ARTISTIC & CO. (Japan) began by producing and importing of medical equipment within the cosmetics and beauty industry. With the manufactured equipment and instruments being well received by many medical professionals, the Dr. Arrivo brand was born.  

In pursuit of achieving artistic beauty through safely tested technology, each product was meticulously designed based on the clinical advice and recommendations of over 100 cosmetic surgeons, hence the “Dr.” in the brand name. 

Dr. Arrivo’s patented technology from Japan was developed to produce a range of beauty devices meant for home use whilst still delivering results on par with professional-grade devices.

Begin your pursuit of artistic beauty for yourself today with Dr. Arrivo. 




CELLRETURN Co. Ltd (Korea) was established to provide healthy beauty that shines every day by restoring your skin’s health. It has successfully pioneered the domestic beauty device market with its LED Mask, a new innovation that adds science to beauty.  

After researching the most effective LED wavelengths for skin for over 70,000 hours and conducting numerous human body application test, CELLRETURN received great feedback and review from customers. In addition to LED masks, CELLRETURN are actively targeting the domestic and overseas markets by introducing the neck care device, “Neckle Ray”, and scalp care device, “Hair Alpha Ray”.  

Furthermore, CELLRETURN which has taken over Speclipse, a skin cancer diagnosis and analysis technology company, last year and founded the Medical Science Research Center, will diversify its business areas and continue to grow as truly global beauty and healthcare company.  

CELLRETURN products are professionally produced, clinically proven and 100% safe. All beauty tools are designed and made to be used easily at the comfort of your own home.   Unleash your true beauty that’s hidden beneath your skin’s surface with CELLRETURN now.