YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige SP

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Equipped with YA-MAN's original new waveform that specializes in penetration*1. It delivers whitening ingredients*2 deep into the skin offering a lifting care*3.

*1 Up to the stratum corneum
*2 Vitamin C derivative, Tranexamic acid and Niacinamide
*3 Upward movements

Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige SP| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige SP Features| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Dynamic Whitening Hyper Pulse

In addition to the conventional beauty technology that penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, we have added a unique waveform that increases the penetration efficiency of whitening ingredients. It delivers beauty ingredients to every corner of the stratum corneum.

Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige SP Split Electrodes| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Split Electrodes

The EMS output of the split electrode revolves, stimulating the mimic muscles, while the skin is warmed with a professional level RF (Radio Frequency) of 3 MHz.

Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige SP Orange and Blue LED| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Equipped with orange and blue LEDs, which have anti-aging and calming effects.

Equipped with professional-grade 3-MHz radio frequency (RF)


Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige SP Clean Mode| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

RF + Ion Cleansing

RF (radio frequency) gradually warms the skin, adsorbing dirt in the pores.

NEB (New Energy Brightening Pulse)

Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige SP NEB Mode| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

RF + DYHP + DWHP + LED (Red/Orange)

Provides care deep into the skin*2 using DYHP, DWHP and LED (Red/Orange)


Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige SP COOL Mode| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

Cool + LED (Blue)

Provides skin-firming care*1 using Cooling and LEDs (Blue)

Ya-man Photo PLUS Prestige Eye care and EMS Mode| Ya-man Malaysia | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia

A combined use of facial device and cosmetics enhance the penetration effect

[Testing Method] 15 women in their 30s through 50s took part in the study over a period of 4 weeks. The subjects used skin care products only for one side of their faces, and used the device in addition to the skin care products on the other sides. The subjects used CLEAN/NEB (DWHP ON)/EMS UP Mode for 1.5 minutes 3 times a week, EYE CARE Mode for one minute 5 times a week, COOL Mode 1.5 minutes every day, then measured their skin moisture levels after 4 weeks.
* Source: Japan Clinical Trial Association
* Results differ among individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much lotion or gel should I use each time? 

This device is designed to achieve better effects with an ample amount of lotions and/or gel.
Apply lotion on cotton so that the whole surface of the treatment head is wet.
Use about two pearl-sized drops of the gel.
We recommend adding more lotion or gel if you feel there is not enough.

Q2: Can I use this product in the bath? Also, can I wash the main unit with water? 

The device cannot be used in the bath(bathroom, tub). The main unit is rated JIS-compliant IPX4, which means that it is resistant to splashes but cannot withstand strong jets from showers and faucets, nor can it be submerged in water. The main unit cannot be washed with water as thhis may cause a malfunction of the device. Only the cotton stopper can be washed with water.

Q3: Why do I not feel warmth from RF when using CLEAN , NEB or EYE CARE Modes? 

Move the electrode head more slowly or press harder against the skin surface. It is also possible that there is insufficient moisture on the cotton pad. Add more lotion or gel.

Q4: Why can't I see any dirt on the cotton? 

Dirt is removed even though it may not be visible on the cotton. The amount of visible dirt on the cotton can vary among individuals.

Q5: Can I use it over a facial mask 

It can be used over a facial mask too (except in CLEAN Mode). We recommend using it this way in NEB Mode.


Step 1: Clean and dry skin. Place a thin cotton pad onto the electrode head and secure with silver ring.

Step 2: Saturate the cotton pad with low-viscosity lotion. Turn on your device, choose your mode and adjust the level.

Step 3: Complete your session on the first half of your face. After the beep, continue on the other side.

Step 4: After your facial, continue with your skincare routine.

Expert Tip: Start on Level 1 intensity for your first use until your skin becomes accustomed to the treatments.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty