CELLRETURN LED Mask Platinum [1026LEDs]

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Dr. Arrivo Zeus II (FREE PE Golden Beauty The Serum RM569)

Dr. Arrivo Zeus II (FREE PE Golden Beauty The Serum RM569)

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“Pressing a button is your ticket to better skin”, this is best to describe the Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum which is the most powerful LED mask in the market.

Excellent design with 1,026 LED lights (the highest in the market) enabled fully covers your face, ears and neck by distributing the light more evenly and thoroughly throughout skin’s surface. This helps to improve the appearance of lines and sagging skin around the neck, jaw area, ears which we often neglect taking care of. Your skin will be younger and radiant with this Near-Infrared-Ray (NIR) treatment of the CELLRETURN LED Mask Platinum after weeks of using it. These rays of dream are essentially alike to sun rays, filtered out to include only the most effective rays, and are also known as the light of life without any side effect.

Cellreturn's Near-Infrared-Ray (NIR) technology (used by NASA) to penetrate into our skin 12 times deeper compare to any other LED Mask in the market. It's very effective at eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and helps to improve sagging skin as this Near-Infrared-Ray (NIR) with approximately 660nm wavelength triggers skin base layer to produce collagen and new skin cells causing the skin around the eye to become noticeably smoother.

Cellreturn LED Mask offer light-based skincare therapy, which is widely used in many skincare clinics and salons to amp up on your skincare regime. This is done by boosting the absorption of products and circulation, while accelerating tissue repair. If you have acne or skin inflammation issues that require intervention, or just want a fast yet convenient, at-home way to treat your skin for achieving best anti aging results without having to rely on the dermatologist or beauty/facial salon every month, Cellreturn LED Mask is truly a worthwhile investment.

This easy-to-use option offers 4 different modes for you to choose from to customise your facial with. These modes come with different light settings to target different skin concerns such as:

Red Mode (20 minutes): This combines red LED light and near infrared rays to improve skin elasticity and stimulate collagen, as well as helps firming and brightening the skin while minimizing blemishes.

Blue Mode (20 minutes): Treats acne and skin inflammation, helping to sooth and calm skin redness and eczema.

Pink Mode (20 minutes): Ideal for calming and treating problematic skin, reducing blemishes and scarring.

Fast Mode (9 minutes): When short on time, this is the perfect mode for a quick skin-pampering session with a combined mode of seven minutes on Red Mode, one minute on Blue Mode and one minute of Pink mode.



  • Deep-skin treatment for effective anti-aging care
  • Stimulates collagen and improves skin elasticity
  • Eliminates acne and treats skin inflammation
  • Effective skin regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Improves overall skin condition and health
  • A soothing experience to calm skin redness
  • Reducing freckles, blemishes and scarring
  • Intensive care of the nose region
  • Firms and brightens the skin
  • Removes waste by irradiating wavelengths on blood vessels and skin tissue waste layers





1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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