BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++

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Experience the power of professional beauty care in the comfort of your own home with Cell Cure 4T++. This revolutionary device offers four advanced treatments that were previously only available at salons and SPAs. 4 Modes and 10 Gear Settings for a comprehensive and efficient care to treat skin sagging on face:-

  1. Electrical Cleansing treatment: It is a cleansing method that applies a slight electric current to the face and scalp to remove dirt that cannot be removed by normal cleansing, giving the skin a clean and transparent feeling, and promoting blood circulation to give a radiant complexion. Firmly absorbs sebum in pores, various dirt, dandruff, and keratin in the back.
  2. Negative Mode: Targets negatively charged particles like cigarette particles, exhaust fumes, pollen, PM2.5, cellular waste and etc.
  3. Plus Mode: Targets residues from hair care and styling products, old keratin, excess sebum, and more.
  4. EMS Cell Cure Mode: Achieve a toned and sculpted face effortlessly. The device efficiently exercise your facial muscles towards relaxing, strengthening and increasing firmness through the interference waves generated by the patented I.W. wave. The medium frequency does not cause the tingling pain of the low frequency, so you can exercise for a long time with a strong load on the muscles of the head and facial muscles. In addition, by changing the electrodes once every 5 seconds, it gives high output to the head and facial muscles without getting used to them, and maintains the treatment effect while suppressing stimulation.
  5. Electroporation Mode: This incredible feature aims deeper skin layers to rejuvenate collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Compared to iontophoresis, it claims to be 16 times more effective, achieving up to 1,600 times greater effectiveness. Provides effective nourishment to the scalp and skin.
  6. Red Light LED: The long wavelength of the Red Light LED penetrates deep into the skin (dermis layer) and increases fibroblasts. Activates the skin to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, promotes skin turnover, an improves metabolism. Regulating the skin environment and leading to beautiful, well-textured skin.
  7. I.W. Wave: The unique current waveform “I.W wave” (patented waveform) penetrates deep into each tissue of the body and at the cellular level treatment. By creating the “basics of beauty” starting with cleansing, it leads to a youthful and energetic face.

Belega Cell Cure 4T++ Functions & Effects | BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ - Best At Home Device For Sagging Skin | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
Belega Cell Cure 4T++ Functions & Effects | BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ - Best At Home Device For Sagging Skin | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia
Belega Cell Cure 4T++ Functions & Effects | BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ - Best At Home Device For Sagging Skin | BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia


  • Cleaning to the level of pores and skin grooves
  • Exercise of facial muscles for skin firming
  • Effective care of the scalp and head muscles
  • Promotes blood circulation, and shines a complexion
  • Enhance the absorption of your lotion and serum
  • All the basic elements of scalp care are supported
  • Activating and improving blood and lymph flow, skin can become fresh and firm
  • Assist penetration of the muscles and muscles of the head and scalp serum


4 types Modes/Treatments available: 

Minus mode (Green): Electro cleansing treatment
In MINUS mode, foundations that have entered the skin grooves and pores will fall off. It is a cleansing method that removes dirt that cannot be removed by normal cleansing by passing a small electric current through the face, gives the skin a feeling of cleanliness and transparency, and promotes blood circulation to make the complexion shine.

Plus Mode (Yellow): Electro cleansing treatment
In PLUS mode, exhaust gas, cigarette particles, old dead skin, etc. can be removed. It uses gentle microcurrent technology to minimize pores after cleansing.

Cell Cure Mode (Red): I.W.wave (EMS)
In this mode, EMS (weak current) generated by the patented I.W wave rejuvenates the cells of the skin and improves the resilience of the skin. EMS work on the mother cells of the skin to train deeper facial muscles. By using it by pulling it up from the bottom along the face line, it will tighten the skin you care about.

Poration mode (Blue): Electroporation treatment
A special electric pulse is used to deeply penetrate large molecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid and non-electrolytic components.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty