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Regain your youthful looking and radiant skin with Silk’n FaceTite Z Pro Anti-aging Face Treatment Device – The new and improved 3 energy sources Home Tightening beauty device.

This is an enhanced Silk’n FaceTite Z package to include a custom-designed sterilizer box with timer feature acting as a case or holder for the device, which makes your treatment safe and efficient.

  • Tested by the authoritative laboratory Intertek: Skin reaches 43C in 2 minutes, which stimulate collagen rejuvenation within 5 minutes, retrieve your youthful and radiant skin in 2 weeks.
  • Four Treatment Modes: Skin rejuvenation, lifting, firming, and collagen stimulation.
  • Three Detection Technology: Temperature, motion and contact detection which greatly enhance safety avoiding overheating on a particular spot of our delicate facial skin.
  • Treatment time takes only 20 minutes, which is 10 minutes shorter than older FaceTite versions.
  • Single Button Control, able to use Silk'n FaceTite Z Pro wired or wirelessly

Selling in 60 countries simultaneously, FDA Cleared. With the help of radio frequency (RF) technology and the hyaluronic acid Slider gel. The new and improved 3 energy sources Home Tightening beauty device Facetite Z helps you retrieve your youthful look and radiant skin, stimulate collagen rejuvenation, restoring skin elasticity and balance naturally without surgery.

Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO Malaysia - Silk'n FaceTite before and after - benefits of Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO beauty device - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO Malaysia - Silk'n FaceTite PRO before and after - benefits of Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO beauty device - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions




Cordless Mode
No more hassle with cables and adaptors during your treatment? Try the Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO! The cordless function offers you much more freedom to move. This means you are no longer bound to one place and you can treat your face wherever and whenever you want. Watching TV, in bed or perhaps while you’re relaxing in the garden.

Skin rejuvenation with HT™ technology
To rejuvenate the skin, Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO uses HT™ (Home Tightening) technology. Unlike other anti-ageing devices, FaceTite Essential combines not one but three energy sources for more efficiency: Bipolar RF (radio frequency) energy, LED light energy and IR (infrared) heat energy. This combination ensures that the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin contract and are reconstructed. This allows the skin to repair itself from the inside out.


Clinically proven 
The effectiveness of HT™ technology has been researched in several clinical studies. In a blind independent review, before and one month after 20 fortnightly sessions, the results showed that 96% of participants had visibly fewer wrinkles, with no adverse side effects.

1. BEFORE: Damaged and weakened collagen and elastin fibres.

2. AFTER: Collagen and elastin fibres contract and the skin repairs itself from within.

Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO has been thoroughly tested and the conclusion is that it is safe for both women and men to use at home. It is suitable for all skin types and skin tones, including darker skin tones. It can be safely used on the entire face and neck, including forehead wrinkles (frown lines), crow’s feet and under-eye wrinkles (except the eyelids). There is also no recovery period, so you can get on with your day-to-day activities straight away. And you can sunbathe! However, it is recommended that you use sunscreen with a high SPF due to the ageing effect of the sun’s rays.

How does Silk'n FaceTite work?

Before and after photos

Silk'n Hyaluronic Serum for an instant anti-ageing result
Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin. As we get older, our skin produces less and less of it, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and less elastic skin. That is why hyaluronic acid one of the most important ingredients in our Slider Hyaluronic Gel and Hyaluronic Serum. Hyaluronic acid’s hydrating effect reduces the depth of wrinkles and fine lines and stimulates the production of collagen.

Its effect is much greater if you combine the FaceTite device with the concentrated Hyaluronic Serum. In fact, this effect is so powerful that your skin instantly looks younger, smoother and firmer after the treatment. A study revealed that wrinkles improved by 66%, macropores by 50% and skin texture by 44% compared to the results of using FaceTite without Silk'n Hyaluronic Serum. Click here to read more about these results.


Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO is easy to use. A treatment takes only a few minutes of your time. Be sure to follow our treatment play to get the best results. New to using the Silk'n FaceTite? Here’s what we recommend.

Treatment schedule
Treat each area separately for 5 to 10 minutes ( 10 to 15 minutes for corded FaceTite V2). You can treat as many areas as you like in one session; it’s up to you.

Maintenance regime
To maintain your results, you should use FaceTite for two sessions a week for 10 weeks. After that, treat once every two weeks to maintain results.

Using the device
Follow the recommended order in the user guide and treat each zone for 5 to 10 mins by holding the device against your skin. It is important that you treat each area individually, one small area of your face at a time. By doing this, the temperature on your skin remains constant. Don’t forget to include your neck and jawline in the treatment.

Silk'n Slider Gel
Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO comes with a tube of Silk'n Slider Gel. This gel is required to carry out your treatments. It is important that you apply a thin layer of gel to your skin before you start treatment.

Without the gel, the device will not work. The water-based product not only moisturizes but also helps to guide the device. It ensures that Silk'n FaceTite Z PRO moves easily over your skin and prevents it from overheating and reddening.

*You can consider to add on more Slider Gel to your shopping cart when you order the FaceTite Z PRO.

Wrinkle and skin treatment areas

  • Forehead (including in between brows)
  • Right Cheek (including around eyes)
  • Left Cheek (including around the eyes)
  • Right Lower Cheek (including nasolabial fold, or, laugh lines around the mouth, and jawline)
  • Left Lower Cheek (including nasolabial fold and jawline)
  • Neck – Treat here for smoothing

Anti-aging treatment steps

1. Remove all jewellery.

2. Press the start button to turn on the device. The level 1 energy level indicator light will go on.

3. For your first treatment, start at energy level 1 for a few minutes, then set an energy level that is comfortable for the area you wish to treat. For future treatments, you can use an energy level that is comfortable for the area you wish to treat.

4. Next, spread a thin layer of Silk'n Slider Gel over the area. Always apply Slider Gel (or another clear, water-based gel) before you put the device on your skin.

5. Press the treatment surface firmly against your skin. You will feel a mild sensation of warmth. Move the device in gentle, massage-like linear motions on the area you wish to treat. Progress slowly and carefully. Work each treatment area for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure the treatment surface is in good contact with your skin.

6. Immediately after the treatment, wash your face to remove any gel, then apply facial lotion or a mask.

7. By following these treatment recommendations, your skin will feel immediately tighter after just one session. You can then expect to see visible results after five weeks and fuller results after 10 weeks.

* Results may vary based on skin type and degree of laxity in skin.


2 Years Manufacturer Warranty