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A new series “The Vzusa” is born from Artistic & Co. that have created many popular products such as Dr. Arrivo The Zeus, Zeus II, Miss Arrivo The Vegas II and etc. The Vzusa is Artistic & Co. highest-end compact homecare beauty device, and has multiple functions such as skin cleansing, warming, muscle exercise, vibration, LED and enhancing the function of beauty essence. With artistic design and overwhelming experience that will captivate you the moment you use it, you will be drawn to its charm.

The Vzusa has various technologies to bring you the youthful skin you desire:
Interval Pulse Rotation (IPR)
An unique technology by outputting insert pulse / EMS / medium and high frequency at the same time and flowing them intermittently which facilitates increased blood circulation, enhancing absorption of skin care products and promotes efficient skin collagen reproduction. You can get an unprecedented experience of acupressure and tapping performed by estheticians.

Ultra pulse (UP)
Insert pulse: Replenishes the beauty ingredients of the essence applied to the skin by giving an electric pulse that does not cause any pain, and maximizes its effect.
EMS: Work on facial muscles and warms the skin with medium and high frequency thermal effects.
Medium and high frequencies: Increases metabolism and reduces wrinkles along the eyes, forehead, and smile lines.

ION Clean Mode(RF)
Gently removes dirt that is not completely removed by regular cleansing or face washing without straining the skin. ION Clean Mode use the power of positive ions to adsorbs dirt together with the special negatively charged lotion. By hydrating and moisturizing while preparing a clean skin environment, it leads to smooth and transparent skin.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
Daily anti-aging care enabled by muscle stimulation, through alternating currents repeatedly flows between the four elements to create microwaves to train facial muscles cells for youthful radiance.

Vibration (VR)
Vibration soothes and relaxes the stiff muscles. When used in combination with other modes, it also has the effect of relieving electrical stimulation.

Aesthetic LED
Equipped with 3 wavelength of light (RED, BLUE, GREEN) to activate skin cells and restores skin elasticity for anti-aging with red LED light, fights acne with blue LED light and counters skin dullness with green LED light.

24K Gold Elements
Layers with 24-karat gold as it is the most skin-friendly material with the highest proven affinity to the skin.

The Vzusa - BeautyFoo Mall Malaysia



  • Promotes efficient skin collagen reproduction
  • Tones and tightens skin around the face, neck and around the eyes
  • Enhances absorption of skin care products
  • Enhances metabolism with in-depth warmth sent to the skin
  • Improve skin roughness, acne and dullness
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gently removes dirt that has not been removed by regular cleansing
  • Sculpts and accentuates face contours
  • Restores skin elasticity for anti-aging
  • Tightens and closes open pores
  • Optimises skin microcirculation
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates skin
  • Soothes and relaxes the stiff muscles


The Vzusa is suitable for both daily or weekly use:

Weekly routine: ION/IPR/UP (1-2 times a week)

Apply a special beauty essence to each part and clean it with a beauty device. If the serum dries on the way, add it.

* First, it is effective to clean 1-3 in IPR mode, and then 1-3 in Ultra Pulse mode.

  1. Slide along the contour line of the face from the chin to behind the ears. Then slide down to the shoulder through the ear glands.
  2. Slide along the contour line of the face from the tip of the chin to the temple. Then slide from the nose through the cheeks to the temples.
  3. Slide from the eyebrows to the hairline, and care from the bottom to the top.

- Steps 1 to 3 are performed 2-3 times respectively.

- Please keep pushing slowly and avoid staying on the same part continuously. If you feel the special water or beauty lotion becomes dry, please apply it separately.

Daily routine: EMS (5-10min per day)

  1. Apply it to each location for about 3 seconds and move it gradually. First, from under your chin to your shoulders.
  2. Move from your chin to your temples.
  3. Move from the eyebrows to the hairline.

* Take 4 to 5 pushes of the Massage gel and apply it to the entire face before starting.

Weekly Special Care: Ion Clean Mode
After washing your face, use a special lotion to clean it.

  1. From the chin to the temples. From inside to outside. Glide like stroking the skin.
  2. Slide it upwards from the head of your nose.
  3. Slide from bottom to top, from the eyebrows to the hairline.
  4. Finally, wash your face with water or wipe off any dirt with cotton soaked in purified water.


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty