Silk'n ReVit Prestige Microdermabrasion Device

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Diamond peeling microdermabrasion machine with LCD display and 5 extras

Silk'n ReVit Prestige is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants firm, radiant, younger-looking skin on their face and body. Thanks to the LCD display, you can be sure of a structured skin treatment. Discover what a diamond peeling with this powerful home microdermabrasion beauty device can do for you!

Silk'n ReVit Prestige is a powerful microdermabrasion device that can give you firm and vital skin that looks younger in only several minutes. Dead skin cells are removed during the diamond peel treatment, and the production of new skin cells is stimulated. The skin texture and elasticity are visibly improved.

The vacuum stimulation enhances blood circulation for a healthy complexion after the diamond peel. In addition, Silk'n ReVit Prestige makes irregularities, shallow acne scars and age spots less visible and helps soften large pores and fine lines. It is the perfect solution and treatment for acne scars and dead skin cells.

ReVit Prestige Microdermabrasion Benefits

  • Ultra-powerful microdermabrasion device with diamond peeling treatment
  • Improves skin tone, texture and elasticity
  • Blurs age spots, irregularities in the skin and shallow acne scars - making it an ideal treatment for acne scars
  • Removes dead skin cells, stimulates the production of new cells and stimulates the blood circulation
  • The microdermabrasion machine can be used in manual mode, but also provides an auto mode that will guide you through your treatment for best results
  • Includes: 4 tips (Fine, Regular, Body, Massage), 30 filters, 1 stand/charging cradle, 1 adapter with USB cable, 1 cleaning brush and 1 pouch

*Results may vary based on skin type and texture


What is Silk'n ReVit Prestige?
Silk'n ReVit Prestige is a powerful diamond peeling microdermabrasion device that can give you firm, radiant skin that looks younger in just a few minutes. To achieve this, the skin improvement device combines two technologies; microdermabrasion exfoliation and vacuum stimulation. The peeling effect of this device is similar to a professional peeling at a beauty salon.

Microdermabrasion exfoliation
Microdermabrasion exfoliation carefully removes dead skin cells from the upper skin layer (the epidermis), sucks them into the device and catches them in a replaceable filter. Simultaneously, the production of new skin cells is encouraged. This in turn visibly improves skin texture and elasticity. It also helps blur imperfections, superficial acne scars and age spots and reduces the appearance of large pores and fine lines.

Vacuum stimulation
The vacuum stimulation lifts up and massages the deeper layers of skin. This stimulates the blood circulation in your skin, resulting in a healthy glow.

Silk'n ReVit Prestige can be used safely on the forehead, cheeks, around the eyes, the nose, the chin, the neck and the hands. It is also suitable for all skin types. Do not use the device in combination with diamond treatment tips more than twice a week. You can, however, use the Massage treatment tip daily.

4 unique treatment tips and 30 filters
The skin improvement device comes with 4 unique treatment tips and 30 filters, which are also available separately in our web shop. The treatment tips are made of a high-quality material, which improves their durability.

The Fine treatment tip has fine diamond particles and a smaller surface area. It is intended for the delicate zones of the face that are hard to reach, such as the areas around the eyes, nose and mouth.

The Regular treatment tip is suitable for all skin types. It is intended for the rest of the face and neck.

The Body treatment tip has larger diamond particles and a larger surface area, and is intended for the body, such as the arms and legs.

The Massage treatment tip has no diamond particles; instead, it has a smooth surface and is suitable for daily use. The Massage treatment tip creates a vacuum, so that the skin is massaged and the blood circulation is stimulated optimally.

100% control of your facial treatment
Silk'n ReVit Prestige has an LCD display that shows the setting you have selected. You can choose from two modes: Auto and Manual. With Auto Mode the remaining session time in a certain area is monitored. Where and how you have to treat your skin is clearly indicated. This peel treatment only lasts 4 minutes in total. This mode ensures the treatment is safe and structured. With Manual Mode you can structure the treatment yourself; the timer indicates the time passed since the start of the treatment.


How should I use?
Before starting treatment, ensure your skin is clean, dry and free of skincare creams or make-up.

Place a filter in the device (included). Next, select one of the diamond treatment tips. Turn on the device and choose between 3 intensity settings: low, medium or high. Start your first treatment on the lowest setting with the Regular tip. Rub the tip against the skin and stroke it in linear motions over your face (view the treatment zones image on the product page of the website). Enhanced by vacuum stimulation, this action scrubs off the old, dull topmost layer of skin revealing the underlying new skin which looks radiant, healthy and revitalized.

How long does a treatment take?
This depends on how many treatment areas you intend to treat. But it is recommended not to treat the face for more than 4 minutes.

How often should I use it?
The best results will come from using it once or twice a week.

When can I expect results?
The initial results can be seen immediately after treatment. The skin feels smoother and looks brighter. With time, there should be a notable improvement in age spots, pores size, acne scars and fine lines.

Should I do anything after the treatment?
Wash your face with cold water. Then apply a moisturizer to soothe the skin. To protect recently treated skin when exposed to sunlight, be sure to thoroughly apply sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.

What is the difference between the Auto and Manual Mode?
Silk'n ReVit Prestige has a display, which shows the Auto or Manual mode functions. With the Auto Mode the remaining treatment time in a certain area is monitored. Where and how you have to treat your skin is clearly indicated. This mode ensures the treatment is safe and structured. With the Manual Mode you can follow your own treatment regime. It will not inform you about treatment times, areas or give you instructions on how to use it. The timer however, will keep track of the treatment time that has passed.

At what age can it be used?
People from the age 18 and up can use Silk'n ReVit Prestige.

Am I allowed to use it when I am pregnant or nursing?
No, you are not allowed to use this device when your are pregnant or nursing.

What are replaceable (grey) refill filters for?
The replaceable filter collects dead skin cells. After treatment you will notice that it will get dirty with dead particles, previously attached to your skin. It also protects dead skin cells from entering the device. Never wait too long to replace your filter.

Can I buy new replaceable (grey) refill filters?
Yes, you can buy new refill filters in our online shop: Shop Now

How do I clean my device?
You can clean the outside of the device and treatment tips with a dry, clean cloth and a specially formulated cleaner for electronic equipment. In order to clean inside the tip, separate it from the device by holding the plastic part and carefully detaching it from the device. Take the included cleaning brush and move it through the opening. Never immerse the device or any of its parts in water!

Is this device cordless?
Yes, Silk'n ReVit Prestige is cordless. It needs charging before you can start your treatment. A charging cradle, USB adapter and USB cable are included.

Please note: We recommend you avoid treating the same area of skin more than twice a week with any of the diamond tips. The Massage treatment tip is suitable for daily use and also should be used on clean, dry skin.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty