen, the area becomes tight, and wrinkles disappear.


STEP 01 - Apply gel

After cleansing your face, apply gel to the center of the device head, press and hold the power button to turn it on, select the mode and intensity level, and press it close to your skin.

STEP 02 - Rejuvenate

When there is a short vibration, switch to the next area by following the order of the left cheek, right cheek, and forehead.

STEP 03 - Finish

When the device emits a long vibration, it means the treatment has ended. Cleanse the remaining gel on your face and wipe the device head with a wet cloth.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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