BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus

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AMIRO S1 Facial RF Skin Tightening Device

AMIRO S1 Facial RF Skin Tightening Device

BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++

BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++

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Belega美容仪 beauty device brand has been focusing on improved beauty technology for 20 years and counting. With their 365-day skin care experience, you can now have effective skin tightening on face to tackle saggy skin, plus brighter V shape face lift!

Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus 丝露亚家用美容仪可以有效的提拉紧致面部肌肉,解决所有有关 脸部下垂怎么办 的问题!


Get Real Facials That You Can Easily Do At Home With Just One Skin Tightening Facial Device

Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus (丝露亚美容仪) is one of the best face lifting tools developed with various medical device manufacturers.

The CellCure 4T Plus is equipped with the Patented “I.W. Wave” (Patent No. 4859694) and three other professional technologies that are usually only found at a professional beauty salon. With the at-home beauty device, now you can enjoy four professional-grade care technologies all in one best at home device for sagging skin!

Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus is a palm-size compact facial treatment device developed by Belega Japan for convenient operation. You can easily take the device with you when traveling. As one of the most convenient skin care tools in the beauty device market, it can be used cordlessly about 20 times (5 minutes each time) after charging for 6 hours.


Unique I.W. Technology, Hard Core Anti-Aging Therapy

I.W is the abbreviation of Interwind Wave Effect, which is a special waveform interference wave originally invented by Belega of Japan in the Japanese beauty industry. The principle is to use 4 electrodes to directly act on the fascia layer to generate microcurrent and interference waves to achieve the effect of exercising facial muscles. Every three seconds, an electric shock mode is changed to prevent the muscles and tendons from generating inertia to the electric shock, so that the exercise of the facial muscles can continue.

The fascia layer is like the steel bar of the skin - its relaxation causes skin sagging on face, and the facial muscles have a certain tension. When a certain expressive muscle contracts due to the tension transmission of the intermediate muscle, other expressive muscles connected to the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) are elongated. The electrode point can stimulate the fascia of the SMAS layer to contract, and its own collagen regeneration can improve the skin tightening and fullness effect. 

You will be able to see instant skin tightening effect upon usage in just 5 minutes with this best at home device for sagging skin!

4 Modes and 10 Gear Settings For A Comprehensive And Efficient Care To Treat Skin Sagging On Face

  • Minus mode for deep electro cleansing
  • Plus mode uses gentle microcurrent technology to minimize pores after cleansing
  • EMS Cell cure mode to train facial muscles towards tighter skin
  • Electroporation mode aims deeper skin layers to rejuvenate collagen and hyaluronic acid production

You can use the Belega facial device to provide a head massage, eye massage to help on how to remove wrinkles under eyes problem, arm massage, and even shoulder and neck massage for a full body beauty care!

Note: Generally, cosmetic ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue to achieve cosmetic effects without injection. However, with these four modes, the beauty ingredients from your anti aging skin care products can safely penetrate into the deep layers of the skin with the improved absorption. Usually, it takes 4 months of application of your skincare products to penetrate using normal application, but with best at home device for sagging skin like Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus, you can achieve reduced saggy skin results through the enhanced anti aging product absorption with one introduction!

* The above data comes from internal experiments, and the specific effects of the Belega Japan device are for reference only

Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus Functions & Effects | BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus - Best At Home Device For Sagging Skin | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
Belega Cell Cure 4T Plus Customer Satisfaction Level to solve skin sagging on face | BELEGA Cell Cure 4T Plus - Best At Home Device For Sagging Skin | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


  • Cleaning to the level of pores and skin grooves
  • Exercise of facial muscles for skin firming
  • Effective nutrition
  • Promotes blood circulation, and shines a complexion
  • Enhance the absorption of your lotion and serum
  • Activating and improving blood and lymph flow, skin can become fresh and firm.
  • Assist penetration of the muscles and muscles of the head and scalp serum.
  • Treat details area such as around the eyes, next to the nose, and around the lips.

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4 types Modes/Treatments available: 

Minus mode (Green): Electro cleansing treatment
In MINUS mode, foundations that have entered the skin grooves and pores will fall off. It is a cleansing method that removes dirt that cannot be removed by normal cleansing by passing a small electric current through the face, gives the skin a feeling of cleanliness and transparency, and promotes blood circulation to make the complexion shine.

Plus Mode (Yellow): Electro cleansing treatment
In PLUS mode, exhaust gas, cigarette particles, old dead skin, etc. can be removed. It uses gentle microcurrent technology to minimize pores after cleansing.

Cell Cure Mode (Red): I.W.wave (EMS)
In this mode, EMS (weak current) generated by the patented I.W wave rejuvenates the cells of the skin and improves the resilience of the skin. EMS work on the mother cells of the skin to train deeper facial muscles. By using it by pulling it up from the bottom along the face line, it will tighten the skin you care about.

Poration mode (Blue): Electroporation treatment
A special electric pulse is used to deeply penetrate large molecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid and non-electrolytic components.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty