Indulge In The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products For A Beautiful, Youthful Complexion

Proper skin care is about taking good care of your skin. Using the best skincare products will help you to maintain healthy, beautiful plus youthful-looking skin.

To ensure the best skincare for you, using effective yet skin-friendly serums are among the most important part of any good facial care routine - a Korean skincare routine is no exception. Serums are a type of skincare product that offers a concentrated dose of active ingredients. With one or two drops, serums offer a targeted dose to revitalize the skin and improve the appearance of the skin in specific areas. Serums are especially useful because they help to reduce wrinkles (祛纹), lighten dark spots (淡斑) as well as brighten the overall complexion and enhance skin radiance (提亮肤色).

Preparation gels, on the other hand, are a complementary product that is applied to protect your skin during the transference of heat from homecare beauty devices. The gel is applied before using any beauty device to treat your skin, and it also works to tone the skin and prepare it for your serum.

BeautyFoo Mall offers a wide range of quality serums and preparation gels for you to choose from. The products we carry are widely known to enhance anti-aging (抗衰老), skin firming (提拉紧致), skin toning and moisturizing (润肤), plus acne reduction and pores minimizer effects, among the best anti-aging skin care products for the 40s and above, or even for those in their 30s. Use these anti aging skin care products along with our at-home beauty devices for the ultimate effective skincare routine!

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TriPollar STOP Eye Preparation Balm 50ml

DESCRIPTION The Tripollar Stop Eye Preparation Balm is formulated to prepare your skin for the transference of the Stop Eye Heating power distributed in the Tripollar Stop Eye device, such...

TriPollar STOP Preparation Gel 50ml

DESCRIPTION The Tripollar Stop Preparation Gel is formulated to ensure the delivery of the Radio Frequency energy into the correct layers of the dermis and protects the skin from damage. One...

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